A Professional Option for 9-Track Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in 9-track data recovery and data tape repair. With more than 40 facilities across the United States, we deliver fast results with reliable security credentials.

9 Track Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services' teams can treat all IBM data storage formats including 9-track tape.

Although there were several major tape formats in circulation prior to 1964, the IBM System/360's 9-track tape had an enormous effect on data storage technology. Many public institutions and businesses continued to use the format long after tape cartridges were introduced, and some systems still rely on 9-track tape today.

While 9-track tape has obvious limitations, it provides a fairly durable medium for tape archives and backups. Nevertheless, all tape media can lose oxide over time, which prevents drives from successfully reading data. Poor storage conditions can exacerbate this condition, particularly for older media.

Additionally, IBM 9-track tapes can lose data due to:

  • Reel Spooling Issues
  • Physical Impact
  • Exposure to Extreme Heat or Humidity
  • Fire, Smoke or Flood Damage
  • Damage Caused by Malfunctioning Tape Drive
  • Tape Tears, Folds and Breaks
  • EOT Issues and Miscues
  • Stretched Tape and Timing Issues

Because most 9-track tapes are fairly old, they require specialized treatment after these types of failures. Secure Data Recovery Services is a leading tape data recovery provider with on-staff tape specialists, a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and best-in-class technology that allows for high recovery rates on 9-track tapes and other legacy media. We also offer risk-free diagnostics for all tapes and cartridges. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

An Advanced Option for 9-Track Tape Data Recovery

9-track tapes are sensitive to heat, contamination and other environmental factors. Many tapes have physical symptoms that require professional repair, and our engineers always work in an appropriately certified Cleanroom in order to keep tape safe at all times. We also use proprietary tools and technology to guarantee the best possible results in every case. Our engineers have access to functional, well-maintained legacy tape systems, and we create full copies of all media before performing data recovery procedures.

Secure Data Recovery Services' tape specialists also have decades of combined experience with the IBM System/360 and 9-track tape data recovery. We offer a flexible set of options for 9-track media including 24/7/365 emergency services, designed to provide fast results in time-sensitive situations.

As many 9-track systems store protected information, we also take care to follow appropriate security procedures when handling each case. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider to complete a SSAE 18 Type II attestation and to earn the corresponding certification. We can help you maintain perfect compliance while repairing virtually any digital storage device to a working condition.

What to Do When a 9-Track Tape Fails

Physical tape read issues can be serious on a 9-track, and because of the high risk of contamination and oxidation, you should never attempt to recover your own tape. For the best possible chances of a successful recovery, find an experienced data recovery provider with an appropriate Cleanroom and an established reputation.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we have provided expert tape repair and recovery services for many years, and we know how to safely treat legacy media while protecting our clients' confidentiality. Our 9-track tape data recovery specialists can perform an in-lab media evaluation to give you the information that you need to make a decision regarding your recovery. Each evaluation report contains a price quote, a media failure analysis and an accurate turnaround time estimate.

Advantages of our 9-track data recovery services include:

  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • Specialized Facilities with a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • Online Tools for Easy Case Access
  • Flexible Service Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • Advanced RAID Data Recovery Services and Other Media Repair Options

When you lose access to important tape backups, you need help from a certified data recovery provider. Secure Data Recovery Services maintains an outstanding 96 percent success rate, and thanks to our excellent security systems and state-of-the-art laboratory technology, we provide the best available option for 9-track data recovery. To schedule a no-risk media evaluation, contact our customer service team today.