How Much Will My Data Recovery Cost?

Every reputable data recovery company bases its charges on each individual scenario, which naturally leads to some confusion regarding rates for professional services. Simply put, there's no single flat rate, but that's for a good reason.

Raid Data Recovery

In Secure Data Recovery we have developed a transparent method for evaluating our services

Most data recovery companies will approach their fees by either quoting you a low price to encourage you to send in the drive, only to raise it drastically after you've already committed, or they'll quote you an incredibly broad range, making it impossible to determine how much you could end up paying.

At Secure Data Recovery, We Do Things Differently

Our clients want to know exactly what to expect before committing to data recovery. That's why we've developed a transparent method for evaluating our recoveries, which is based on the following factors:

  • The problem with your device
  • The size of the drive
  • Whether or not there have been any previous attempts to recover lost data

Generally, every case falls into one of these categories:

  • Basic - covers deleted data, bad sectors, and data corruption
  • Firmware - addresses firmware damage and corruption that needs to be repaired
  • Mechanical - focuses on the physical parts of the device that need to be repaired, which could end up incurring additional fees due to the cost of new parts

The customer service team at Secure Data Recovery is happy to go over our pricing options in detail before you opt to go with our services.


Do I owe money upfront?

In most scenarios, there is no fee required upfront. You're only responsible for the cost after we've successful retrieved your lost data. In fact, we offer a prepaid shipping label that allows you to send your device to us for evaluation.

Can I have an estimate first?

Absolutely! At Secure Data Recovery, we pride ourselves on our free data recovery evaluations. We offer a risk-free data recovery evaluation for every type of digital device, including hard drives, RAID arrays, servers, and other systems.

Your evaluation will include a diagnostic report that will contain all information you will need to determine whether or not our services are right for you. This report will also include a set price quote for the recovery and an accurate projection of your case's turnaround time.

What happens if my files can't be recovered?

Though our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced experts can recover corrupted data from almost any device, some data, unfortunately, cannot be recovered. When this happens, you're not responsible for any data recovery fees. Few competitors offer this kind of risk-free service.

What if I just want my files back instead of having the drive repaired?

In many cases where there's been extensive damage, we have to repair a drive in order to retrieve the lost data. This may include ordering replacement parts. In most cases, we'll have to repair the drive before we can even determine whether or not your data is recoverable.

Our services don't include repairing drives and sending them back to you. Once a drive has failed, it's not to be trusted. When we've retrieved data, you'll receive the damaged drive in the condition you sent it to us, but your data will be located on another drive, so it's important not to use the faulty device anymore.

What about flat rate pricing?

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a basic flat rate price as a low-cost solution for getting your files back in less time. Many drives qualify for this rate, but just because yours does not doesn't necessarily mean there's something substantially wrong. We assess cases on an individual basis, taking into account the estimated amount of time, labor, and parts required for recovery.

How are final data recovery fees assessed?

Data recovery fees are determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • Hard drive storage capacity
  • Symptoms of the device
  • Which parts need to be rebuilt or replaced
  • Hard drive quantity (RAID arrays, for instance, include multiple drives)
  • Drive configuration
  • Previous data recovery attempts
  • Required turnaround time

Each one of these factors will determine the amount of cleanroom time, bench time, labor, and financial investment that must go into retrieving your lost data. Since all of this is required before we can even determine if your data can be retrieved, our risk-free evaluations protect you from having to pay for something that can't be recovered.

Remember: No recovery - no fee for standard service.

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