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Secure Data Recovery Services in San Jose, California
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in San Jose

For many years, Secure Data Recovery Services has provided San Jose with a fast, secure way to recover from data loss. Data loss is a serious problem in the Bay Area, and each year, media failures result in significant losses for local businesses. 

By using state-of-the-art equipment, we can rebuild damaged devices, achieving full data recovery.

San Jose, CA - Office Location

Secure Data Recovery Services in Campbell, CA
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
1999 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 700
Campbell, CA 95008
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Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

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Featured Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities in San Jose allow us to offer a range of services for virtually any data disaster. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

Better Business Bureau accreditation requires adherence to set of high standards, and, like all of our locations, our San Jose office exceeds the BBB’s basic requirements.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of San Jose Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

The BBB lists eight accreditation standards and publishes a full company report detailing our compliance with all of them. Our San Jose location is regularly monitored by the BBB, and you can read our exceptional record of success on the company report.

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San Jose is the largest city in Silicon Valley, and we established our office on First Street to give our local clients a dependable source for professional data and hard drive recovery. Our San Jose clients can avoid down time and lost productivity with the advantages provided by our local office:

  • Multiple turnaround options and 24/7/365 services
  • Certified class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom data recovery
  • Online case information and regular updates
  • Tested and certified security systems
  • Experienced engineering teams

Secure Data Recovery Services has more security credentials than any other provider of data recovery. San Jose businesses trust us for our high commitment to data security. We hold compliance certifications for FERPA and PCI-DSS. We were the first data recovery company with a SSAE 16 Type II certification, and we serve San Jose's numerous government and military offices through the GSA schedules program. Our certifications show the quality of our security systems, and we proudly provide proof of our credentials through our website.

If you need data recovery services, you need fast help from a qualified local company. Secure Data Recovery Services' San Jose office can recover your files in a matter of days, reducing your downtime substantially after a major disaster. Contact our customer service team today to start your case.

Hard Drive Repair Services in San Jose, California

We offer high recovery rates by investing heavily in new technologies and ongoing engineer training programs for hard drive recovery. San Jose businesses trust our teams for their decades of combined experience, quick turnaround time, and free media evaluations. We can effectively treat hundreds of different media issues safely and securely in and around San Jose. Hard drive data recovery scenarios include:

  • Hard drive read/write head failures
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) damage
  • RAID array damage
  • Accidental file deletion
  • File corruption
  • Operating system damage
  • Fire, water and smoke damage

Whether you lose data due to a mechanical media issue, accidental deletion, file corruption, or a natural disaster, our engineers have the experience to provide fast, reliable data repair services.

In order to recover files from damaged systems, we treat media in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. All data recovery companies need to treat damaged media in a certified Cleanroom, but Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider to use a Cleanroom with a full Class 10 ISO 4 certification. This environment allows our engineers to perform hard drive data recovery without risking accidental media damage.

We have dozens of other proprietary utilities and tools, and with a variety of additional media services, including RAID repair and data tape repair, we help to minimize your down time after major data loss events. Additionally, Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only companies offering RAID data recovery in San Jose with a full no-recovery, no-charge guarantee. You never have to pay an attempt fee for our services, and our flexible service options help you design a recovery plan that works for you.

When you look for a data recovery company, you look for real results. We have a 96 percent success rate at our facility in San Jose. Data recovery can be done simultaneously with hardware repair, substantially reducing your company's down time.

What to Do When Your Device Fails

The steps you take immediately after your device fails can affect the data recovery process. Whether you accidentally delete files or your hard drive fails physically, you should immediately take appropriate steps to minimize damage.

When you lose data, turn off your device right away. Do not run data recovery software; make a list of media failure symptoms and contact Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as you can to set up a risk-free evaluation.

