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Secure Data Recovery Services in Houston, Texas
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Certified Data Recovery Services in Houston, TX

Secure Data Recovery Services provides Houston with dedicated options for server repair, file recovery, hard drive data recovery and dozens of other advanced media services. With multiple offices in Houston and dozens of locations across the United States, we serve thousands of clients each year, maintaining high success rates through our state-of-the-art technology.

With multiple offices in Houston and dozens of locations across the United States, we serve thousands of clients each year, maintaining high success rates through our state-of-the-art technology.

Houston, TX - Office Location

Secure Data Recovery Services in Houston, TX
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
4801 Woodway Drive Suite 300 East
Houston, TX 77056
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

After Hours:
Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

In addition to our Woodway Drive location we also have a 2nd convenient Houston location on Town and Country Blvd. See location details below.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Houston, TX
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
800 Town and Country Blvd #300
Houston, TX 77024
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

After Hours:
Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

Featured Services

All of our Houston locations offer a full set of recovery services, with fast turnaround times. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

We maintain Better Business Bureau accreditation at all of our offices, and our compliance with their standards consistently earns us an A+ rating with the organization.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of Houston - Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

The BBB is Texas’ most trusted protector of consumer confidence. In our detailed company review, updated periodically by the BBB, you can investigate our track record of compliance and consistently high ratings.

» Verify our current BBB Rating

Houston is the largest city in Texas by population, and it has gradually established its presence as the Southern United States' economic center through strong energy, technology and healthcare industries. By opening a second office in Houston, Secure Data Recovery Services is able to provide more efficient data loss solutions for our clients in Harris County, and we offer full access to all of our services through both locations.

Most Texas computer users eventually experience data loss, and even with regular backup, unexpected failures and other media issues can have significant consequences. Our engineering teams are capable of repairing complex digital devices, and all of our services feature excellent security practices supported through numerous third-party credentials.

Some common sources of data loss for Houston computer users include:

  • Hard Drive Failures and Electronic Damage
  • Deleted or Corrupt Files
  • Damaged Flash Devices or Solid-State Drives
  • RAID Rebuild Failures
  • Damage from Fires or Floods

If you cannot read data from a hard drive, server or other digital device, Secure Data Recovery Services offers free diagnostics to help you create an effective recovery plan. Our engineering team will assess the damage to your device and provide you with a price quote and turnaround estimate, and you can select from several service options to minimize your costs and downtime. Call us today to get started or read on for an overview of the technology available through our Houston data recovery office.

Hard Drive Repair Technology from an Industry Leader

Because data storage devices are extremely complex, Secure Data Recovery Services regularly invests in new tools and technologies to provide excellent success rates for all types of systems. We were the first data recovery provider to maintain a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which is outfitted to allow for safer hard drive data recovery and RAID recovery procedures.

Additionally, we have developed dozens of proprietary tools in our research laboratory, and we are capable of treating all devices regardless of failure scenario, operating system or media type. Secure Data Recovery Services maintains an overall success rate of over 97 percent.

We have always used the best available security practices at each of our facilities, and our third-party credentials demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods. We hold a SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 security certification along with PCI-DSS compliance certification, HIPAA compliance certification and various other credentials that allow our teams to handle sensitive cases effectively.

What to Do When Your Digital Device Loses Data

Whether you lose important data from a hard drive, a solid-state drive, a flash device or any other type of digital media, you need to take immediate action to limit damage and to improve your chances of a successful recovery. Because many devices have mechanical components, we recommend turning your computer off as soon as you notice any type of failure symptoms including (but not limited to) unusual noises, error messages or file access issues.

By turning your computer off, you can prevent permanent physical and logical damage, limiting the costs of professional data recovery services. You should also make a list of symptoms that occurred prior to the failure. Contact our team as soon as possible to choose a service option and to set up free diagnostics.

Our Houston data recovery offices give you the cost-efficient options you need to quickly regain access to important files. Secure Data Recovery Services holds more relevant security credentials than any other data services provider in Texas, and we protect every case with a no recovery, no service charge guarantee.

Other advantages of our services include:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery Services
  • Multiple Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Locations
  • Options for RAID Data Recovery and Server Repair
  • Support for All Types of Digital Storage Devices
  • Online Case Access, 24/7 Customer Service and More

Secure Data Recovery Services provides options for both personal computer users and businesses, and our fastest service option has an average turnaround of less than a day. All of our services feature the same high success rates and excellent security, and by offering free diagnostics for all standard cases, we give our Houston clients a simple way to evaluate options following any type of data disaster. To set up a new case or to speak with a member of our customer service team, call 1-800-388-1266 .

