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Digital Media Data Recovery

Digital Media Data Recovery

Flash cards, USB drives, and other digital media provide easy, fast storage, but any device can fail. This section provides tips for using flash media safely, along with information that will help you find a capable data recovery provider.

WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Priceless Family Data

Sometimes we all need reminding just how vulnerable our most precious memories can be to data loss. It pays to keep important images and videos backed up in multiple locations. Trusting them to an external drive can be risky, as

Resurrecting an Old CNC Industrial Drive

Sometimes referred to as the father of the second industrial revolution, John T. Parsons of Parson Corporation was an early pioneer of the computer technology that would eventually become computer numerical control machines, or CNC machines for short. Parsons originally

Recovering Data from a Fire-Damaged Drive

Fire and hard drives are natural enemies. Extreme heat can be devastating to the sensitive electronics at the heart of your storage device. Even relatively minor elevations in temperature can cause problems. That’s why computers have internal fans to dissipate

Recovering from a Head Crash Is Tricky Business

If someone hasn’t created a website devoted to all the unusual, insane, and simply baffling ways that computer users have inadvertently damaged or destroyed their computer hard drives, they really should. The closest I could find was a blog post

Lifespan of a Solid State Drive

What is the Lifespan of a Solid State Drive?

As technology has progressed, mechanical hard drives are no longer the only storage option for your computer or laptop. Solid State Drives (SSD) are a sleeker and more efficient type of drive that uses flash memory instead of platters and

Android Versus iPhone Data Recovery

How are Android and iPhone Data Recovery Different?

In the world of mobile phones, most consumers have a preference. Some are hardcore Android users and have been since the late 2000s. Others are diehard Apple fans and are waiting for the latest model of the iPhone to debut

How Successful is Data Recovery

How Successful is Data Recovery?

Many data recovery companies out there explain how a physical recovery with certified engineers produces the best results as far as the number of files recovered from a damaged device. However, there may be consumers who question data recovery and

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