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Secure Data Recovery Services in Raleigh, North Carolina
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Raleigh

Secure Data Recovery Services offers media repair, hard drive data recovery, and other data services to North Carolina through our local office in Raleigh.

Our engineering teams have decades of combined experience, and with a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and dozens of advanced data repair tools, and we provide exceptional results for Wake County computer users or others who need data recovery services in Raleigh. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we understand how missing files can affect computer users.

Raleigh, NC - Office Location

Secure Data Recovery Services in Raleigh, NC
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
4208 Six Forks Rd. Suite 1000
Raleigh, NC 27609
Walk-in Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

After Hours:
Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

Raleigh is a naturally gorgeous city with a strong, progressive business climate. By establishing an office in the city, we offer Raleigh's 1.18 million residents an unprecedented local resource for professional data recovery.

Featured Services

Our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

Our Raleigh office provides:

  • Fast turnaround times and 24/7/365 emergency services
  • Experienced data recovery engineering teams
  • Expert RAID services, including RAID data recovery
  • Guaranteed results with a no-recovery, no-charge policy
  • Flexible service options for businesses and personal computer users

Many of our professional clients face significant down time and other severe consequences, and our goal is to provide exceptional services that simplify the disaster recovery process and succeed in hard drive repair services. Unlike other hard drive data recovery companies in North Carolina, we offer free media evaluations and a comprehensive no-recovery, no-charge policy for all of our hard drive data recovery options.

Call us today to schedule a visit to our Raleigh office. You can also drop in at any time to discuss your case with an expert in data recovery. Local Raleigh businesses and individuals trust us with their data needs, and so can you.

Advanced Media Repair Facilities with Certified Technology

Data recovery is a specialized service, and general computer repair shops do not have the necessary tools to address hard drive malfunctions, RAID rebuild failures, and other common data loss scenarios.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we have invested heavily in research and development for data recovery. Prospective Raleigh clients should know that we operate North Carolina's only certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to safely treat hard drives and other devices. We also have dozens of specialized tools that allow us to provide RAID repair, data tape repair, and many other advanced services to help you recover data. Local Raleigh residents and businesses simply have no better place to turn for their data recovery needs.

Additionally, we maintain strong security systems to protect your confidentiality. Secure Data Recovery Services holds a SSAE 16 Type II certification, and we hold additional compliance certifications to make the purchasing process easier for hospitals, government offices, and other high-security clients who need RAID data recovery.

We fully comply with:

  • General Services Administration (GSA) contractor schedule
  • NIST and more

For more information about security compliance, contact our customer service team or view our certification documents online.

What to Do When Your Media Fails

When you cannot access files on a digital device, you should immediately shut down your computer. Directly disconnect power to your machine by using its power button or by unplugging it from the wall. This prevents the normal shutdown procedure from contributing to data corruption.

Never attempt to repair your own media, or run any data recovery software or hard drive management utilities. The safest course of action is to shut your device down and get a professional media analysis as soon as possible. We are here to provide the most qualified data recovery services in Raleigh, North Carolina.

If you need a professional source for hard drive data recovery, RAID services, data tape repair, or any other specialty media repair service, Secure Data Recovery Services has the technology to give you reliable results. We maintain an overall recovery success rate of 96 percent, and our staff follows extensive protocols to protect your confidentiality. Our Raleigh office accepts drop-offs and can pick up your media in emergency situations. To start your case today or get a free quote, contact our customer service team.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 22 review(s)


    Reviewed on Jun 12 2018

    First time using SDR and was super impressed! Not only was the cost reasonable but they were able to recover ALL of my data! Will share their services/contact information with other work colleagues -- glad to know they are right down the road from our admin practice! Thank you so much!

    Authenticated Raleigh, NC
  • Great Customer Service

    Reviewed on May 24 2018

    After having dropped my laptop, I contacted Secure Data Recovery and have been dealing with Chris M. on a solution to get all of my important documents back. He has been very helpful throughout the entire process and very up front with the process and cost to get everything back. Though I declined due to lack of funds, if you''re needing your important files and documents saved and want to feel like you''re actually talking to a person vs a robot, Chris M. is the man to talk to. Will definitely recommend in the future!

    Authenticated Apex, NC

    Reviewed on Apr 2 2018

    Had a WD Passport that I saved EVERYTHING on, almost 1TB of data..(Business and Personal)..
    I dropped it and thought it was all gone.. Had my local IT guy look at it and couldn''t get anything...

    I sent my Passport to Chris McMacken and OMG they got EVERYTHING off of it and back to me!
    I can''t tell you how relieved I am knowing this company exists to help!
    THANK YOU - Chris for all the calls and emails I would have been so lost for the longest time without you!!
    My kids thank you for the prom and graduation picture recovery...moments to precious to loose...


    You guys ROCK - Thanks Again!!!

    Authenticated Raleigh, NC
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Mar 26 2018

    Rob Anderson was incredible to work with. He answered all of my questions quickly and promptly. The process including authorizing the different steps, payment, to review of results, all the way through to managing and tracking the recovered media was very lightweight and easily managed online. The results were everything I could hope for and it was great value for me. I plan to not need this service again but should I, I will look to Secure Data Recovery first!

    Authenticated Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Great Customer Service

    Reviewed on Mar 5 2018

    Chris M. was great to deal with, he provided timely updates and stepped me through the process to send in my drive. great job, thanks for all your help.

