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Mobile Phones Data Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

Professional Mobile Data Recovery and Forensics

Secure Data Recovery has a mobile recovery division specializing in data recovery from physically damaged and logically damaged mobile devices and their storage media.

Our engineers are able to recover from accidental deletion, operating system corruption during software updates, ROM flashing, physically damaged screens, password locked devices and more.

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Our Software Developers specialize in Logical data recovery from Allocation Errors in the memory, Corrupt Files and similar logical errors affecting mobile devices.

Specific Recovery & Forensics Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides confidential options for all digital devices, regardless of physical size or other factors, and we proudly offer high success rates for all formats. See below for more information.

iOS Data Recovery

iOS based Devices

Devices using the iOS architecture store the data entirely on internal device memory. Specific to your device the NAND flash memory will vary in size but the process of storing the data itself is similar regardless of the model. The latest model devices using the iOS also utilize instant encryption of the data prior to it being written to the internal flash memory. This data protection technique is used by all latest model Apple iOS devices making data recovery nearly impossible if the device is severely physically damaged. There are exceptions to what is possible, please contact our support team to see if data can be recovered in your situation.

iOS Data Recovery

Android Devices

Unlike Apple iOS the Android architecture allows for different types of internal data storage which are SIM cards, NAND Internal Memory and Micro-SD cards. Secure Data Recovery engineers are able to read data from all of these even the device is not powering on or the storage is severely damaged.

iOS Data Recovery

Cell Phones

Due to their limited functionality compared to the modern day smartphones, ordinary cell phones can store a small amount of data in comparison such as MMS, SMS, Emails and Address Books. Secure Data Recovery offers support for thousands of cellphones with deleted data or physically damaged components.

iOS Data Recovery

Windows Mobile Devices

The mobile Windows Operating system is one of the world’s most commonly used platforms for mobile devices. Our mobile recovery and forensics services offer advanced recovery options for mobile devices running version 8.1 and later. In addition to recovering data from physically and logically damaged Mobile Phone Devices we offer application data forensics and recovery service.

iOS Data Recovery

BlackBerry Devices

Our mobile forensic and recovery engineers offer data recovery services on physically damaged and logically damaged BlackBerry devices. Our capabilities allow us to perform File System Extraction, data decoding and decryption services on BlackBerry devices running OS 4 though OS 7.

iOS Data Recovery

Tablets & iPads

We provide the most advanced support for data recovery and forensic analysis of logically damaged and physically damaged Tablets from a wide range of manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple, LG, Dell and many others.

iOS Data Recovery

GPS Forensics

GPS recovery services offer extraction, analyzing and decoding data from a range of portable GPS devices. The recovered data varies depending on the device, the most common data is standard GPS info, Entered locations, GPS fixes, and Favorite locations in a readable format.

iOS Data Recovery

SIM Cards

Secure Data Recovery offers Sim Card recovery capabilities for deleted text messages (SMS) and stored phone book contacts from the mobile phone sim card memory. Our SIM Card Data Recovery engineers are able to recovers accidentally deleted text messages (SMS) as well as recover lost messages (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts).

If you do not see your device listed here, please contact our mobile specialists at 1-800-388-1266 for a full list of devices.

Secure Data Recovery Advantage

Choosing the right data recovery company as your first choice for your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device is essential to getting your files back.

See what makes Secure Data Recovery Services different when it comes to mobile recovery and forensics services.

Why Choose Us
  • Secure Data Recovery has a dedicated Mobile Device research and development team that specializes in working on the latest mobile technology in order to investigate how the data is stored and protected by the various manufacturers and models.
  • Our LABs currently have support in recovering data for over 20,000 unique mobile devices as well as ability to repair all mobile operating systems past and present.
  • Secure Data Recovery is able to provide the highest success rates in the industry.

Data available after recovery (depending on device):

Unlike commercially available software which cannot assist when the device is not powering on our Electrical Data Recovery Engineers are able to repair and read the Flash Memory, Internal Circuits, Processors and Controllers which make up all mobile devices.

