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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery in Minneapolis

Secure Data Recovery Services offers an expansive set of media-related resources for Minneapolis businesses and personal computer users. We provide top-notch RAID data recovery in Minneapolis.

We are leaders in hard drive data recovery, media repair, and other types of data recovery. Our Minneapolis customers receive dependable results with certified security.

Minneapolis, MN - Office Location

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SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
8400 Normandale Lake Blvd Suite 920
Bloomington, MN 55437
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Minneapolis is famous as Minnesota's largest city and primary metropolitan center. It is home to several Fortune 500 companies and has a population of more than 387,000, and in recent years, computer technology has played a significant role in the city's growth. Unfortunately, hard drive failures, RAID failures, and other unexpected disasters can prevent computer users from accessing important files, potentially causing serious losses. This is why our hard drive repair services in Minneapolis are in such demand.

Featured Services

Our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

By rebuilding damaged devices in a safe, certified environment, we can quickly recover data. Minneapolis businesses, enterprises, and other organizations can have their computer technology restored and working at full power. Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the world's largest data recovery providers, and with more than 40 offices across the United States, we serve thousands of customers annually.

We understand how data loss can affect businesses, and our teams take care to limit turnaround times. Secure Data Recovery Services is the only provider with true 24/7/365 services for all digital devices, and we recover many cases in less than a day under this option. We also offer standard services with risk-free diagnostics. Regardless of your budget or turnaround time needs, we will work with you to obtain a satisfactory case result.

Contact our customer service team today either by phone or online for more information. Get started with a free quote!

Advantages of our professional hard drive recovery:

  • An overall success rate of 96 percent
  • Flexible service options for all digital devices
  • Local pick-up and drop-off services
  • Fast turnaround times and a no-recovery, no-charge guarantee
  • Free standard diagnostics
  • Online case tools and more

Advanced Data Recovery Facilities in the Twin Cities

Our staff has the training and knowledge to serve the technological needs of people in Minneapolis. Data recovery is an extremely specialized field, and our staff of certified experts possesses decades of combined experience. Secure Data Recovery Services also maintains best-in-class facilities, and we treat all physically damaged media in our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom.

We draw from a detailed knowledge base when creating plans for each case of hard drive recovery. Minneapolis customers who use our services will benefit from our success rates of over 96 percent for many types of digital storage devices. Our proprietary tools play a major role in the top-quality services we provide.

Our teams can treat all failure scenarios, including:

  • Physical and electronic hard drive damage
  • RAID server failures
  • Data tape oxidation
  • Accidental file deletion and virus damage
  • Formatting, data corruption, and more

We maintain excellent security at our facilities. We were the first company in our industry to earn SSAE 16 Type II certification, and we hold compliance certifications for HIPAA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, and other laws that affect Minneapolis institutions. In short, we offer first-rate data recovery services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By bringing your media to our Minneapolis location, you can get a full price quote and turnaround estimate for hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery, RAID repair, or any of our other services. We offer flexible turnaround options and use the same excellent security systems when handling each case.

What to Do When a Digital Device Fails

Computer failures can occur in a matter of seconds, and failure scenarios vary greatly from one type of device to the next. You need to take care when handling damaged media for a successful recovery.

To prevent accidental overwrites and other media issues, we recommend immediately disconnecting power to your device. Do not attempt to recover your data, and never open a hard drive or any other digital device in an uncontrolled environment. Bring your media to our facility for a free estimate.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we specialize in a variety of media services and data recovery. Minneapolis businesses, government entities, and other organizations can trust our staff to take care of these complicated issues. We built our reputation through regular investments in our laboratory technology and with multiple service options, 24/7 services, and excellent security we give Minneapolis computer users a dependable and local resource. All of our services feature a no-recovery, no-charge guarantee: We will never process a service charge if we cannot recover your requested files. To get started, contact our expert customer service team today. We are proud to serve our customers in Minneapolis. Hard drive data recovery services are our speciality!

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  • Fantastic Serice

    Reviewed on Feb 7 2018

    Chris McMacken was a fantastic representative to work with to help secure our data. He answered our questions, gave us sound advice, patiently waited while giving us time to consider what to do, and finally helped recover the data and got it back to us. We are very thankful we chose Secure Data Recovery for the job and got to work with Chris. Thank you!

    Authenticated Circle Pines, MN
  • Recovered files/folders/pictures exactly as needed

    Reviewed on Dec 8 2017

    Working for a friend, I contacted Secure Data Recovery to help recover an older 2008 Seagate hard drive that had seen it's better days. The HD contained documents and photos from the year's 2000-2017. Secure Data was able to recover the files and currently my friend is deleting what she doesn't want to keep, and will transfer what she does want to keep to a new laptop.

    The process was excellent and all files are in their original format so no conversion necessary. Even those in SW that is no longer supported!!

