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Oracle Database Recovery from an HP ProLiant Server

Oracle Database Recovery from an HP ProLiant Server

An energy infrastructure company on the East Coast recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services about a problem they had with one of their servers at its large-scale R&D testing facilities. This green technology innovator lost access to master data files after experiencing a RAID array failure.

The company used an HP ProLiant ML310 housing four 500 GB Western Digital Enterprise drives configured as a RAID 10, also known as a RAID 1+0. This configuration stripes data across two pairs of mirrored drives for redundancy. As long as one drive in each pair continues to function, data remains accessible.

Diagnostics and Scope of Work

The HP ProLiant server stopped booting as a result of what the company initially thought was a physical failure brought on by a power supply issue. Several attempts to restart and reboot the server failed to restore access, and the company reached out to Secure Data Recovery Services for help.

We took possession of the server’s failed hard drives at our secure recovery lab. There, our technicians conducted a comprehensive diagnostic to identify the cause of failure and determine if a successful recovery would be possible.

Our analysis revealed that one of the mirrored drive pairs had failed, causing the loss of the RAID configuration and corruption throughout the file system. All lost data – in particular, a master database file – would need to be extracted from the second of the paired drives.

Custom RAID Rebuild and Data Extraction

Our technicians successfully imaged each of the server’s drives in a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom to preserve a clean copy of the data before recovery work began. Next, our development team de-striped the drives. This process converts striped data written across the mirrored pair of drives to data stored adjacently as an image of that array on a hard drive.

The recovery team then employed custom utilities modified specifically for this RAID recovery case to repair the file system corruption. After manually rebuilding the original volume architecture and RAID configuration, we extracted all lost data to a secure storage server, pending a secure return shipment.

Successful Database Recovery

Recovering data from an Oracle database requires the right tools and the right experience to ensure successful results. Our data recovery engineers have decades of combined experience resolving the most complex data loss scenarios with all Oracle database versions and all RAID configurations. When we need a custom tool or utility, we create it to ensure the best results possible for our data recovery customers.

The energy infrastructure company needed to retrieve key Oracle database files from among their lost master data files. Our engineers were able to locate and extract all missing data, nearly 100,000 files comprising about 860 GB.

Given the importance and sensitivity of the information, the company requested that we return it on an external drive with the highest data security features available. We transferred the data from our secure servers to a 2 TB SecureDrive® KP hardware-encrypted external storage drive. We’re the only data recovery provider with transfer drives that meet FIPS-140-2 Level 3 validated data protection standards.

Integrity You Can Trust

Secure Data Recovery Services is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and the best results technologically possible. Part of that commitment is keeping your data safe from unauthorized access during and after a successful recovery.

In addition to FIPS-validated data storage and handling practices, our labs also undergo rigorous SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 and 3 auditing to ensure the integrity of our cybersecurity management control systems.

Contact us for a free consultation or to open a new data recovery case. We provide free diagnostics and a no-obligation price quote. We also assign a dedicated account representative to keep you informed throughout the recovery process.

Our expert recovery team maintains a documented 96% success rate. However, you pay nothing if for any reason we can’t recover your data. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

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