When Needed

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Call History
  • Gallery
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Documents

Increase chances of success

Did You Know?

If you accidentally delete or notice corrupted data on your device

  1. Turn off the device immediately.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.
Did You Know?

If you drop your mobile device and shatter its components

  1. Do not attempt to power the device on
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.

Did You Know?

If you drop your device in water, remove it quickly

  1. Remove the battery / power source and do not attempt to power it on.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.

In most cases we are able to recover all of the data on the device. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and this allows us to recover all deleted data on the device.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

If you experience data loss on your mobile gadget the first instinct is to take it to your local service provider or try an online tool but be careful since that can lead to permanent data loss as the live objects may to be overwritten by the recovery attempt. Note: DIY software or recovery attempts more often than not yield little or no results leaving no chance for a recovery afterwards by a professional.

Our teams are uniquely qualified to treat failed smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Customer Reviews (25)

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 25 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Nov 6 2019  |  Clinton Township, MI

    Great service from Chris McMacken

    I had a crashed external hard drive and was looking for a better price than what I was offered at a different company. Chris contacted me immediately and offered me a better price and was very informative. Unfortunately for me, my drive couldn’t be recovered. It wasn’t easy news to hear but Chris was very polite and kind about it. I would recommend this company to anyone needing data recovery with fast, friendly service! I never write reviews but my experience made this worth my while.

  • Reviewed on Nov 6 2019  |  York, PA

    Excellent and Very Kind Customer Service

    Chris McMacken couldn’t have been any kinder when he received my desperate phone call. During a download through iTunes to my iPhone as instructed by Apple, it stopped at a “bridge” and totally locked up. I went to the local Apple Store in Lancaster, PA and they informed me there was no fix to this very well-known problem. The only way to have an operating phone again was to go back to the factory settings. This method would guarantee the loss of all my photos. I searched on the Internet and found your reputable company and called. Mr. McMacken answered and talked with me with compassion knowing how upset I was losing my photos that were mostly of my grandchildren to include their birthdays and graduations. I realize it is all my fault not downloading or backing up my photos but not once did Mr. McMacken make me feel stupid like the assistant did at the Apple Store. Even though my photos could not be recovered, Mr. McMacken provided the results to me with a very kind and understanding way. Please personally thank Mr. McMacken for me since I couldn’t ask for better customer service.

  • Reviewed on Sep 26 2019  |  Port Washington, NY

    Great Service from Ryan Wiggins

    My iPhone 8 was crushed by a 15 ton excavator. When I brought it to AT&T they couldn''t help me recover the data. When I brought it to the Apple Store they could not recover any of the data either.
    Ryan and his team were able to recover my data, priceless photos and information that the others were unable to. The process was seamless. I would highly recommend Secure Data to anyone who is in need of data recovery.

  • Reviewed on Jul 29 2019  |  Thibodaux, LA

    Like some of the other reviews stated, the service was quite expensive, but the price was known upfront. This data recovery could not performed by any local business that I could find. The phone was dropped into salt water so I thought that the data was lost. The guarantee was given that there would not be a charge if the data was not recovered. Everything was completed as promised. Good job case handler Ryan Wiggins. He was very responsive via email and phone. Thanks

  • Reviewed on Apr 29 2019  |  Richmond, VA

    Outstanding service!

    Very efficient, prompt service. Luke Marrall immediately grasped the urgency of our request, assigned a Case Number and sent us a shipping label, and kept me informed every step of the way. Highly recommend it!

  • Reviewed on Apr 14 2019  |  Brooklyn, NY

    Great servive by Scott Moses!

    Scott was a person assigned to deal with my data recovery case. He was very patient dealing with me. He took his time to answer all my questions by phone and via email. I also got a reduced price after negotiating the initial quote and the time frame for recovery. Secure Data recovered all the info from my iPhone after another company''s unsuccessful attempt. The phone was water damaged. I am very satisfied with professionalism and service at Secure Data. Highly recommend to everyone!

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