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Professional Mobile Data Recovery and Forensics

Secure Data Recovery has a mobile recovery division specializing in data recovery from physically damaged and logically damaged mobile devices and their storage media.

Our engineers are able to recover from accidental deletion, operating system corruption during software updates, ROM flashing, physically damaged screens, password locked devices and more.

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Call our 24/7 toll-free hot line to speak directly with a data recovery specialist. If you have a data loss emergency, click here for an overview of our emergency services.

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Our Software Developers specialize in Logical data recovery from Allocation Errors in the memory, Corrupt Files and similar logical errors affecting mobile devices.

Specific Recovery & Forensics Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides confidential options for all digital devices, regardless of physical size or other factors, and we proudly offer high success rates for all formats. See below for more information.

iOS Data Recovery

iOS based Devices

Devices using the iOS architecture store the data entirely on internal device memory. Specific to your device the NAND flash memory will vary in size but the process of storing the data itself is similar regardless of the model. The latest model devices using the iOS also utilize instant encryption of the data prior to it being written to the internal flash memory. This data protection technique is used by all latest model Apple iOS devices making data recovery nearly impossible if the device is severely physically damaged. There are exceptions to what is possible, please contact our support team to see if data can be recovered in your situation.

iOS Data Recovery

Android Devices

Unlike Apple iOS the Android architecture allows for different types of internal data storage which are SIM cards, NAND Internal Memory and Micro-SD cards. Secure Data Recovery engineers are able to read data from all of these even the device is not powering on or the storage is severely damaged.

iOS Data Recovery

Cell Phones

Due to their limited functionality compared to the modern day smartphones, ordinary cell phones can store a small amount of data in comparison such as MMS, SMS, Emails and Address Books. Secure Data Recovery offers support for thousands of cellphones with deleted data or physically damaged components.

iOS Data Recovery

Windows Mobile Devices

The mobile Windows Operating system is one of the world’s most commonly used platforms for mobile devices. Our mobile recovery and forensics services offer advanced recovery options for mobile devices running version 8.1 and later. In addition to recovering data from physically and logically damaged Mobile Phone Devices we offer application data forensics and recovery service.

iOS Data Recovery

BlackBerry Devices

Our mobile forensic and recovery engineers offer data recovery services on physically damaged and logically damaged BlackBerry devices. Our capabilities allow us to perform File System Extraction, data decoding and decryption services on BlackBerry devices running OS 4 though OS 7.

iOS Data Recovery

Tablets & iPads

We provide the most advanced support for data recovery and forensic analysis of logically damaged and physically damaged Tablets from a wide range of manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple, LG, Dell and many others.

iOS Data Recovery

GPS Forensics

GPS recovery services offer extraction, analyzing and decoding data from a range of portable GPS devices. The recovered data varies depending on the device, the most common data is standard GPS info, Entered locations, GPS fixes, and Favorite locations in a readable format.

iOS Data Recovery

SIM Cards

Secure Data Recovery offers Sim Card recovery capabilities for deleted text messages (SMS) and stored phone book contacts from the mobile phone sim card memory. Our SIM Card Data Recovery engineers are able to recovers accidentally deleted text messages (SMS) as well as recover lost messages (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts).

If you do not see your device listed here, please contact our mobile specialists at 1-800-388-1266 for a full list of devices.

Secure Data Recovery Advantage

Choosing the right data recovery company as your first choice for your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device is essential to getting your files back.

See what makes Secure Data Recovery Services different when it comes to mobile recovery and forensics services.

Why Choose Us
  • Secure Data Recovery has a dedicated Mobile Device research and development team that specializes in working on the latest mobile technology in order to investigate how the data is stored and protected by the various manufacturers and models.
  • Our LABs currently have support in recovering data for over 20,000 unique mobile devices as well as ability to repair all mobile operating systems past and present.
  • Secure Data Recovery is able to provide the highest success rates in the industry.

Data available after recovery (depending on device):

Unlike commercially available software which cannot assist when the device is not powering on our Electrical Data Recovery Engineers are able to repair and read the Flash Memory, Internal Circuits, Processors and Controllers which make up all mobile devices.