With reliable security certifications, experienced engineers, and a well-established reputation as the Bay Area's most reliable provider, Secure Data Recovery Services offers an excellent option for data repair, hard drive data recovery, and related services. Our no-recovery, no-charge guarantee gives you peace of mind, and we can provide custom options to recover data. New San Jose clients can get started by filling out our recovery form online for a free quote.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 27 review(s)

  • Excellent service

    Reviewed on Mar 27 2018

    I needed the files rescued from a damaged drive, and I''m absolutely satisfied with Secure Data Recovery''s effort, professionalism, pricing, and results. I had a bunch of questions and special requests and probably wasn''t the easiest customer to deal with, but my Account Rep., Chris McMacken, never missed a beat. When I called or emailed, he was always ready to help. When I had special requests or concerns, he took care of them quickly and courteously. I always felt like I was in good hands, and everything worked out great in the end. Chris is a stand-up guy and really made everything easy and painless, plus he''s super friendly and knowledgeable. Chris and Secure Data both get my highest recommendation.

    Authenticated Santa Clara, CA
  • iMac Hard Drive Dead

    Reviewed on Mar 9 2018

    I want to thank and commend, Chris McMacken for his excellent customer service in addressing our needs for repair/recovery of our hard drive. He made a very difficult process easy and reassured us that our data could be recovered. It''s a pleasure to work with someone that knowledgeable and conscientious in performing the duties of his job so easily!

    Thank you, Chris!

    Authenticated San Jose, CA
  • MAJESTIC PRINCE galloping to the rescue!

    Reviewed on Feb 13 2018

    Now that I have your attention by my RAD title I just want to give mad props to CHRIS McMACKEN. Within minutes of my initial inquiry to Secure Data Recovery (SDR) I recieved a call back from Chris and we began the journey to recover my lost Data. Not a step in the process went by where I felt unsure of the status of my dealings with SDR as Chris, like the crazy mind reading Warlock that he is, would call me with updates. In all the land in all the REALMS that SDR must have scoured to find EPIC customer service reps they truly have no true appreciation for the fine individual they have before them. If Chuck Norris had a brother....... NAY.....I actually believe CHRIS IS CHUCK NORRIS'' brother. Yes, he is that amazing. Truly a great Rep for the company and an incredibly "on top of it" individual. Thanks a million SDR!

    Authenticated San Jose, CA
  • Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Jan 25 2018

    Secure Data Recovery along with the help of Frederick Wright saved our data. Our I.T. vendor could not see any data on our two server hard drives and Secure Data found it all undamaged and returned it to us in the same format that we were accustom to seeing it. They did exactly what they said they would, answered my stupid non-tech savoy questions in a way that I could understand and saved almost 20 years worth of files for me. Thank you very much Secure Data Recovery.

    Authenticated San Jose, CA
  • Data recovery

    Reviewed on Oct 28 2017

    Efficient Service: After dropping off my external hard drive, the diagnosis was quick and they provided update of the process online so I was well informed of the status and final pricing. In my case, it was a hardware damage so they were able to recover all my files. After authorizing the “go ahead”, recovery and shipping of the new drive was fast.
    Account Rep Support: Chris McMacken was my account rep with whom I had several phone calls and emails regarding the technical aspect of the recovery process, the pricing and assistance on the delivery. He is patient, knowledgeable and provided prompt response every time, even took the time to explain some data backup alternatives and pros and cons to me.
    In conclusion, data recovery is not cheap. But Secure Data Recovery will be on top of my list for their efficient and reliable service.

    Authenticated San Jose, CA
  • Awesome work, fast and responsive!

    Reviewed on Oct 25 2017

    I appreciate all that Chris did for my client. It was a slam dunk. I have a client with all of her photos returned that she would have lost on the hard drive if it wasn't for Secure Data Recovery! As well as all of her contacts!! Job well done! Thank you so much!

    Authenticated Sunnyvale, CA
  • very professional

    Reviewed on Oct 25 2017

    Chris McMacken was very professional throughout the whole process. He explained to me clearly how to fill the form and how to drop the HD at the satellite location. Once he received my HD, we had a initial chat about the next steps and walked me through the possibilities. Also, I got a 10% coupon from the Yelp and he was very helpful to talk to his manager and applied to my final bill and save me quite some money. I was very pleased with all this work and courtesy, and luckily they were able to get all my data back and I was super happy with it. Awesome job!!

    Authenticated San Jose, CA
  • Very happy, awesome service

    Reviewed on Jul 19 2017

    Jeremy did an awesome Job, I tough there was no way I will recover my data, i was worried that I needed to start over on my data projects, Thanks to Jeremy for solving my issue in a very fast time response. My HDD data was fix witting a week, and today I can tell I'm a very happy camper. Secure Data recovery is definitely a trusted company and I will not hesitate to use them again if I ever need to. I definitively will recommend their services. Tha jab Jeremy.

