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Springfield Data Recovery Services

The Most Trusted Name in Data Recovery in Springfield, PA

From businesses losing millions to individuals losing precious files and memories, data loss can ruin a person’s digital estate in a matter of moments. But with a data recovery solution that has an exemplary success record of 96%, all that worry can be a thing of the past. That’s where Secure Data Recovery steps in. Our certified engineers can make sure that you get your data back!

Secure Data Recovery Services in Springfield, PA
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Authorized Partner Location This is our vetted and authorized partner location. The retail store front allows for easy and convenient drop off, media removal assistance, on-demand initial diagnostics as well as professional packaging and shipping services. Partner staff is trained and experienced in all aspects of the initial data recovery process.
Secure Data Recovery Services
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The township of Springfield is a suburb of Philadelphia and home to the enormous Springfield Mall. What used to be a community that depended much on its farmland has since changed due to industrialization and commercial development. Whether you’re one of the 24,000 residents taking a day stroll through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge or a visitor having a night out at Ichiban Seafood Buffet, you don’t need data loss upsetting your plans. When data loss tries to start trouble, call on Secure Data Recovery!

Featured Services

We offer services ranging from hard disk drive data recovery to server database data recovery. We can even recover data from your smartphone or flash drive. Here’s a list of our many other services that we offer our valuable clients:

Best Certified Practices that Bring Best Results

We take every job seriously, and to make sure that we provide the best results possible, we made sure to get more certifications than the rest of our competition. This way, we ensure the most consistent and high-quality data recovery for all our customers. Our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms keep air particles to a minimum, which in turn helps create the best environment possible for our certified engineers to work on your media. Meanwhile, our FIPS 140-2 data handling practices means your recovered data will be sent securely back to you in our award-winning, hardware-encrypted transfer media. We’ve even earned the trust of government clients through our performance record, gaining us the certification of GSA Approved Contractors.

Experts in Data Recovery, Masters of Customer Service

Customer comfort and convenience is our goal when we’re taking care of your media. Whether it be our convenient drop-off locations to send us your media or our risk-free diagnostic evaluation that we’ll give you upon initially inspecting your media, you can relax knowing that the data recovery process will be easy for you, while we do the hard work. What’s more, once we’ve diagnosed your media, you’ll get a price quote at zero-obligation.

The fight against data loss never ends. With every new device there comes a new data loss challenge. That’s why our certified engineers are always training in the latest techniques of data recovery. Our R&D department also works constantly to find more ways to save your data and prepare for new media that’s soon to hit the market. This process is how we know to use every method possible to recover your data. If somehow your data still proves unrecoverable, we can promise you that there’s no one else who can get your data back. But then you also won’t need to pay for the recovery service fee. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. Are you a student at Strayer University? You could also qualify for our 10% student discount.

The Better Business Bureau has awarded us with the prestigious A+ Rating, thanks to our commitment to ensuring every job is well done and every customer is left satisfied. We look forward to being the solution to all your data recovery needs!

BBB Accredited Company

BBB Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

You can view the complete history of our A+ Rating and accreditation with the BBB, including full documentation.

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Let the Experts Save Your Data in Springfield, PA

Like many disasters, data loss can be a messy thing and likes to leave a trail in its wake. By staying vigilant for some of these signs, you’ll be able to catch data loss in the act and put a stop to it before things get worse:

  • Your smartphone apps are taking much longer to load
  • Your computer programs are crashing frequently
  • Your computer is experiencing a lot of blue screen of death errors

Just because your media might be exhibiting one of these symptoms doesn’t mean it’s too late. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 and save your information.

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  • Reviewed on Jul 10 2020  |  Philadelphia, PA

    Chris Macken is the best !!

    I am a fine artist located in Philadelphia and was torn to pieces when my hard drive died. It was also the beginning of Corona in which eventually I went on to take the lives of two of my family members. I was struck with a financial lost and was unable to pay right away for the services right away.

    Not only was Chris kind and cool and collected he understood what I was going through - reassured me that I would be okay and not only talked to his manager so I can pay in small installments gave me time which allowed me to pay for the hard drive and I was able to recover all my art and lost files. I am so thankful for Chris and for his ability to be patient, kind, and most importantly he believed me and what I was going through and trusted that I would deliver on my word which I did.

    I am so thankful for Chris and I will always recommend him and his services.

  • Reviewed on Apr 28 2020  |  Philadelphia, PA

    Thank you!

    Within in minutes of submitting my request I received a call from Chris walking my through my options. I had my HD shipped out the next day, and they were able to recover everything, which was 5 years worth of material. I was very satisfied the the service, and would definitely recommend Chris and Secure Data Recovery.

  • Reviewed on Oct 4 2019  |  Malvern, PA

    Eli Robinson

    Eli was my contact person when I initially contacted Secure Data Recovery. He walked me through the process and kept me updated throughout. Even though my data was not recovered I appreciate all of Eli''s and the team''s efforts. I would definitely recommend Eli and Secure Data Recovery.

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