When Needed

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Call History
  • Gallery
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Documents

Increase chances of success

Did You Know?

If you accidentally delete or notice corrupted data on your device

  1. Turn off the device immediately.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.
Did You Know?

If you drop your mobile device and shatter its components

  1. Do not attempt to power the device on
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.

Did You Know?

If you drop your device in water, remove it quickly

  1. Remove the battery / power source and do not attempt to power it on.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.

In most cases we are able to recover all of the data on the device. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and this allows us to recover all deleted data on the device.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

If you experience data loss on your mobile gadget the first instinct is to take it to your local service provider or try an online tool but be careful since that can lead to permanent data loss as the live objects may to be overwritten by the recovery attempt. Note: DIY software or recovery attempts more often than not yield little or no results leaving no chance for a recovery afterwards by a professional.

Our teams are uniquely qualified to treat failed smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 11 review(s)

  • Not sure

    Reviewed on Jan 11 2018

    Everything was great except the price

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • Great job!

    Reviewed on Nov 21 2017

    This is my second time doing a data recovery with secured data recovery, and Chris Mcmaken and the team did an AMAZING job! Thank you all for recovering my memories.

    Authenticated San Diego, CA
  • Superb Data Recovery!

    Reviewed on Nov 17 2017

    My Iphone 6 dropped in sea water and got corroded. All my pictures from the entire trip were on there, and I was worried that they were lost forever! But thanks to Secure Data Recovery, they weren't! They worked with me on the price and they were able to recover everything I had lost! They were very personable and kind, and made sure that I was kept up to date on the entire process! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs data recovered from their devices!

    Authenticated Silver Spring, MD
  • Wet phone, recovered pictures

    Reviewed on Sep 16 2017

    My son dropped my wife's phone in the pet water bowl and completely ruined it. Took it to a bunch of shops in the area and they couldn't do anything for it. My wife was a wreck because it had about 5000 pictures on it, back to when my kids were born. I found Secure Data Recovery and sent in the phone doubtful of ever seeing the pictures again. Mitchell got to work on it right away and was very upfront and honest, giving me prices and options along the way. They recovered every picture and video and now I'll be able to give all the pictures back to my wife just in time for an anniversary surprise. A bit expensive, yes, but those pictures are priceless and it was worth every penny. The process was quick and easy, and while I hope I never have to use their services again, I wouldn't hesitate in the future because these guys know what they're doing! A+ service! Thanks again Mitchell!

    Authenticated Bellevue, NE
  • great fast service and professional

    Reviewed on Aug 3 2017

    I was very pleased to get back a critical business file from a total broken dismantled phone.
    Mitchell was honest professional and surely knows this stuff.
    price is reasonable as well
    I recommend you to have backup of your data, but you you happen not to have it recommend using this company

    Authenticated Brooklyn , NY
  • A benchmark company

    Reviewed on Jul 21 2017

    True professionalism is evident in every step of the process with secure data. Many thanks to Mitchell for his services. I'll be sure to recommend this business whenever the chance arises.

    Authenticated Brandon, MB
  • Fast and reliable

    Reviewed on Jul 10 2017

    I needed some pictures recovered from a broken Samsung phone. The team at Secure Data Recovery Services kept me updated through the whole process and did a fantastic job.

    Authenticated Columbus, OH
  • Great Job!

    Reviewed on Feb 16 2017

    Secure Data Recovery was able to save all of my data from my broken iphone. I worked with Alec. He communicated with me at every level of the process and timely responded to my questions and concerns. I highly recommend using this company. Job well done! Thank you!

    Authenticated Fort Worth, TX
  • Could not have been any better!

    Reviewed on Jan 23 2017

    I lost everything on my iphone 6 because of a mechanical issue with the phone - it just stopped working, I didn't drop it, there was no water damage, nothing. I had not backed it up and had not saved anything to the cloud (I know better now). The apple store took it for a week and said they could not recover anything. I downloaded at least 5 recovery apps - nothing. I spoke with someone who "could fix anything", and he couldn't get my photos back. Secure Data Recovery was completely professional from step 1. They kept me up to date every step of the way and recovered everything. I recommend them completely and have already sent friends to them. I'm so happy that I found them!