    Authenticated Durham, NC
  • GREAT customer service

    Reviewed on Jan 17 2018

    Data recovery services were as painless as possible. Fred was a delight to talk to. He explained the entire process and made sure to give me updates. The actual recovery was complete and had a very fast turn around time. The only part of the process was delivering the computer to their office. They are located in a building where it is confusing where to park (there are 2 garages). We choose the wrong one but just crossed the street to the other building. Then we made our way up to the office and found ourselves in a random office that seems like it is used by multiple organizations. I just left the computer at the front desk and the attendant gave me a receipt.
    The data came back prompt and was stored in the same folders that I had on my computer. It took me way longer to check that all the files were there than it took for them to recover them.
    The mailing service to deliver the data back was not rushed so it took a couple of days. A lady from the main office contacted me to ask me about how the data looked before I got it. But once I had it Fred made sure again that everything was ok.
    If you find yourself in the horrible situation of needing your data recovered, I highly recommend SecureData.

    Authenticated Durham, NC
  • Fantastic Service

    Reviewed on Jan 8 2018

    The last backup I had before my hard drive crashed was about a month old, and there were certain items I'd failed to backup at all but really should have. When the IT department at my work was unable to get anything, I thought everything was lost. But they recommended I look into this service, and I was thrilled to learn that a good portion of my data was recoverable. Rob was very quick to respond to all queries, and very helpful. I appreciate everything Secure Data Recovery was able to do.

    Authenticated Rocky Mount, NC
  • violin performances recovery happy

    Reviewed on Oct 16 2017

    I accidentally overwrote files on my external hard drive with a recovery backup of my niece's new computer. I could not open up any of the files that were on the hard drive. I could see them just sitting there. After trying a different online service, I traveled to Durham to the Microsoft office. They could not guaranty that they could recover it all. I was given Secure Data Recovery website by the Representative.

    I did my research on the company and read everything I could before I submitted my request. I was most impressed on how quickly I receive the first phone call. It was within 20 minutes of submitting my information request. Chris McMacken spoke to me kindly. He was even impressed on the amount of information I had. Hey, whether this was true or not, it made me feel better about my big goof.

    Chris McMacken was extremely helpful. He did not treat me like I was stupid and had no computer knowledge. I do have a small computer back ground in DOS with a little computer programming. Even when I asked some pretty silly questions, he just answered then like it was no such thing as a silly question. I can ask some silly questions. He replied to all my emails in a timely manner. A big plus.

    As far as the recovery, they were able to recover my niece's most important violin performances. Oh, they recovered much more. It looks like all has been recovered that would be over 2000 files of pictures, videos, PDF's and Microsoft documents. I am still going through everything. I am very happy customer.

    Authenticated fayetteville, NC
  • Amazing

    Reviewed on Sep 26 2017

    A Great Experience!!!!
    As luck would have it my hard drive crashed exactly 2 hrs after discussing the best options for photo storage!!!!
    I initially took my computer to a local big box store and was told there was no ability for them to recover the files.
    I began my own research and found Secure Data Recovery. After a brief but very helpful conversation with Jeremy Provchy, I mailed my hard drive to them.
    I had no idea what could be salvaged!!!!!
    Needless to say 100% full recovery of all my precious files. The most important were my 10 ys of irreplaceable photos!
    There are not enough words to describe the gratitude I have for the full recovery.
    Thank you so much for such a professional and complete job well done.
    Thank you again Jeremy for all your support.

    Extremely Satisfied,
    Kristi K

    Authenticated Elm City, NC
  • Successful data recovery

    Reviewed on Sep 24 2017

    I had tried everything I could think of to recover lost pictures from a hard drive crash from last year. I tried Time Capsul, I tried running through a series of SD cards we had data on. Nothing. I had the orignal 500 GB hard drive that had failed, Phsyically, undamaged. I contacted Secure Data Recovery, followed the instructions and shipped the failed hard drive to them. Just s Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston. Despite what I can only assume was a deluge (no pun intended) of requests for their services, Secure Data Recovery successfully recovered all the lost data from that hard drive & returned it to me. Mission accomplished, timely, securely and quickly.

    Authenticated Sneads Ferry, NC
  • All data successfully recovered.

    Reviewed on Sep 6 2017

    I had a hard drive that had failed R/W heads, and Rob helped me through the process of getting the data recovered.

    The data on the failed drive included years of work, and of course the drive failed during the few weeks that I was without a backup. SDR was able to recover all of my data, and while the recovery process took longer than I expected, for me that was not a problem. During the recovery process, the customer portal on the website shows what steps are being taken by the techs. Overall, I believe the cost of the service was reasonable, and I would use SDR again if I ever had a similar problem.

    Thanks very much Rob!

    Authenticated Chapel Hill, NC
  • Exceptional service and results

    Reviewed on May 8 2017

    Jeremy Provchy and SecureData provided us with the very best service I can imagine. I reached Jeremy on my first call - not even a phone menu to negotiate - and he asked questions about my situation, listened to the answers, and provided clear, relevant information about their services and my options. He then stayed directly involved as my single point of contact throughout the process, providing prompt information by simultaneous email and telephone call every step of the way. Of course, it helps that they were able to recover 100% of the data from my wife's failed hard drive, but what took a great deal of the anxiety out of the process was the excellent communication and responsiveness from Jeremy throughout. Highest recommendation.

    Authenticated Winston-Salem, NC

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