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Secure Data Recovery Services in Chicago, Illinois
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Chicago, IL

Secure Data Recovery Services in Chicago, provides professional media repair, hard drive data recovery, and other services through a dedicated local office in Illinois. We have decades of combined experience in our industry, and we offer excellent success rates and state-of-the-art security controls as the leading hard drive data recovery specialists in Chicago.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Chicago, IL
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
22 W. Washington Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60602
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Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

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Featured Services

Our extensive services offer Chicago residents a solution to virtually any data loss situation. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

By adopting the Better Business Bureau’s services standards, our Chicago facility maintains full accreditation and a top rating.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of Chicago - Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

Businesses and residents in the Midwest trust the seal of the BBB. In our latest company review, the BBB explains the factors that led to our A+ rating

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Chicago is the Midwest's most prominent city due to its contributions to art, culture, and business. With more than 2.7 million residents, the Windy City is the third largest municipality in the country. We established our local facility to deliver a comprehensive set of data recovery services to our clients in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Our specialists can successfully treat virtually any type of data loss scenario, including:

  • Mechanical media failures and electronic issues
  • Fire damage, flood damage, and other natural disasters
  • Deleted files and formatted media
  • Virus damage
  • Failed RAID rebuilds
  • Operating system failures
  • Worn or corroded media

If you have lost access to important files, our specialists can rebuild malfunctioning components, restore damaged data, and present you with a full hard drive recovery. Chicago customers will be happy to learn that we regularly work with all operating systems, and our excellent security systems protect your confidentiality throughout the process of data recovery. Chicago clients can contact our customer service team online or by phone today for a free evaluation at our Chicago office.

What to Do When a Digital Device Fails

The most important thing to remember when data loss occurs is that failed media tends to take on additional damage during operation. Do not run data recovery software or attempt to fix your device on your own. Immediately turning off your device will dramatically increase your chances of making a full data recovery. Prospective Chicago customers should contact us as soon as possible for a consultation. Never bring your media to a general computer repair shop; they will not have the appropriate equipment to safely complete your recovery, and any attempt to repair your device will likely result in additional damage.

By sending your device to Secure Data Recovery Services, Chicago customers can get an accurate price quote and turnaround estimate before making a case decision. Call our Chicago office for a free quote, and if you have a data loss emergency, you can upgrade to expedited or 24/7/365 services to limit your down time.

Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery in Chicago

Secure Data Recovery Services protects your confidentiality while offering top-notch media repair, RAID repair, and other hard drive repair services in Chicago, IL. We regularly test our facilities to maintain compliance with various laws and standards, and our certifications provide you with peace of mind throughout the process of hard drive data recovery. Chicago businesses will be happy to know that we post all of our certifications online for your convenience.

Secure Data Recovery Services' certifications include:

  • HIPAA, FERPA and PCI security compliance certification
  • SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Type II certification
  • General Services Administration (GSA) contractor certification
  • Green business certification

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we offer a reliable, efficient way to restore files in Chicago. Data recovery is a sensitive task, and we treat every case with appropriate security. Thanks to our advanced facilities, we offer an overall success rate of 96 percent. Our service offerings also include RAID repair and tape repair, and we operate the Chicago area's only certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to keep media safe throughout the process of data recovery. Prospective Chicago clients can contact our customer service team today. Regardless of your media failure scenario, our specialists are always ready to help you make an effective disaster recovery plan.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 10 review(s)

  • Highly recommend

    Reviewed on Mar 29 2017

    Fantastic customer service, and prompt delivery. I was contacted soon after I made an inquiry on the Secure Data Recovery Services website. My CSR, Alec gave me a clear understanding of the process upfront, and progress along the way. The local staff, where I dropped off my HD were a pleasure to work with as well.

    I had a small external HD, OSX, with clicking sounds and no ability to remount. Dropped off locally, and had my drive diagnosed in 1.5 business days, and its data recovered about a week later.