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 32 review(s)

  • Excellent Service

    Reviewed on Apr 4 2018

    My portable hard drive unexpectedly crashed and I lost the last half of my son''s senior year football pictures and videos and my daughter''s volleyball pictures and videos. I was devastated so I started looking for places online that could recover data. I talked to Fred and he seemed very knowledgeable and explained about their fees and services and answered all of my questions. The company also had good reviews so I decided to give them a try. I was very impressed with their services and they were able to recover all of my precious pictures and videos. Fred kept me informed throughout the entire process through emails. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery for any and all data recovery services. I am very pleased and would definitely use them again.

    Authenticated Baytown, TX
  • Dependable, honest and professional!

    Reviewed on Mar 14 2018

    Secure Data Recovery - is the ONLY company I would depend on to get the job done period. Their customer service and response time is on point. They walk you through each step of the way and are excellent in explaining their process. If you''re reading this review and wondering if you should choose this company to help you, STOP LOOKING and hire them, you won''t be sorry!

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Nervous for no reason

    Reviewed on Mar 6 2018

    The pictures on my damaged hard drive were most precious to me. I was so scared they could not be recovered, not to mention other important files. Frederick at SDR made me feel at ease and since I was not in a big hurry he saved me money as well. If great service and turnaround are what you are seeking, trust Secure Data Recovery to take care of you. Hopefully my computer woes are behind me, but if not then I will definitely come back.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Secure Data Recovery at your Service

    Reviewed on Feb 5 2018

    I was very pleased with the customer service that Chris McMacken provided to me. He was patient, helpful and very responsive to my questions and concerns. He was also straightforward and clear regarding pricing and the extent of damage to my hard drive. I would recommend using Secure Data Recovery for all your data recovery needs and would certainly recommend working with Chris McMacken.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • CDS-141784

    Reviewed on Jan 26 2018

    I am very happy with the services Jeremy Provchy provided to me recently. My laptop's hard drive crushed and even our company's IT Department could not retrieve the files. Jeremy provided all the assistance I needed and always in a timely fashion. He kept me updated on the recovery progress and got the job done fast too. I recommend Secure Data and if I need them again, I will not hesitate to call Jeremy directly.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Overcoming life's challenges, 1 megabyte at a time

    Reviewed on Jan 12 2018

    My marriage was on the rocks, with just a few months before Christmas to go! I tried the usual online retailers (Amaz#$, Nords$%#@, Ets%, etc.) looking for the perfect gift to win back my love's heart, which I was losing due to my own neglect. New slippers, a selection of fancy cheeses, even a Houston Astros jersey... NOTHING seemed just right. Well, then I came across Secure Data Recovery and Alec Sakenes. Forget about therapy! Alec and SDR helped me to give my wife the gift of year's of precious memories (photographs and videos) of our many children that had been lost on a failed hard drive 5 years ago! We had previously gone to other 'data recovery' companies and been told there was no hope or that it might cost less to purchase a Tesl@ Model 3! SDR gave me a full data recovery, made it affordable, and made things right with my wife - she loved the gift and has accepted me back with open arms. She spends hours upon hours pouring over the old pictures and watching videos of the kids, so much that I'm the one who now feels neglected!

    Thank you SDR for saving my data, and saving my marriage! Valentine's Day is right around the corner...

    Authenticated Kingwood, TX
  • Quick Reliable

    Reviewed on Jan 2 2018

    I mistakenly not only deleted all 900 some pictures in our SD card, I reformatted the card and initialized entirely. It was after 10pm but I had to speak with somebody, then I found secure data recovery who was available 24/7. After I spoke with the operator, I immediately received email and phone call from Fred next morning who explained every procedure throughly and cleared all my questions. I found the initial quotes to be a a little over our budget, they were able to give us another option to lower the price but would take extra time for the whole process, which worked better for our interest.
    But they came back within a week or two that they finished and was able to recover pretty much all data. Fred followed up with email and phone call after every procedure and made sure that we were aware of every costs and timeline.
    It is not cheap and there might be others who would do it for less price, but they sure are very professional at what they do and very reliable. Thanks for everything and it was worth the money !