    Authenticated Atlanta, GA
  • Recovered my pictures

    Reviewed on Aug 11 2016

    My computer was stollen and it had all of my pictures on it for the last 10 years! I stumbled across an old iPod I have and a good amount of my pictures were saved on it! I wasn't able to access the pictures to take them off the iPod for whatever reason and I was told by Apple that my iPod (which is only a few years old) is considered a "vintage device" and they wouldn't touch it to help me out. I was referred to Secure Data Recovery by them and I'm happy I was! The customer service I received from Mitchell M. was outstanding! He explained everything so I could understand it and he was able to quickly get my pictures off my iPod and sent to me! I'm so thankful to have my memories back (and now backed up)! I have already recommended Secure Data Recovery and Mitchell M. to a friend! Thanks so much for all your help! It was definitely a good experience!

    Authenticated Salt Lake City, UT
  • Recovered all Data from Broken LG G4 Phone

    Reviewed on Jul 26 2016

    I have an LG G4 phone from Sprint, I purchased about a year ago.

    One day I was making a video and suddenly my phone froze. I turned it off and every time I turned it on it would only show the LG screen and wouldn’t go to the Sprint Screen, to then open my phone so I could see my applications. I tried everything from data recovery programs, to simple stuff like removing the battery. Nothing would work. I read online that this is happening a lot with the LG G4 Cell Phones. For whatever reason, my pictures were not back up for the last 6 months and I had other important data on the phone that I needed recovered.

    I went to 2 cell phone repair stores in Denver and they told me they wouldn’t be able to repair my phone and as far as data, they would not be able to recover anything. They said that no one would be able to help me as the insides of the phone were completely destroyed. I didn't want to give up on my important data!

    I found Secure Data Recovery & Services online after doing a Google search. I sent an email to them to see if they could help me. I heard back rather quickly from a guy named Mitchell M. and he said I could give him a call to discuss my options. He told me to send my phone via mail or I could drop it off at an address he gave me in Denver. When I arrived to the address in Denver, it wasn't an office, but just a place that sent mail for all kinds of companies, so I was kind of freaking out thinking this was totally a scam and what was I doing??!! I was also hesitant, since the other cell phone repair stores I went too did a free diagnostic. Secure Data Recovery Services told me they would have to charge me a one-time fee for the phone, to see what was wrong with it. I had to think about it, as this data I needed on my phone was very important to me. I decided to move forward. I decided for to let this side outlet ship my phone for me, as there was no charge.

    Secured Data Recovery Services got back to me in about a day, after they received the phone which took about a day to arrive at their offices in California. They agreed with the other stores that I went too, that the phone couldn’t be fixed, however Mitchell told me they could (Or would try) to recover my data. He gave me a quote and it was extremely high. However, again this data was very important to me, so I decided to see what they could do for me. He said that if they couldn’t recover the date I was looking for I wouldn’t owe anything. Of course I was nervous this whole experience was going to be a scam, since the other 2 cell phone stores told me no one would be able to help me.

    WELL I WAS WRONG!!!!! Mitchell told me it would take about two weeks to recover the data, which actually only took about 10 days. He told me they were able to recover EVERYTHING on my phone. He sent a link to show me that it was all recovered. Even though I could see the list of the items recovered, I couldn't see the actual data. Regardless, I decided to give it a chance and agreed to the price he originally quoted me and they charged my credit card. He had his tech guys copy the data to a thumb drive and he sent it over night to me. Again, I was still worried that maybe this was a scam, because I couldn’t see the files, just the names. I received my thumb drive and went through it and EVERYTHING IS THERE…my docs I needed, all my photos, my Whats App photos, etc. I couldn’t believe it!!

    SO THIS COMPANY is totally legit and if you really need to recover the data on your phone it is worth the money. Mitchell was so great during this whole process, getting back to me in a timely manner, answering all my emails, taking my phone calls and just really nice in general. Thank you so much for helping me and I hope that other people have the same experience I had with you.

    Authenticated Denver, CO

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