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Secure Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles, California
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in Los Angeles

Secure Data Recovery Services provides professional digital media repair and recovery to Los Angeles through a local office on Melrose Avenue. We started our company in Los Angeles County, and by offering consistent recovery rates and excellent data security, our business has grown from a single facility to an expansive network of offices spread across the country.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles, CA
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
8271 Melrose Ave. Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Mon-Fri: 9AM - 7PM

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Because every data loss scenario is unique, we provide expert recovery services for all devices and any type of damage. Our engineers are certified for all major brands and media, and we offer custom turnaround times designed to fit your budget.

Like all of our locations, our Los Angeles office is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Our A+ rating with the BBB reflects a high level of compliance with their demanding standards.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of Los Angeles Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

You can view the complete history of our A+ Rating and accreditation with the BBB of Los Angeles, including full documentation.

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What to Do When Your Media Fails

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers can treat most cases within a few days, and our 96 percent success rate is the highest in the Los Angeles area. However, your chances of a successful, affordable recovery depend on whether your device has extensive media damage or overwritten data for which you need data recovery. Los Angeles individuals and companies who trust us are more likely to recover their data than if they seek professional data services elsewhere.

To minimize permanent file damage, take the following steps as soon as you notice signs of data loss:

  • Turn your media off
  • Immediately disconnect power to your device by unplugging it or by using its power switch. Do not shut down hard drives, flash drives, and other devices normally, as this may overwrite data and make it more difficult to conduct a successful hard drive repair. Clients who follow this advice greatly increase their odds of successful data retrieval.
  • Do not run data recovery software: Commercial programs can damage your device if used improperly or if your media has physical damage.
  • Contact Secure Data Recovery Services: Our certified Los Angeles data recovery experts can provide a risk-free media evaluation, providing you with a price quote, turnaround estimate, and list of recoverable files. If you accept our quote, we can start treating your case right away.

We offer local pick-up and drop-off services for our 24/7/365 emergency data recovery clients and encourage all of our customers to visit our Los Angeles facility for fast, responsive service. Once they receive our professional data recovery services, Los Angeles clients come back to us again and again for superior service.

Leaders in Hard Drive Data Recovery

When you need data recovery, you should trust only a qualified, experienced provider with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers. Secure Data Recovery Services operates Los Angeles' best facilities for hard drive data recovery, data tape repair, RAID recovery, and other media services.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We specialize in Hard Drive Data Recovery utilizing the latest data recovery technology.

Whether you need to minimize turnaround time or stay within a strict budget for hard drive recovery, Los Angeles clients enjoy a flexible set of options to help them meet their goals. Our 24/7/365 emergency service is the fastest way to get your business' data back up and running. Regardless of service level, we treat all damaged drives in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to maintain high recovery rates and fast turnarounds for hard drive data recovery. Our Los Angeles clients can be confident that their data will be treated with the utmost security in person and online because of our secure facilities.

Our RAID services are absolutely unparalleled. We maintain a large inventory of RAID controller cards, hard drive components, and other hardware to maintain excellent case efficiency. Our engineers can recover data from larger RAID systems in a matter of days, and we also offer RAID repair to help you minimize down time and related costs when you trust us for Los Angeles hard drive recovery.

Security Compliance and Data Recovery Cleanroom Certification

All data recovery providers need to take appropriate measures to protect damaged media and to maintain client confidentiality. Secure Data Recovery Services has more certifications than any other provider in Los Angeles County, and we regularly perform audits and laboratory tests in order to hold our facilities to the highest possible standards for data recovery. Our Los Angeles clients will not find a better provider, and you'll even get a free quote for our services when you contact us.

Our credentials include:

  • FERPA and PCI-DSS compliance certification
  • SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II certification
  • General Services Administration (GSA) contractor certification
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom certification
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) membership

Time is always an important factor in the data repair process. If you need hard drive data recovery or any other media-related service, our engineering teams are ready to provide fast, reliable service. To set up a new case, contact Secure Data Recovery Services today.

As the United States' second-largest city, Los Angeles is the cultural hub of California and the state's largest metropolitan economy. Our local office provides easy access for the city's 3.79 million residents when they need data recovery. Our Los Angeles clients can trust the certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, numerous security credentials, and the best engineering team in Southern California to provide a secure and fast way to get your data back after any media disaster.

Whether you need to recover deleted files or repair a damaged hard drive, we have the technology and expertise to provide fast help. We offer transparent information about our services, and our Los Angeles facility provides risk-free evaluations for standard data recovery services. Call our customer service team today to set up an evaluation or for detailed information on any of our services involving hard drive recovery. Our Los Angeles associates are standing by to help you with our certified services.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 23 review(s)

  • Data recovery from defunct peripheral HD

    Reviewed on Apr 2 2017

    Was pleased with the rapidity of analysis of the HD problem after I delivered to drive to SDR. And am very happy that the critical files I needed were recovered. Jeremy was very quick with communication and with the necessary arrangements.

    Thanks very much.

