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What to Consider in iPhone Data Recovery

What to Consider in iPhone Data Recovery


If you’ve never felt the stomach-dropping, soul-sucking reaction to realizing that all of your iPhone data is lost, consider yourself among the lucky few. We’ve heard from countless customers who have lost a surprising lifeline of information with the crash or corruption of iPhone data. While laptops, hard drives, and databases certainly store a wealth of data, our mobile devices have become an ongoing reservoir for our lives and the inner workings of our businesses. While there are many benefits to the shroud of secrecy around an iPhone’s parts, that secrecy can feel hopeless when repair and data recovery is required. If you’ve established that your phone is not responsive or data is definitely missing, focus on a method of data recovery that will not result in further corruption and get as much of your data back as possible.

Speed Versus Size of Recovery

Many iPhone users are familiar with the basic method of connecting your phone to a computer and restoring files. You might have used this method to transfer to a new device or occasionally backup your phone, especially before the iCloud. Be careful. Restoring your phone without careful attention to the last backup version might overwrite your phone with less data than you previously had.

To recover your files, you might connect your iPhone to a computer and extract the files directly over to the device. Consider the many different data types within an iPhone. Here are just a few of the types we can recover:

  • Notes
  • iMessages
  • Photos
  • Messages
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp history
  • Calendar entries
  • Some recovery methods automatically deselect recovery of some data types because they are too large and take too much time. Consider the balance of a speedy recovery with the amount of data you are willing to sacrifice for a quicker process. Messages are often quite time consuming to recover. Maybe you’ll be able to start fresh as long as your contact list is preserved. Alternatively, those messages might serve as documentation of your progress and process in various stages of business negotiations. Consider carefully what you prioritize in recovery.

    Seek the Help of Experts

    Data recovery from a damaged iPhone is not typically possible through traditional DIY methods. There are certainly no shortage of recommendations and a few people will get lucky to recover a damp phone with rice or experience the joy of a recovered device after a hard reset. Some of these methods though, can cause further damage. Our iPhone recovery services typically take between 2-5 business days. Inquire with your service provider to pause service during recovery. Our techs will also let you know if removing the SIM card or battery is advisable to prevent further damage. It’s definitely possible to recover data from a dead or damaged iPhone. Submit a help ticket today or call us at 1-800-388-1266 to get started.

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