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Professional Data Recovery Services for Healthcare Providers

Professional Data Recovery Services for Healthcare Providers

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the world's most advanced set of media services for healthcare providers and institutions. We regularly work with hospitals, insurers, private practices and other clients in the healthcare industry, and our engineers can quickly repair virtually any data storage device while protecting your confidentiality.

Healthcare providers need to work with a secure, certified data recovery company in order to avoid compliance violations.

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Data loss is a major problem in the healthcare industry. Many institutions depend on RAID arrays, hard drives and other digital storage devices for everyday activities, and a sudden media failure can have dramatic consequences.

Some of the most common causes of data loss include:

  • Hard Drive Failures and Mechanical Media Issues
  • File Corruption
  • File Access Issues Due to Encryption
  • RAID Failures and Rebuild Issues
  • Accidental File Deletion and User Error
  • Virus Damage
  • Fire Damage, Flood Damage and More

Data recovery engineers can repair damaged media to restore access to lost files. Unfortunately, many data recovery providers use incomplete security practices, which can lead to compliance violations for healthcare businesses.

By investing in cutting-edge technology, we have developed a well-outfitted media repair laboratory with a number of relevant security credentials. Secure Data Recovery Services provides a flexible set of turnaround options including 24/7/365 emergency data recovery, and our experienced teams can treat virtually any failure scenario effectively. We also offer other media services including RAID repair, media migration and data tape transfer.

Additionally, Secure Data Recovery Services provides risk-free diagnostics for clients in the healthcare industry. To get started or for more information, contact our customer service team today.

What to Do When a Digital Storage Device Fails

Data loss can occur without any warning, leaving your institution without access to patient records, accounting information and other important files. To reduce your chances of permanent media damage, you should shut off any malfunctioning device as soon as you notice symptoms.

Do not attempt to rebuild a damaged RAID and never run any data recovery software, especially if you hear unusual noises or notice signs of physical damage. Keep your system powered down. Look for a qualified data recovery provider and get a professional media evaluation as soon as possible.

Secure Data Recovery Services regularly invests in technology research, and as one of the only data recovery companies with a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, we are uniquely qualified to perform hard drive data recovery and other specialized services. Our engineers have access to advanced tools including proprietary file utilities and hardware, and we offer an overall success rate of 96 percent.

We always provide the best possible chances of a full, successful recovery while maintaining excellent security controls. All of our services feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and our flexible service options help you control your downtime after virtually any data loss event.

Advanced Data Recovery for Medical Institutions

Healthcare providers need a secure provider that takes appropriate precautions when handling sensitive data. We developed our reputation by investing in next-generation encryption and laboratory controls, and as the first data recovery company to earn a SSAE 18 Type II certification, we can securely restore information from any type of digital storage device.

Other reasons to choose Secure Data Recovery Services include:

  • Full HIPAA Compliance Certification and Other Credentials
  • Remote Data Recovery and 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • Risk-Free Standard Data Recovery Diagnostics
  • High Success Rates for All Digital Media
  • Online Case Access and 24/7 Customer Service

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the best option for hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery, data tape repair and other advanced media services. We handle hundreds of cases for clients in the healthcare industry each year and always provide hassle-free, affordable results with excellent security. Our no recovery, no charge guarantee gives you peace of mind, and with more than 40 facilities across the United States, we can help you regain access to your data right away. Call our customer service team at 1-800-388-1266 to get started.

Healthcare Data Recovery Reviews

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Sarah Brewer

Secure Data and Rep Mitchell saved the day!

Secure Data Recovery, and my rep Mitchell, completely saved the day for me. Earlier in the year, I had an incident that no one wants to experience, in a nearly total data loss of a hard drive. Having always been a person who has TONS of data (including my Master''s thesis and lots of research), I always tried to keep things redundantly backed up. As my computer hard drive ran out of space, I tempo... Read More

John Agelopoulos

Secure Data Recovery saved my business...

I would like to thank everyone who helped with literally saving my practice. Early this December, my computer failed and I LOST 18 years worth of data due to 2 failed hard drives. I lost everything, chart notes, x-rays, patient history, all my account information, my entire schedule past, present and future. All of my accounts receivables. This was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I h... Read More