    Authenticated Campbell, CA
  • File Recovery

    Reviewed on Jun 20 2017

    Chris McMacken was one of the most responsive representatives I ever dealt with over the phone.
    His support and professionalism was excellent and resulted in full recovery of my files from a defective drive. I would recommend Chris and Secure Data Recovery to anyone with file recovery issues.

    Authenticated Lahaina, HI
  • Professional and Complete

    Reviewed on Feb 17 2017

    I had an external hard drive and a laptop hard drive fail within months of each other and didn't have adequate back-up of that data. Rob was completely professional, helpful, and recovered every bit of data. When it matters that you get your data back (ALL OF IT), this is the place to go.

    Authenticated Cupertino, CA
  • Satisfied Customer

    Reviewed on Feb 3 2017

    My personal desktop crashed hard without any warning. My in house IT guy could not access anything on the hard drive so after reading reviews of various places, I picked Secure Data Recovery. I submitted a request and received prompt service by Mitchell Moore. After dropping of the hard drive, I received a free diagnostic within the time period they gave. Any questions I had were promptly returned or other staff were able to take care of my concerns. It was an expensive lesson to learn, but I am very happy with the results. Many years of video, scanned photos, and other family photos were recovered along with all the other content of my hard drive.

    Authenticated Fremont, CA
  • Great job--fast and trustworthy

    Reviewed on Sep 27 2016

    My friend sent me her computer because it wasn't booting properly and the hard drive contained her one-of-a-kind priceless photos. After several checks, it was apparent that the problem was a serious hardware issue with her hard drive, and I had to find a place that would be capable of recovering the data. In doing my research, I learned that most places don't have a real clean room, don't do much more than software attempts at recovery, and functionally weren't much better than attempting recovery myself.

    Then, I discovered Secure Data Recovery. They have a proper clean room. They're a GSA approved contractor. They're manufacturer approved. This inspired much more confidence on my part.

    I called and spoke with Chris McMacken about the bad hard drive. After a couple of minutes, it became clear that he had real experience with hard drives, and he was able to provide me with a price range for data recovery, based on the severity of the problem. I felt even more confident using Secure Data Recovery after my phone conversation, because he didn't make extravagant promises and was honest that some problems could be expensive to fix. He also advised me that if they couldn't recover the data, I wouldn't be charged. He gave me a case number and a local address for drop-off.

    The next step was dropping off the broken hard drive, which I had removed from the computer. It turns out that Secure Data Recovery has a number of remote locations around the country for drop-off, and those locations in turn use an express delivery service to send it to their main lab. The day after I dropped it off, I got a response noting that it had been received and a link to their website for a formal authorization.

    As recovery progressed, I was timely notified via e-mail, and their website not only kept me informed but also allowed me to authorize payment. Diagnosis of the problem also was shown on their website; in my case it was failed read/write heads. Sadly, this is on the more expensive end of costs, but recovering data from this kind of problem definitely requires professional help. The website is secure and requires logging in to look at your personalized account page.

    When data recovery was complete, I got an e-mail telling me the results, including how many files had been recovered and the number of unrecoverable files. Chris McMacken also called me to ask how I wanted the recovered files sent to me, offering a USB drive for purchase. Authorization for payment was handled securely through their website. The files were express delivered to me within a couple of days after that. Secure Data was able to recover the files my friend needed, and it looks like they recovered all of them.

    Bottom-line: if you need your data recovered, Secure Data Recovery is the way to go. Chris McMacken kept me informed, and their website does a great job of monitoring progress. Their services are reasonable, fast, and effective. It does get pricey for more complex problems, but that's just to be expected. I would highly recommend them for recovering data, especially if it's vital data that cannot be recovered via software or if you're totally inexperienced at data recovery. Repeated attempts to access a bad drive can actually cause you to lose your data, so at that point, it becomes critical to use an honest and reliable service. I would use Secure Data Recovery again without any hesitation.

    Authenticated Vancouver, WA

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