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SD Card Data Recovery Services

Secure Digital (SD) is a popular family of flash memory card formats. SD cards are found in phones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems and other mobile devices, and with capacities of up to 2 terabytes, SD is an affordable and powerful option for digital storage.

SD Card Data Recovery Services

SD cards are an extremely popular format due to their small physical size and durable design.

Four different formats make up the SD storage family: SDSC, SDIO, SDHC and SDXC. All of these technologies provide durable, non-volatile functionality, but data loss is still a common problem for SD card owners.

Common causes of data loss on Secure Digital memory cards include:

  • Accidental Formatting
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Data Corruption
  • Memory Wear
  • Physical Card Damage

Secure Data Recovery Services offers repair and recovery services for all SD, MiniSD and MicroSD cards. We are certified by all Secure Digital flash media manufacturers as a safe service provider, and with a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and proprietary SD recovery tools, we provide the best success rates in our industry.

Failure Symptoms and Data Loss Scenarios

When a SD card stops functioning correctly, it may present a number of symptoms. Some cards will stop presenting accurate file directories. Your computer may not recognize the card or report an inaccurate capacity. If you accidentally delete or format your card, you may not notice data loss until you overwrite your files with new data.

To guarantee the best possible chances of a successful data recovery, you should immediately remove your SD card from your computer or mobile device as soon as you notice any signs of data loss. While there are a number of commercial data recovery utilities for memory cards, we do not recommend running software. Some data recovery programs inadvertently overwrite data or contribute to corruption issues, permanently damaging your files in the process. Safely treat data loss by calling Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as possible to discuss recovery options.

Recovering Data from SD Flash Cards

Our data recovery process varies depending on your SD card's filesystem, form factor and failure scenario. Within 24 hours of receiving your media, we will evaluate physical and logical damage to provide a risk-free diagnostics report with a media analysis, price quote and turnaround estimate.

If your SD card suffers from a physical issue, we will perform the necessary repairs in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Our Cleanroom allows our engineers to work safely with exposed flash card components without risking harmful media contamination, and due to the sensitivity of flash memory cards, Cleanroom technology is absolutely essential for data recovery.

After performing physical repairs and restoring worn components, we create a complete copy of your memory card. Secure Data Recovery Services' research division has developed specialized tools and utilities for the Secure Digital format, and we can quickly treat media corruption, accidental file deletion and other common logical issues. We are one of the only data recovery companies that can restore files on worn or degraded flash memory chips, and our engineers provide high data recovery success rates for the Secure Digital format.

We offer several service levels for SD card data recovery, including the industry's most reliable 24/7/365 emergency services. Our engineers complete most emergency SD recovery cases within 48 hours.

Security Credentials and GSA Certification

The Secure Digital format offers a number of security features, and many users prefer SD cards when storing sensitive or protected data. Data recovery companies need to use strict security controls to protect their clients' privacy.

Secure Data Recovery Services is a SSAE 18 Type II certified company and a member of the Information Systems Security Association. We regularly test and audit our security systems to provide the best possible services for our clients, and unlike other data recovery companies, we post our audit reports online.

Our certifications include:

  • SAS 70 Certification
  • PCI Security Certification
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Certification
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification
  • Green Business Certification

We provide special high-security SD data recovery services for our government clients through the GSA schedules. Visit our certifications page for more information regarding any of these credentials or to view audit reports.

Free Data Recovery Diagnostics for SD Media

Because SD cards can lose data for a number of reasons, no data recovery company can offer reliable flat rate services for SD media. However, we provide free media evaluation services at the start of every case to give you an accurate price quote and turnaround estimate. Our detailed diagnostic report gives you the information that you need to decide whether or not to pursue recovery without any obligation whatsoever.

Contact Secure Data Recovery Services today for no-risk diagnostics. Call our 24/7/365 customer service line to get started. You can also contact our e-mail support team for a free price quote and same-day diagnostics online.