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Data Recovery Services in Cleveland - RAID, SSD & Hard Drive Recovery

Data Recovery Services in Cleveland - RAID, SSD & Hard Drive Recovery

We have provided professional data recovery in Cleveland since 2007. Our engineers specialize in recovering lost data regardless of storage device, manufacturer, operating system, or file type. We have audited, state-of-the-art facilities in Cleveland at 700 Beta Drive, near the intersection with Wilson Mills Road, off Interstate 271.

Trust the Cleveland data recovery experts with a 96% success rate, risk-free quotes, and a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee.

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We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost Data Back

With over 6,071 satisfied customers and counting, we are proud to provide the service and results that exceed your expectations. Hear what they have to say.

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Data Recovery Cleveland

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Are you looking for data recovery services in Cleveland? Our 700 Beta Drive offices serve the Greater Cleveland area, from Mentor on the East Side to Avon on the West Side.

We have another Northeast Ohio location in Canton at 4605 Fulton Drive Northwest, near the intersection with Dressler Road Northwest, adjacent to the Belden Center shopping plaza.

Cleveland data recovery is more convenient and secure than ever.

Call or visit one of our locations to speak with a data recovery representative and start your case.

Data Recovery Company in Cleveland, OH

Since 2007, our data recovery company has helped tens of thousands of individuals and businesses of all sizes in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio recover from every data loss scenario imaginable.

Our team understands the importance of data and the impact of sudden data loss. We resolve thousands of cases each year and heavily invest in research and development. That is how we maintain a documented 96% success rate.

Your complete satisfaction is our mission. We strive to provide the best service and deliver results for each hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), USB flash drive, SD card, iPhone, and Android mobile device. Our data recovery experts can perform manual file repair to restore data in cases of malware and accidental deletion or formatting, regardless of storage device. Our sophisticated tools and techniques allow us to offer professional SSD data recovery for damaged or defective components.

We specialize in developing data loss solutions for businesses and organizations with complex cases. We provide enterprise-grade data recovery services for failed RAID, network-attached (NAS and SAN) storage systems, and virtual machines. We have a large library of RAID controllers to facilitate complicated repairs. Our engineers have decades of RAID data recovery experience and can restore files from all storage levels.

We have seen your failure before and are ready to recover your lost data with our flexible Economy and Standard service options. Or receive immediate, around-the-clock assistance with our Emergency data recovery services to reduce downtime.

Hard Drive Recovery in Cleveland

Our hard drive recovery experts deliver customized solutions to Cleveland customers that suffered data loss. We can address hard drive failure caused by physical damage, mechanical breakdowns, electrical issues, and logical errors. We have experience with hard drives from every data storage manufacturer and maintain an extensive collection of replacement parts. Our technicians can recover any file type from numerous operating systems.

Whether you lost valuable photos, important documents, or sensitive business files, we have the expertise to ensure your data is successfully recovered, safe and secure. By diagnosing and repairing your hard drive in a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom, we can restore your device to working condition without risking further media damage and jeopardizing the original data.

We combine cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to our customers. The result is an innovative data recovery service that helps you regain what matters most.

Data Recovery Cleveland

Cleveland is one of the largest, most unique cities in the Great Lakes region. With award-winning eateries, varied nightlife, sprawling parks, waterfront attractions, major museums, and cultural institutions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland can create memories that last a lifetime. Those experiences become terabytes of digital data on HDDs or SSDs, mobile devices, SD cards, and thumb drives. Drops, spills, or accidental formatting can wipe away those memories, but Secure Data Recovery can prevent data loss from becoming permanent.

Our data recovery specialists can retrieve data from all storage devices for individuals, small businesses, and large organizations. Trust the experts to recover corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible data. Our state-of-the-art laboratories, certified personnel, and specialized hardware and software can resolve even the most challenging cases.

Recovery Services We Offer

Hard Drive

Our team has successfully recovered data from tens of thousands of hard drives, hard disk or HDD of all shapes, sizes, file systems and physical damage with a 96% success rate. We are ready to recover yours.

Data Recovery

Lost data on your mobile workstation? Let our data recovery experts get it back. We have recovered data from all laptop brands, operating systems, and failure scenarios.

Data Recovery

Guaranteed results for all iMac & MacBooks by Apple certified technicians and cutting-edge utilities designed to produce the highest success rates on HFS+/APFS and other Mac file systems.

Data Recovery

We are the industry leader specializing in business-critical data recovery from thousands of home user, SMB, and enterprise storage units across the world.

Data Recovery

When sudden data loss causes to your production environment to come to a halt you need specialists who have dealt with your problem before to limit the downtime. Call us for immediate assistance.


We have a different approach. Our flash recovery engineers develop in-house, proprietary tools that help us deliver the highest success rates in the industry on failed flash-based drives.