    Authenticated Topanga, CA
  • Harddrive recovery/transfer

    Reviewed on Mar 31 2017

    I was having issues on my harddrive and Jeremy was very helpful in navigating through the process. I received all my files on another harddrive within a week and am very happy with the service.

    Authenticated Los Angeles, CA
  • Great Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Jan 24 2017

    We had a corrupted media card while filming an interview. We were able to view the files on the camera but were not able to download on to a computer or drive. Chris from Secure Data Recovery took care of the process of recovering our media footage from beginning to end. He was very helpful and efficient. Not only was our data recovered in good time but he kept me informed of progress through a tense time.

    Authenticated Los Angeles, CA
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Jan 12 2017

    When my daughter accidentally deleted some precipis photos I looked up data recovery and called. Alec gave me very clear, helpful answers and excellent alternatives to deal with our issue. He then followed up to make certain all was well. Truly outstanding service.
    Jack Nerad

    Authenticated Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Great Customer Service!

    Reviewed on Nov 17 2016

    After my SD card got corrupted and I lost files that I haven't gotten a chance to back up yet to my computer, I sent my card to Secure Data Recovery and even though in the end unfortunately my card was far too damaged for the files to have been saved, I am beyond grateful for the help that they have given me! My representative was Mitchel and he was awesome! He would always respond to my emails quickly and I loved how I got an account where I could see the updates for my card! That was so helpful and I thought that was well organized and Mitchel was beyond wonderful, so genuinely nice and professional with me! Unfortunately my files are lost but I am still so grateful that they worked for so many hours on the project and in the end I didn't get charged anything! I would recommend this company to a friend in a similar situation! Anyways thank you guys for your help and what you've done for me so far!

    Authenticated Honolulu, HI
  • Best Data Diagnosis

    Reviewed on Oct 11 2016

    MY account rep Alec was very attentive, he followed up with every step of the way, The overall response time, diagnosis information and other aspects of the customer service were best in class. I hope anyone should not loose their data, but if you do this is the best company you should reach out to.

    Thank you.

    Authenticated Sunnyvale,
  • My pictures were saved

    Reviewed on Sep 19 2016

    I had an external disk, which I used for backing up all my family pictures that included our last trip to China. As a result of a mistake, when I was loading new pictures they all went on my backup disk, instead of my internal disk. In other words I was left with a single copy. One day the external disk stopped working. I took the disk to Secure Data Recovery(SDR) where Chris assisted me with my problem. SDR quickly diagnosed the problem, the electronics that supported the disk were all were burnt out. In one week the technical people at SDR recovered the data from the disk and they loaded the information on a new external disk drive. Chris, thank you for your help in recovering my pictures. I received excellent customer service and I am very happy with the results.

    Authenticated Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Excellent data recovery

    Reviewed on Sep 7 2016

    My external hard drive stopped working and they were able to recover all of my data with in 3 weeks. The cost was exactly what they said it would be and everyone was very professional and easy to work with

    Authenticated Long Beach, CA
  • Perfect data recovery service

    Reviewed on Aug 12 2016

    So just before we finished shooting our last shot for a feature film, a memory card went down with all the footages. It was Cfast 2.0 card, a new and rare media. I went to Secure Data Recovery because of the good reviews and they are probably the only place who can recover this card in LA area. The whole recovery process was easy and joyful. They kept communicate with me and got it done way before their promising date. I got all footages back from that burned card! As a cinematographer, it makes me feel safe knowing a place to back me up.

    Authenticated Studio City, CA
  • Alec Saves The Day

    Reviewed on Jul 20 2016

    I had 2 Projects hanging in the balance. A Star Wars Short film and a large portion of my Indie Film that had been contained on my Seagate Hard Drive when I unfortunately dropped it. I had sent this drive to a competitor data recovery service and the price rounded to about 3,200 dollars. When I heard Secure Data Recovery could fix it for cheaper, I sent it on over and they did a stunning job. For $2,400, 94% of my hard drive was recovered and Alec Sakenes was there to keep me updated and informed every step of the way.

    Thank you Alec and the SDR team! Y'all are God sent :)

    Authenticated North Hollywood, CA

    Reviewed on Mar 5 2016

    Lost pics of a lifetime after back up got dropped on ground and hard drive failed. 18 months of traveling around the world gone! Until this. Secure Data Recovery came through and saved the day, 7 YEARS LATER! We waited because we spent all our money traveling around the world on a trip of a lifetime writing about it at eatdrinksurf.com. Then finally we saved up enough money and spent it well on recovering our hard drive. The second best part about the experience after actually getting our photos back was the service provided by Ron. What a legend! Kept us updated the whole time and was just a genuinely nice dude to the point of us inviting him out to Hawaii someday to grab a beer with us. Maybe take him surfing!

    Authenticated Honolulu, HI
  • Awesome Service / Great Customer Support

    Reviewed on Feb 29 2016

    Our account rep, Alec S., was always on top of everything and keeping us updated every step of the way. The overall response time to emails and phone calls was impressive. Even more impressive was the time it took them to diagnose and recover our data.

    Top notch service!!!

    Authenticated Santa Monica, CA

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