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • most files recovered

    Reviewed on Feb 20 2017

    I had all my files from my computer and backup erased. I was able to work with Alec to bring down the price and recover most of my files from my backup. They we're able to recover all my files from my old computer but a years worth of files are still gone, which for an artists is a LOT of work! Alec did all that he could.

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • Honest and Reliable Company!

    Reviewed on Jan 7 2017

    I had a crashed external hard drive that I thought would surely be unsalvageable. I called in late at night and they were extremely prompt with getting my problem diagnosed and explaining the process. Chris helped me along the way and he was very professional, helpful, and kind. Even when he was out of the office he continued to email me and keep me updated. They were able to recover 100% of my data from bad sectors and although it took much longer than I had hoped, everything was done correctly and it was a HUGE lifesaver. I can't recommend Secure Data Recovery (and Chris) enough!

    Authenticated Bradford, IL
  • Dead Flash Drive

    Reviewed on Oct 27 2016

    My flash drive died. I was sunk. Secure Data Recovery was able to recover all the files on it, and mail me a new drive in just a few days. Compared to the cost of re-creating the data, the cost was nominal.

    From the minute I called, Secure Data Recovery was very friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. They explained their no risk process and cost up front, and came through on every promise. They exceeded my expectations in every way. These guys know what their doing.

    If you have a device beyond normal recovery, I would definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery.

    Ask for Chris McMacken. He was super!

    Authenticated Middleton, WI
  • Great Work Saving Years of Files

    Reviewed on Oct 22 2016

    Was tremendously worried when the Seagate drive I use to back up my laptop slipped and fell off a table, and thought that I was about to lose everything from the past four years. Upon researching places in the Chicago area, Chris McMacken from Secure Data called promptly after my initial inquiry, was very up front about the process and pricing, and checked in with progress and status updates throughout the process.

    The entire endeavor was easy to go through, and at the end of the day easily 80 to 90 percent of my files were recovered, including nearly all of my saved work from college and graduate school that was most important to me. Thanks again, guys!

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • Life saver

    Reviewed on Oct 17 2016

    Had a some portable hard drives which got fried. Had about 14 years worth of film work, videos, photos, etc. Turns out my PCB was fried and everyone else I went to said there was a 5% chance of recovery. Chris and the Secure Data Recovery team was able to retrieve about 90% of my drive. I had really bad sector damage and I was shocked that some of the files are still playable.
    Although, at first I there was some confusion in what services I wanted done, I would highly recommend using SDR. Pricey, but worth saving 14 years of work. Thank you!

    Authenticated Streamwood, IL
  • Great work.

    Reviewed on Oct 10 2016

    I had approximately 64k files on my crashed external drive. I was very grateful to hear that they were able to recover all of my files. They were efficient and effective. I appreciate their promptness and theirs professionalism. Great job!

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • Successful and Speedy Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Jul 17 2016

    Shortly after I completed the online inquiry, Alec called me to follow up and was responsive and informative every step of the way. My data was completely recovered and delivered as promised.

    Authenticated Lake Zurich, IL
  • Speedy, secure recovery.....

    Reviewed on Aug 20 2015

    From the first phone call with Secure Data Recovery (Alec) I was made to feel like my case was important. Alec apprised me of what was to be done every step of the way, and made me feel more confident in choosing this company. I am very happy with what has been recovered, since I thought it was hopeless! I will tell everyone I know about Secure Data Recovery and shy I think they should use them. Can't wait for the delivery of my data in a few days!! Thank you Alec for putting up with my phone call questions!

    Authenticated Chicago, IL
  • Thank You!!!

    Reviewed on Mar 30 2015

    When my MAC crashed I was in a total panic. 11k photos on there, including a once in a life time trip to Paris! Silly me had not done a back up in 4 years!! Thank goodness for Alec Sakenes and the crew at Secure Data Recovery. From the very first phone call, Alec was helpful and kind. He totally understood I was not a "techy" kind of person and was able to speak to me on my level of expertise in relationship to computers. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery to any person who gets themselves in a jam, like I did. Although pricey, EVERY photo and file were recovered!!! Thank you Alec!

    Authenticated Bartlett, IL

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