Data Recovery

Get your memories back now, with our help. Don't wait. Water damaged iPhones need to be properly addressed right away to reduce the risk of permanent data loss. Call us to get started.

Data Recovery

Blue screen of death got you panicked? Don't stress. Turn off your computer and call the professionals. We will exhaust all options to perform data retrieval on your disk drive to get your data back.

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Our teams are fully equipped to recover data from any hard drive regardless of size, operating system, brand, or failure scenario.

Cleveland, OH Data Recovery

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 103 review(s)
Zev Levy


Had a fantastic experience with Secure Data. Jason responded quickly and was very helpful. They were able to restore my external drive that broke and did it ahead of schedule too. I definitely recommend their service!

Maris Wirt

SSD Recovery Most Convenient Company

Scott is my case manager and very attentive and compassionate for the loss of my SSD that contained my entire university senior thesis project I had been working on for a year. The SSD was newer and state of the line and failed abruptly. Fortunately Secure Data Recovery took in my case confidently and was sure the recovery would be successful. Despite the corruption of files, they recovered the mo... Read More

Lynn Kaminski

great job!

I panicked when my hard drive died and I had years of personal info that I thought I had lost. Thanks Jason and crew for retrieving as much as they possibly could. I would recommend this company to anyone needing their services!

Arthur Siteman

Saved The Day (and the DATA)

I had an external storage system with two hard drives mirroring my photos going back about 30 years. My computer would no longer recognize the external storage and it turns out that both of the hard drives had physical damage. I thought my entire photo library was lost. I turned to Secure Data Recovery and they were able to recover all of my data. I couldn’t have been more relieved. I could n... Read More

Gerald Sink

Great Service

I had an issue with a flash drive and was unable to access important documents. The SDR team was able to quickly diagnose and repair the issue and recovered all the files.


Was able to help GTA AUDIO ROOM of cleveland Ohio

I’m so excited that my studio files were able to be recovered. Being a traveling musician it’s hard to be able to sit still and fix issues that require the time to do so. I was happy to be able to take my drive to the site and they were able to recover 98% of my files. Highly recommended


Why Choose Secure Data Recovery in Cleveland, OH?

  • Certified and Verified Secure
  • Transparent Process
  • Trusted and Guaranteed Results

Secure Data Recovery Services operates in world-class facilities that undergo regular SSAE 18 SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 audits to verify the integrity of all cybersecurity management control systems. This means that your data is protected at every stage of the recovery process.

Each of our Lab facilities has a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. This controlled environment provides state-of-the-art filtration to remove harmful particulates that could damage the sensitive internal components of storage devices.

For more than a decade, the engineers at Secure Data Recovery have built a reputation as the industry’s most reliable provider of professional data recovery. Our expert team maintains a documented 96% success rate, the most industry-specific certifications, and the fastest turnaround times.

We maintain partnerships with every major data storage manufacturer to ensure our custom solutions do not threaten existing product warranties. We also invest heavily in research and development to keep pace with rapidly evolving storage technology. Discover why you should choose professional data recovery services.

Free Data Recovery Quote

We understand all data loss scenarios and will exhaust every available option to quickly reunite with your lost files. When you choose Secure Data Recovery, you get the most credentialed professionals in the industry.

Service times and exact pricing for a successful recovery always depend on the specific damage to the storage device, which is why we offer free diagnostics with every standard service.

Our quotes consist of:

  • Price for successful recovery
  • Time estimates for job
  • Key information about the events that led to data loss

Call 440-740-3282 to speak to a data recovery expert 24x7 and schedule your free consultation with a no-obligation price quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does our data recovery process work?

    After speaking to a data recovery adviser, you will receive a reference number and a free estimate. The recovery process starts once your storage device arrives at one of our laboratories.

    1. Diagnostics: A data recovery professional begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the media and develops a plan to retrieve the files.
    2. Repair: If the device is inaccessible, a data recovery technician will restore it to a working condition using specialized hardware and software.
    3. Imaging: Once operable, an engineer creates a byte-for-byte clone of the failed device, ensuring the original data remains intact throughout the data recovery process.
    4. Extraction: A data recovery specialist extracts the recoverable files from the device’s image.
    5. Validation: A technician saves the data to a secure destination and uses software to confirm the required files have been successfully recovered.
    6. Delivery: Our team returns the recovered data in a secure manner on a chosen external drive.
  • Do I need an appointment?

    Appointments are not necessary, but we strongly recommend calling ahead to speak with a data recovery adviser and receive a reference number, which will save time.

  • What are the store hours in Cleveland, OH?

    Our office at 700 Beta Drive is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM. It is closed on Sunday. In case of emergency, call 440-740-3282 for immediate assistance.