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Secure Data Recovery Services in Louisville, Kentucky
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Louisville

Secure Data Recovery Services in Louisville, Kentucky, offers professional media services to Jefferson County including hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery, data tape migration, and file repair. For many years, we have delivered excellent recovery rates and fast turnaround times to Louisville computer users through our network of facilities.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Louisville, KY
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
10200 Forest Green Blvd. Suite 112
Louisville, KY 40223
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Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

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Louisville is one of the most prominent towns in Kentucky, and with numerous technology companies, it boasts a fast-growing economy and a total population of more than 740,000 residents. It is also a historically rich city, and we are proud to provide our award-winning data recovery and hard drive repair services to Louisville.

Featured Services

Our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

When you lose access to digital storage media, you need fast help. Secure Data Recovery Services in Louisville invests in the latest media technology in order to serve our clients effectively, and we offer an overall success rate of 96 percent.

We can treat all media failure scenarios, including:

  • Failed hard drive components
  • Electronic media damage
  • Accidental overwrites
  • Files with corruption or permanent damage
  • Virus damage
  • RAID failures, software errors, and more

Our local office provides risk-free standard data recovery diagnostics, and we support all of our services with a no-recovery, no-charge policy. For a free quote and turnaround estimate, contact our customer service team today to schedule a visit to our Louisville facility.

What to Do When Your Media Fails

Media failures can quickly result in permanent damage and data loss. In order to minimize damage, you need help from a qualified data recovery provider. You should never attempt to repair your own digital devices, as this will expose your system to contamination, potentially reducing your chances of a successful recovery.

When you send your media to Secure Data Recovery Services, you get fast help from qualified engineers. Our diagnostics provide you with a price quote, which you can approve or decline; if you approve our services, we treat media damage using advanced tools and techniques. Secure Data Recovery Services has a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows for safe media repairs, and our local teams have experience with all operating systems and file types at our facility in Louisville. Our RAID 5 data recovery specialists are also on-site for RAID array damage cases.

Our technology sets us apart from our competitors. We have developed a number of proprietary tools for treating corrupt files, and our engineers never use destructive methods that could damage your media. We work to deliver dependable results for all types of devices, and our no-recovery, no-charge guarantee ensures that you don't pay unless we recover data. Louisville staff undergoes ongoing training to make sure our clients receive the best data recovery services available.

A Secure Source for Professional Media Services

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we apply advanced techniques to each client's case, delivering excellent results with an emphasis on security. We were the first data recovery provider in the state of Kentucky to earn a certification under the newly updated SSAE 16 Type II standards. Our engineers work in private, state-of-the-art facilities to maintain strict control over file access throughout the recovery process.

Some of the advantages of our Louisville office:

  • Advanced security credentials and media repair technology
  • Compliance with federal privacy laws including HIPAA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, and others
  • Excellent success rates and treatment in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • Expert services for data tape repair, RAID repair, and more
  • Online tools for easy case monitoring

Whether you need computer forensics, hard drive data recovery, or RAID data recovery in Louisville, Secure Data Recovery Services delivers dependable, local resources to give you a strong return on your investment. As the world's most secure provider, we are ready to help you regain access to important files while maintaining your budget.

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 7 review(s)

  • Painless recovery process with outstanding service

    Reviewed on Jun 28 2016

    A few weeks ago I had about 2.5 terabytes of data lost when a hard drive crashed, the read heads on the unit were physically bent/broken and the drive would no longer spin up and read. As a professional graphic artist this was my main artwork storage location for some of my most important work and I was quite afraid of losing several projects that were ongoing design jobs for my company's clients. I stumbled upon this recovery service quite by chance that afternoon and figured with the free diagnostics, it was worth a shot. I was immediately contacted by Alec Sakenes who kindly helped me through the entire process from start to finish. Recovery was a little quicker than I expected and I have regained all of my most important files for both current and upcoming deadlines. It was an overall positive experience and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is having a drive failure of any kind.

    Authenticated Hodgenville, KY
  • Great service, Amazing work

    Reviewed on Jun 6 2016

    After realizing our main backup/media source for the home went out, we freaked! It took some time to research and figure out the best route. I contacted Secure Data Recovery initially to test the waters about this venture. Spoke with Alec. Alec was VERY upfront about whats done, how its done, and when it would be delivered on a new drive. Alec was very flexible with our financial situation and waited until we "had a green light" to afford this process. I have already recommended a few colleagues to this company due to the service and quality. I looked at multiple regional outfits and just went with Alec based on him reaching out and being on the ball. It turned out well as my files are transferring to a new drive as i type this. Thanks again Alec!

    Authenticated La Grange, KY
  • Great service!

    Reviewed on Apr 17 2016

    I called Secure Data Recovery in the hopes of saving a lifetime of photos and documents. I wanted to work with a local company with the resources of the biggest data recovery companies in the country. Chris walked me through the process and we agreed to proceed with the recovery attempt. Chris followed up with me soon after to let me know that the recovery was successful! I was very happy with the service, timeliness, and professionalism of Chris and the team.

    Authenticated Louisville, KY
  • Awesome service!

    Reviewed on Mar 17 2016

    After my hard drive failed and I found out that my cloud backup had not been set up to back up automatically, I was in a bad spot. You see, I have a multi store business (mom and pop) and all my payroll, accounting and tax info was on the failed drive. My local computer shop said they couldn't help me. I went online to check what my options were thinking I had none. Luckily, I found this company. They retrieved the information from the failed drive and were able to clone the drive for me. I plugged the drive back in and everything was as good as new! Needless to say I was thrilled. Alec was my dedicated agent and he kept me informed along the way as to the progress and prognosis for the recovery. Everything was done in a short turnaround time and exceeded all expectations. I have passed along SDR's info to my local computer repair shop after they requested it . I am completely satisfied and highly recommend this service.

    Authenticated Providence, KY
  • Amazing Recovery Job!

    Reviewed on Jan 8 2016

    I was really impressed with how Secure Data Recovery was able to recover all of my nearly 2TB of data from a failed USB hard drive. It's not cheap, but it was totally worth it to not lose that data. Mitchell was very helpful in walking me through the process, and he never hesitated to answer my questions.

    Authenticated Louisville, KY
  • Painless Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Jan 5 2016

    We had an Associate that had "dropped" their external USB hard drive. Like most folks they had no other copies of the data, and much of it was critical work related files. We sent the drive to Secure Data Recovery with no true hope of success, but low and behold, they were able to recover the information and saved the day.
    I would recommend them to anyone. The work is excellent and our representative was very responsive and courteous.

    Authenticated Louisville, KY
  • Secure Data Recovery Was Great:):):)

    Reviewed on Jul 27 2015

    We contacted Secure Data Recovery first off after reading reviews. Spoke to Alex and sent drive in for retrieval, in a short time, was told data could be recovered and within days, had our data.
    Very pleased and if we have to ever retrieve data again, will contact them.

    Authenticated Lexington, KY

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