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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages From an iPhone

iPhone text message recovery can be easy.


How To Prevent and Retrieve iPhone Text Message Deletion

We’ve all accidentally deleted text messages that we want to save. Frantic and worried, we exhaust almost every option to recover those messages. This post will cover the two most common ways iPhone users lose text messages and how they can prevent loss and retrieve lost messages. The two ways are accidental deletion and how to change a setting that automatically deletes your messages.

Accidental Deletion

With a few swipes of a finger, all of the text messages in on thread are gone. Nevertheless, it is important to know that this recovery method is only possible when messages are back up to iCloud. With a few quick swipes, all of your text messages in one single thread are gone. Therefore, how do you recover them? First, ensure that your iCloud is set to recover and store text messages. These steps include:
  • Tap on settings
  • Then, tap on user ID
  • Touch on iCloud
  • Scroll to iCloud Backup
  • Regular audits and attestations
Once you’ve reached the screen, look at the bottom of the screen to see when the last successful backup of your iPhone. If the backup is prior to the text message deletion, then you’ll be happy to find out that your information is safe. However, the next few steps will remove the other information stored on your phone momentarily. These next steps include:
  • Tap on settings
  • Tap on general
  • Scroll and tap on reset
  • Click erase all content and settings.
  • Touch "Erase Now" on the iCloud Backup prompt screen.
Once your iPhone erases the stored information on the device, first go to the settings. Second, navigate to the Apps & Data page and choose the Restore from iCloud Backup. The phone will prompt you to enter your iCloud information, then, the process to restore your device will begin. It is important to note that only the information from the last successful backup. In fact, Apple now makes accessing the information they collect on their users easier to retrieve.

Prevent Your Messages From Automatically Deleting

It’s easy to prevent the messages on your iPhone from deleting by themselves. Apple allows users to choose how long their text messages are saved. Users can choose three options. These options include 30 days, One Year and Forever. How do you choose to change this feature? Follow the steps in the video.

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