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5 Low-Tech, Cheap Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Digital Security

5 Low-Tech, Cheap Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Digital Security


Maintaining your digital security is more important than ever. It requires an ongoing effort and a persistent attention to detail to monitor threats. With the mounting list of threats, it can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to. There are several things you can today to increase your digital security. Here are three physical changes to your environment to protect your privacy:

1) With the high-tech hacking methods on the rise, it can be too easy to forget about perhaps the oldest method of hacking, looking over someone’s shoulder. Don’t underestimate the need to protect your screen from prying eyes. Privacy shields are not expensive and they don’t alter the user experience. As long as you are looking at the screen from a direct, straight angle, you shouldn’t notice a difference. Some lower-cost shields might create some minor shading. Think about the devices you use at home and in the workplace. How many are protected from the glances of others?

2) Place tape over your webcam. Surely you’ve heard by now that Mark Zuckeberg takes this very low-tech approach to protect his laptop. Some called the approach paranoid but there have been instances of hackers taking over cameras and microphones and livestreaming the footage they’ve hijacked to YouTube. With the emergence of mobile devices, our computers, laptops, and smartphones are often in every facet of our life. There are certainly facets of everyone’s life that are not intended for an open, worldwide audience via livestream! With that in mind, it seems like a completely reasonable idea to put what amounts to pennies’ worth of tape over the camera when not in use.

3) Printers can be an unexpected vulnerability for sensitive data. As printers have become smarter devices and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), their vulnerabilities have also increased. Protect printers from unauthorized use by tracking printing by user or installing a keyfob. If this isn’t functionally efficient, place a shredder nearby the printer and implement a policy that printed material not retrieved within a window of time should be immediately shredded. Just as an over the shoulder glance can compromise digital security, physical copies of data in the wrong hands can also exploit an individual’s or a business’s privacy. Because the physical transfer of documents is obviously not tracked, it can make it that much more difficult to identify the source of the leak and stop further compromise.

There are many digital or cybersecurity strategies to protect privacy. Too often, the easy, low-cost, low-tech solutions are overlooked in the search to address more complex problems. If your security has one of the holes listed above, address it today. You’ll be one step closer to protecting yourself and your company from data loss. If you’ve already experienced data loss, we can help with recovery. Submit a help form today for a free, no-risk quote.

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