    Great job and many thanks,

    Chris Westphal

    Authenticated Eden Prairie, MN
  • More than Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Oct 18 2017

    I wanted to go with the best and Secure Data Recovery is the best. There are a lot of companies that can recover lost data, but Secure Data Recovery gives you an agent that stays with you every step of the way. Then they go one step further by showing you ways to prevent loss of data going forward. If I ever need to have data recovered again, I will use Secure Data Recovery.

    Authenticated Saint Paul, MN
  • Saved the day!

    Reviewed on Oct 17 2017

    When the hard drive crashed on my laptop, I thought I had lost a number of important photographs along with some important work documents. After searching the web, I found Secure Data Recovery-and am very glad I did. I got great help from Chris McMacken, who patiently answered my questions and concerns and helped with my requests. Secure Data Recovery did a great job in saving the data-got back about 99% of what was on the hard drive. What has been a stressful time was made much easier. Thank you!

    Authenticated La Crescent, MN
  • Much appreciated

    Reviewed on Oct 12 2017

    I’m a dumb musician who almost lost all of my music files on my computer but vanaged to get back all of them, Alec Sakenes was a massive help in helping me navigate the landscape, in responding to my asks, and in getting back to me on time.

    Authenticated Hopkins, MN
  • 5.0
    Reviewed on Aug 20 2017

    Rob Anderson was amazing to work with! He was able to answer or address any questions or concerns I had. Secure Data Recovery was able to recover all of the information from my broken flash drive and place it on a new one.

    Authenticated Cass Lake, MN
  • Thank You

    Reviewed on May 1 2017

    Painful and costly lesson to have our external hard drive fry but I am so grateful for technology that allowed us to have our files restored. Thank you to Secure Data Recovery, specifically Chris McMacken, who handled our problem with great professional care.

    Kendi Chase

    Authenticated Bismarck, ND
  • Saved by SDR

    Reviewed on Jan 12 2017

    Hard drive crash just after Thanksgiving took away 30 years of genealogy research, family pictures, financial spreadsheets and my Christmas letter & mailing list. Had not been able to run my backup software since Windows 10 installed itself and had added over 2000 people to my wife's family tree and new branch on mine in that time so devastated to think it was all lost. Sent hard drive to SDR after talking with service rep Rob Anderson. Rob kept track of the process and kept me informed. On-line listing of what files could and could not be recovered was great and relieved a lot of anxiety. Files back and anxious to reload & review everything and install new backup software.

    Gerald Hokanson

    Authenticated Saint Paul, MN
  • Disaster Averted

    Reviewed on Sep 26 2016

    After a routine restart of my computer, it would not boot up. I took my computer to my local repair facility and received the devastating news that my hard drive was not repairable and that the data was unrecoverable. Of course, the data had not been backed up since Eisenhower was in office. All we could do was stare at the repairman in disbelief. We felt beaten and robbed of our memories. I had heard of clean room recoveries so I started researching online. I found Secure Data Recovery very quickly and the high praise and stellar reviews encouraged me to reach out. Jeremy P. responded within minutes. He quickly calmed me down with his informative and positive attitude. He was very reassuring while he explained the processes with me. I felt completely comfortable turning this job over to them. I packaged my hard drive off to them and they did their exceptional work. They were able to recover all of my data. Jeremy was quite patient with me and all of my questions. Thank you so much.

    Authenticated North Branch, MN
  • Memories Rescued!

    Reviewed on Apr 28 2016

    Our family picture datastore hadn't been backed up to a secondary copy for a lot longer than my wife and I had realized and then our external hard drive crashed! We felt sunk, helpless, and confused about who to turn to. I turned to the internet and started digging around for the top few sites/companies with the best reviews, and Secure Data Recovery was a consistent pick. Their classifications/etc stacked up well with others and they seemed reasonable. I contacted them and was put in touch with our rep, Alec S. He was very helpful, informative, and positive about the prospect of getting our data (mostly family photos and video) back. I definitely got that "yep - this is the place" feeling, so I bundled up our wounded drive and sent it. Kindof a leap of faith, but nothing to worry about here. Secure Data Recovery worked quickly and Alec was quite available and patient with our correspondence. Swamped at work lately, this was actually something I felt like I didn't have to stress about. They did their magic. Something like 99% of the files were recovered, which means the world to us. Money well spent.

    Thanks Again,
    Curtis H.

    Authenticated Marshall, MN
  • Thank You

    Reviewed on Jan 10 2016

    The hard drive on my iMac died, Of course, I didn't have it backed up.

    Mitchell Moore worked with me to retrieve my data. I'm known at work as one of the most technology-challenged people on staff. I very much appreciated Mitchell's patience in dealing with me. He was very good at communicating with me and guiding me through how to use Secure Data Recovery's online tools. And he kept me updated on how the process was going.

    Thanks, Mitchell.

    Paul Maurer

    Authenticated Minneapolis, MN

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