EMC Legato NetWorker Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data tape repair and recovery services for all NetWorker media, including LTO, DLT, SDLT, DAT, AIT, S-AIT and other tape formats. With years of experience with enterprise-level system restorations, we provide reliable results with flexible pricing options.

EMC Legato NetWorker Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services can capably treat enterprise-level data backups while ensuring perfect security and dependable results.

Formerly known as Legato, EMC NetWorker is a data backup and recovery application designed to offer strong performance for enterprise systems. NetWorker automates tape backups, allowing for a better return on investment and better overall reliability as compared with many non-specialized backup applications. The software works on a number of platforms and contains many features that guard against file corruption.

Despite the numerous safeguards built into Legato and NetWorker, media failures can cause data loss in some circumstances. Due to NetWorker's design, most of these data loss scenarios involve physical failures as opposed to logical issues.

Some common types of tape data loss for Legato and NetWorker tapes include:

  • Tape Breaks, Folds and Tears
  • Stretched or Heat-Damaged Tape
  • Fire, Smoke and Flood Damaged Tape
  • Impact Damage and Broken Tape Cartridges
  • Damage from Broken Tape Drives
  • Age-Related Data Loss and Media Decay

NetWorker tape failures often result in costly downtime and productivity losses for businesses. Secure Data Recovery Services also offers dedicated 24/7/365 services for emergency data loss scenarios, and our teams can complete most cases in under 24 hours. We also offer a standard NetWorker tape data recovery service with risk-free diagnostics.

All of our services feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and with numerous security credentials and advanced facilities, we are uniquely qualified to repair Legato and NetWorker media. Secure Data Recovery Services operates a network of more than 40 offices across the country. Contact our customer service team today to schedule a media evaluation at a nearby facility.

An Advanced Resource for NetWorker Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services maintains an advanced laboratory with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Our experts can quickly diagnose virtually any tape failure, and we use a team-based approach to give every case the best possible treatment.

Our Networker tape data recovery tools include:

  • Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • Dedicated File Utilities Designed for Networker and Legato Tape Data Recovery
  • A Large Inventory of Tape Drives
  • Specialized Equipment for RAID Repair and RAID Data Recovery
  • Certified Security Systems to Keep Recovered Data Confidential

Our Cleanroom provides essential protection for sensitive tape media during physical data recovery procedures. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams can safely treat NetWorker cartridges with torn, flipped, broken, corroded or melted components, and we offer an industry-leading success rate of 96 percent.

EMC NetWorker supports 256-bit AES encryption and provides exceptionally secure backups with advanced options like a secure lockbox access control. Its security options make it a powerful tool for enterprise-levels systems, and as a SSAE 18 Type II certified company, we always take appropriate precautions when handling recovered data.

What to Do When a Networker Backup Fails

If you cannot access a NetWorker or Legato tape backup, contact Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as possible to discuss recovery options. Do not attempt to fix unspooled or physically damaged tapes. If NetWorker returned tape errors in the daemon.log file or onscreen, write down any error codes and make a note of any physical symptoms or error messages.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers no-risk media diagnostics for LTO, DLT, DAT and all other Legato/NetWorker tape formats. Our diagnostics provide you with a price quote and turnaround estimate, and you can choose from several service levels to keep your case within your budget. We offer same-day data recovery services for single tapes, tape libraries, RAID arrays and most other devices. All of our services feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee and SSAE 18 Type II certified security. To get started, call our customer service team today.