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Mather Data Recovery Services

The Top Qualified Data Recovery in Mather, CA

When data loss strikes, the people of Mather need a data recovery solution that can reliably get their data back. With the highly trained certified engineers of Secure Data Recovery, you can rest easy knowing that the most qualified people in the data recovery industry is on your side.

Once the site of a former Air Force base, Mather is now a census-designated place that’s home to 4,400 residents. Whether you’re one of the residents taking the family out to the nearby Sacramento Zoo, or a visitor curious about what’s inside the nearby California State Capitol Museum, chances are you’re not counting on data loss being a part of your plans. But with Secure Data Recovery, you can make sure that your photos, documents, sand other critical files are kept secure.

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From hard disk drives and servers to flash drives and laptops, our certified engineers are ready to help no matter the type of media. We also work with all operating systems. Have a look at our many quality services that we offer to all of our clients:

The Most Certified in the Industry

Our leading certifications and best practices give us an edge that none of our competitors can offer. By meeting and exceeding the requirements of these certifications, we provide all of our clients with amazing consistency in quality of services. Part of our amazing 96% success rate is thanks to our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms, which keep airborne particles to a minimum. As GSA Approved Contractors, we’re a preferred name amongst governmental clients. Here’s a list of our other certifications that keep us ahead of the competition:

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Data Handling Practices
  • PCI Security Standards
  • SAS 70 Audit Compliance
  • Certified Mac Technicians
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification

Customer Service of the Highest Caliber

With our 24/7 customer service, we’re always at the ready for when data loss strikes. When you send us your media, we’ll offer you a risk-free diagnostic along with a price quote at zero obligation.

Our certified specialists are constantly learning the latest techniques and methods in data recovery. When you entrust your media to us, we’ll use every means possible to rescue your valuable data. But if your data should prove unrecoverable, we can promise you that no one else can retrieve it. You then won’t have to pay for the recovery service fee. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

The Better Business Bureau has awarded us with the prestigious A+ Rating as a company, thanks to our commitment to providing exemplary customer service and our world-class best practices.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

You can view the complete history of our A+ Rating and accreditation with the BBB, including full documentation.

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Your Digital Estate Matters, Protect It in Mather, CA

Data loss can happen suddenly in a variety of ways, but sometimes, it creeps up on you. Your hard disk drives may slowly wear down and start to make odd clicking sounds. Your computer may be having a lot of Blue Screen of Death errors. Maybe your phone doesn’t like to startup your apps very quickly.

All of these are signs of impending data loss or that data loss has begun its work, but there’s no need to worry. By promptly addressing the problem, you can prevent further damage and improve the chances of a successful recovery. Call for our certified specialists at 1-800-388-1266 and stop data loss in its tracks.

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  • Reviewed on Mar 31 2017  |  milpitas, CA

    Successful recovery!!!

    Worked with Alec Sakenes, great service and very efficient. 100% of the data recovered.

  • Reviewed on Mar 5 2017  |  Daly city, CA

    Excellent Customer Service!

    Jeremy was beyond helpful and patient. I am very appreciative of having Jeremy be the one to assist me. How easy it was to get each of my questions answered. There were a few times I hadn't quite understand a few things and Jeremy was happy enough to rephrase and make things more understanding for me. I definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery

  • Reviewed on Jun 18 2016  |  belmont, CA

    Boy oh boy did I get lucky! SDR did a great job re

    Our MyBook drive contained a lifetime of photos and my iTunes library. I **knew** I needed to back up my data. I **knew** the drive would eventually fail. My luck finally ran out: you could hear that sick mechanical clicking that only a failing hard drive makes coming from the den. After hoping a quick disconnect/reconnect would fix the problem, I knew it was time to call in the pros.

    A quick google search and SDR was at the top of the list. I'm not really sure how they compare to other services, but I liked the data recovery process they outlined on their website. They sounded like they knew what they were doing and have good reviews online.

    The whole process was managed via email. The process was straight forward and expensive. Yeah: the price stings -- but this was not the time to bargain hunt. Gigabytes of photos of our wedding, kids, vacations -- vacations before kids (priceless) were on the line. I didn't need cheap, I needed a guarantee (or as close as possible).

    They determined what I already knew: the drive was dead. But then they did something I couldn't do myself: they recovered my data. At this point, I don't care if they just extracted the platter and cloned the data to a new drive, or had to go in ala CSI and reconstruct the data by hand looking through a microscope. Whatever they did; I got my photos back.

    Mission Accomplished... Now, I'm off to Amazon to pick up another drive, to backup our data.

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