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Accidental Water Spill Cripples Samsung Galaxy S6

Accidental Water Spill Cripples Samsung Galaxy S6

Our mobile phones have become increasingly indispensable to the management of day-to-day activities. In addition to calendars and contacts, we use them for just about everything else. We shop, pay bills, schedule transportation, even conduct many of our work duties. Our iPhone and Android phones have come to contain a fairly comprehensive record of our personal and professional lives.

They provide unparalleled convenience, but the technology that underlies these miracles of engineering remains incredibly fragile. One careless moment can potentially cost us years and years of priceless memories, important contacts, treasured text messages, and much more. When an accidental water spill caused her Samsung Galaxy S6 to stop functioning, Nia Edwards feared that years of irreplaceable personal data had vanished forever.

Diagnostics and Analysis

Ms. Edwards contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through a local partner in Illinois. We maintain a network of more than 250 authorized partner locations across North America so that professional data recovery services for your failed hard drive, RAID array, NAS system, or mobile device are never far away. Our 24/7 customer support team opened a data recovery case and arranged for free in-bound shipping for the water-damaged Galaxy S6.

Our data recovery engineers took possession of the Samsung smartphone at our data recovery lab and conducted a free and thorough diagnostic. Their report provided a complete analysis of the physical and logical damage caused by the water spill. In this case, they determined that a successful recovery of the lost mobile phone data was possible after physical repairs were made to the device.

Custom Android Data Recovery

The spilled water caused widespread damage to the Samsung Galaxy S6, particularly to the phone’s printed circuit board connectors. After receiving authorization to proceed with mobile recovery services, our expert technicians resolved the physical damage. Next, they used custom adapters and utilities to dump the phone’s internal NAND memory.

Our development team then assembled all the data manually to obtain a full image of the smartphone’s storage media. They scanned the entire file system of the water-damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 to find all lost data. Finally, they successfully extracted all available user data, comprising 13 GB of image files, contacts, text messages, and application data, to our secure storage server.

Smartphone Data Recovery Experts

Secure Data Recovery Services takes great pride in its reputation as the most trusted name in professional data recovery. For more than a decade, our data recovery engineers have pioneered sophisticated new techniques for recovering lost data from solid-state drives, virtual drives, and every type of NAND-based portable memory system like the ones found in most modern smartphone devices.

Whether your smartphone suffers water damage, trauma from an accidental drop, or any other unexpected physical or mechanical problems that lead to data loss, our expert technicians and developers have created custom tools and utilities for a successful recovery. They maintain a documented 96% successful recovery rate and hold the most industry-specific credentials of any professional data recovery provider.

Call us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation or to open a new smartphone data recovery case. If for any reason we can’t recover your data, you pay nothing. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

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