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Professional Data Recovery Services versus Recovery Apps

There are several benefits to using professional data recovery services rather than downloading recovery apps.


Our mobile devices have become the one item in our possession that we feel we cannot live without. We store our data, pay our bills, and manage our lives on these devices. Most times, we notice right away when something isn’t right with our mobile device. The desire to make it work on our own or as fast as possible is very high.

When you have data loss on your cell phone, the instinct may be to download the first data recovery app you can find on the app store. If the device isn’t powering on at all, the instinct may be to take it to the local service provider. Did you know that attempting to recover the data through an app or an untrustworthy recovery company could potentially damage the data? Or prevent the retrieval of the data at all?

Choosing the Best Option

Mobile recovery applications are generally easy to install and there are tons of options available. But tons of “options” don’t always produce tons of results. Some apps are just for recovering photos and documents, but cannot recover any lost contacts or messages. Other mobile apps may not be compatible with your device at all.

Downloading apps and testing them out yourself could yield little to no results and could potentially make the data completely unrecoverable. And if you cannot get your device to power on, these apps are not an option for you.

Professional data recovery services like Secure Data Recovery specialize in the retrieval of data from mobile devices. Data recovery options include the retrieval of contacts, messages, call history, and your files. If the device won’t turn on, our team of Mobile Device Recovery engineers can diagnose the issue and offer powerful data recovery solutions.

First Steps of Successful Data Recovery

Depending on your situation, follow these recommendations to prevent any further damage to your data:

  • If you accidentally deleted information or notice corrupted data on your device, you need to turn off the device to prevent further damage to the data.
  • If you drop your mobile device and shatter its components, or the device no longer powers on, do not attempt to power on the device.
  • If you drop your device in liquid, remove the device quickly and then remove the battery from the device or remove the device from the power source. Do not attempt to power on the device.

Contact the Professionals

Secure Data Recovery is able to provide the highest success rates in the industry. We have a dedicated Mobile Device research and development team that specializes in developing recovery techniques for the latest mobile technology. For fast, friendly, and professional mobile device recovery service, contact Secure Data Recovery today at 1-800-388-1266 for more information.

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