Veritas NetBackup Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides an excellent resource for professional data tape repair, and we offer a specialized set of recovery options for Veritas NetBackup tapes and libraries.

Veritas NetBackup Tape Data Recovery

Our specialists can quickly evaluate your Veritas tapes, providing you with a detailed overview of your data recovery options.

NetBackup is one of the most popular backup and recovery suites available. Before Symantec acquired Veritas in 2005, the software was popularly known as Veritas NetBackup or sometimes simply as Veritas. The program supported full backups, incremental backups and differential backups, and its simple but powerful administration features made it a popular option.

Veritas NetBackup supported AIT, S-AIT, LTO, S-DLT, 1/2", 4mm, DLT, 8mm and other data tape formats, and while NetBackup's features provide sufficient protection against common issues like data corruption, tape media read/write issues can cause file loss.

Some of the most common causes of data loss on NetBackup systems include:

  • Physical Impact Damage and Broken Cartridge Components
  • Damage Due to Sun Exposure and Oxidation
  • Media Decay and Oxide Loss during Long-Term Storage
  • Permanent Mid-File Errors
  • Stretched, Flipped, Broken or Torn Tape
  • Flood or Fire Damage
  • Media Contamination from Repair Attempts

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we staff highly qualified engineers who have years of experience with every popular tape format. We are one of the only data recovery companies capable of repairing damaged tape cartridges, and our team performs all procedures in a secure, safe facility with state-of-the-art data recovery technology.

Compliant and Reliable NetBackup Data Recovery

Enterprise-level systems need enterprise-level security credentials. Secure Data Recovery Services leads the data recovery industry in network technology and security protocols. We were the first provider to earn an official certification under the widely used SSAE 18 Type II attestation standards, and we maintain compliance with various federal laws including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FERPA and many others.

Our free media diagnostics give you a safe and secure way to get information about your case. We can provide a quote for your recovery, a turnaround estimate and key information about your failure, and if you approve our services, we offer a comprehensive set of turnaround options to help you prevent unnecessary downtime from affecting your business. Call us today to speak with a tape specialist or to set up an evaluation.

What to Do When a Veritas Tape Backup Fails

NetBackup may display write errors when a tape cartridge becomes unreliable, but when media fails due to storage-related tape decay, the first sign of data loss will be a head/media read error. The software may have trouble distinguishing between head issues and media issues, particularly when a system uses older tapes or a partially supported tape drive.

Error codes will vary depending on NetBackup's version number and operating system. In order to limit downtime and media damage, we recommend seeking immediate assistance when you suspect a physical or logical tape cartridge failure. As Veritas software supports Linux, UNIX, and Windows, businesses should always choose a NetBackup data recovery company that has appropriate experience with the application's file system.

We offer experienced NetBackup tape data recovery services for all tape media formats. We use a team-based approach, dedicating our tape specialists to your case based on their areas of expertise. This allows for extremely high recovery rates and fast turnaround times.

Advantages of our services include:

  • An Extensive Set of Security and Compliance Credentials
  • Experienced Engineers and Best-in-Class Technology
  • No Charge Guarantee for Recovered Data
  • Free Standard Diagnostics for NetBackup Tape Data Recovery
  • A Set of Online Tools for Case Status Updates
  • 24/7 Same-Day Emergency Services and More

Data loss can lead to enormous issues for any business, particularly when you cannot access essential backups. Secure Data Recovery Services gives you quick access to important data on NetBackup tapes without taking unnecessary risks. We provide the most secure option for NetBackup tape data recovery, and thanks to our risk-free diagnostics and our 96 percent success rate, you always get dependable results when using our services. To get started, contact our customer service team today.