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Recovering Data from a Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive

Recovering Data from a Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive

Flash drives keep important documents close at hand. These small, high-capacity devices fit on keychains or in a pocket. Many are rugged enough to withstand the bumps and bruises suffered by most portable storage drives, but they can – and often do – sustain physical damage and permanent data loss.

Gisele Corinthios hosted a top-rated children’s program on Canada’s TVO in Toronto for 18 years. She now stars in her own YouTube educational variety show The Gisele Mishmash. Her SanDisk flash drive recently fell apart during use, and she wasn’t sure if there was anything to be done to restore access to the broken device.

Picking Up the Pieces

The 128 GB SanDisk flash drive fell apart just as Ms. Corinthios had ejected it and disconnected from the USB port. It contained a mixture of personal and professional documents necessary for her work, so she contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through our local Toronto office to see if the contents could be successfully extracted.

The customer support team arranged for the SanDisk fragments to be shipped to our secure recovery lab. There, our expert technicians conducted a free and comprehensive diagnostic to determine the scope of work required for a successful recovery and provided a no-obligation cost estimate for all recovery operations.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Specialists

After receiving authorization to begin the data recovery process, our engineers isolated the NAND memory chip from the broken drive and successfully cloned the contents using custom adapters and utilities modified specifically for use in this case.

Once the chip’s contents were imaged, our engineers examined the entire file system to identify all available user data. All the contents of the broken flash drive were then exported to a secure storage server pending return shipment to Ms. Corinthios.

Industry-Leading Service Guaranteed

The technicians at Secure Data Recovery Services have pioneered specialized techniques for successful data recovery from NAND-based flash memory devices, including SSD, microSD, and Compact Flash. Our world-class data recovery labs coupled with the most industry-specific certifications make us the leading data recovery service provider.

Our data recovery engineers restored access to all of Ms. Corinthios' lost files despite the substantial physical damage and the invasive recovery techniques required to extract them. All restored customer data was transferred to a new replacement drive for secure return shipment.

Your Best Choice for Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a 96% successful recovery rate, the highest in the industry. We also have more than 250 offices located across North America, making the most sophisticated data recovery services easily accessible wherever you live or work.

Call us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation or to open a new case. We give every customer a free comprehensive diagnostic, a no-obligation price quote, and our “no data, no recovery free” guarantee. If for any reason we can’t recover your data, you pay nothing.

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