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Laptop Hard Drive Failure

    Reviewed on Dec 26 2017

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, our power was turned off. When it was restored and I plugged in my laptop, it sparked and the hard drive was damaged. There was a lot of clicking noise as I tried to restart it, to no avail. In addition, I soon learned that my Carbonite back-up was not current, and all of the work that I had done after March 18 was lost, including the transfer from our phones of all of our photographs taken from December 2016 through the end of August. I was heart-broken. I had long ago deleted the pictures from our phones, so all of our memories were gone for good.

    I was advised by an IT resource to send it to one of Secure Data's competitors in California. That firm eventually informed me that the hard drive was too damaged and they could recover nothing. It was then that I shed the most tears due to the hurricane and flooding.

    This other firm returned the drive to me, and it sat in our home for a few weeks. I nearly threw it out, but one day when I was researching on the internet just how foolish I had been for not having a current back-up and trying to start my computer time and again despite the clicking noise, I landed on Secure Data Recovery's website. It was there that I learned that I had done everything wrong and should have stopped when I heard that clicking sound for the first time.

    On a lark and with little hope, I called your 800 number and spoke to Nick Totarella. I explained the entire situation to him as he listened patiently. Nick said that perhaps Secure Data Recovery might be able to "try a little harder" than the other firm and he'd be happy to have the lab look at my drive. I told him that I expect nothing and promised that I had would not get emotional if the attempt was futile, since the previous firm said that the damage was too severe.

    Nick emailed a link to a mailing label and eventually, in the midst of restoring our home from the flood, I sent my drive to Secure Data. During the process, I had several special requests for Nick, who kindly and very quickly responded to each of them. He called after the lab conducted its initial inspection to say that they thought they could do at least a partial recovery. He explained what the price would be and that there would be no charge if there was no recovery. I agreed and waited.

    In about a week, Nick called me to say that your lab had close to a 100% recovery! He sent me a list of the files that they have recovered, and they look like the files I need, including our lost photographs. Even though I promised Nick I would not get emotional, I did -- but this time they were tears of happiness! I am still holding my breath until I actually receive the transfer disk and see my files and pictures, but I have confidence that it will be the Christmas miracle I wished for!

    Thank you very much to Nick and Secure Data Recovery's lab experts.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Most Affordable I've Experienced

    Reviewed on Dec 20 2017

    After shopping around to many different data recovery businesses I finally sent my external hard drive off to DriveSavers. I was told that there was extensive damage and that it would be a job that would range between $1900-$2500, and at the time that was too much for me. After speaking with Chris McMacken from Secure Data Recovery, he was able to get the job done for me for $500-$1000 cheaper than it would have been, and they were able to recover 95% of what was damaged on the hard drive. Considering the damage to my drive, I was very happy with the service and will look Chris and his team up in the future.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Laptop harddrive recovery

    Reviewed on Dec 5 2017

    I have a Sony laptop, which all of a sudden completely crashed and would not let me access any of my data on my hard drive. I initially went to Best Buy geek squad, but they couldn't do anything and said there was a physical problem in the hard drive and it had to be taken to a specialized facility to extract the data. Before sending it to their facility i did an online search and checked reviews and found out about Secure data recovery. I called them and spoke with Fredrick, who walked me through the whole process. I did exactly like he told me and send my hard drive using FedEx to their location. Within a week my data was completely recovered and an external hard drive with all my 500GB of data was shipped back to me. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs data recovery.

    Authenticated Friendswood, TX
  • Great experience

    Reviewed on Nov 18 2017

    Great experience! My external hard drive was ruined and it has all my pictures from the past 4 years. I was crushed, I thought I would never see them again. But I found these guys and the whole process was really easy. I dropped it off, then got an estimate for the cost. Rob Anderson even helped me create a payment plan so I could afford it. I will be using them again and recommend them to anyone who needs important data back.

    Authenticated Cypress, TX
  • Effective, Knowledgeable and Came Through

    Reviewed on Sep 30 2017

    Mitchell Moore was very helpful in explaining the process. I was extremely grateful that they were able to retrieve ALL of my data from my external hard drive after another local company had tried and failed. I will eternally be grateful for Secure Data Recovery. Thank you for your safe handling, retrieval and return of my very dear photos along with important business documents that were stored on the drive that failed. Thank you! Sylvia

    Authenticated Houston, TX

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