Dell RAID Data Recovery Services

Dell RAID Data Recovery Services

Enterprise-level storage requires flexibility and reliability, and for most large scale companies, Dell Compellent and Dell EMC storage centers are the solutions. The system stores virtualized data centers and cloud services. While they can manage data on a detailed level as well as in the big picture, these systems can fail either physically or logically, resulting in costly downtime for an enterprise. Secure Data Recovery works with all media and operating systems to provide the highest quality enterprise-level data recovery in the industry.

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Dell Compellent storage is a type of Storage Attached Network (SAN) that is made up of drives in a RAID array. Users can even mix and match drives within the storage array to present as a unified solution.

Dell EMC offers more flexibility with the ability to be configured as a SAN, NAS, or all-flash hybrid. A user can also manage the system using cloud services to manage virtual files. Our engineers work with all drive models and rely on their R&D team to discover new ways to retrieve files from both RAID arrays and virtual systems.

We Work with All Dell EMC Models

No matter what type of Dell Compellent SAN or Dell EMC storage solution you have, we can recover your data. Secure Data Recovery works with existing media while creating innovative recovery methods for media that will soon come to market. The devices we work with include:

  • Dell EMC SC9000
  • Dell Compellent Flash Optimized Solution
  • Dell EMC SCv3000
  • Dell Compellent FS8600
  • Symmetrix
  • SC Series
  • EqualLogic
  • Dell EMC cloud storage
  • Dell EMC software-defined storage
  • And more

Even if your storage system includes an SSD, SAS, SATA, or an iSCSI operation, Secure Data Recovery can help. Our engineers have decades of experience working with Dell products and we create custom utilities for each Dell recovery case we receive. It is this dedication and advanced technical knowledge that contributes to our success rate of 96%.

Failure Scenarios for Dell Compellent Servers

Storage systems of all types can fail due to physical or logical damage. Since the file system on a Dell Compellent and Dell EMC is housed within a RAID configuration, it is vulnerable to the same failures as a RAID system such as controller failure, damaged drives, and failed rebuilds. The Dell system may also alert of logical failures such as:

  • Errors during data progression
  • Accidental file deletion from volumes
  • Corrupted files
  • Errors during system updates
  • Power surge leading to lost data
  • Overwritten or deleted LUNs

How Does Data Recovery Work?

The data recovery process begins when you call our 24/7 customer service line. A representative will guide you to one of our over 250 drop-off locations nationwide or will send you a prepaid FedEx shipping label to send your Dell Compellent or EMC device to our lab. After our engineers give a no-obligation price quote and estimated turnaround time, they will work to retrieve your files.

Secure Data Recovery offers a variety of service levels including an emergency service with a 48-hour turnaround. We operate the only Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom in North America and have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If for some reason we are unable to recover your data, we stand by our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

We offer a variety of recovery options that fit your data loss situation including in-lab services, remote data recovery, and on-site recovery. If your Dell EMC or Compellent server is too complex to send to our lab, or contains classified information that can’t leave the premises, our engineers are ready to travel to an on-site location or perform remote recoveries. All of our work is done using proprietary recovery tools while following the strictest security protocols.

What to Do When Your Dell Storage System Fails

Though the Compellent and EMC models of devices are geared towards separate business operations, data loss is a possibility for either. When your small business or large corporation experiences a data disaster, the best course of action is to call a data recovery professional to safely retrieve your files without disrupting your business.

Our secure data recovery services are trusted by thousands each year including small business owners and corporate CEOs. Our engineers can recover files from hard drives, RAIDs, and servers that other companies have deemed unrecoverable. To start your case and learn more about our Dell Compellent and EMC recovery services, call 1-800-388-1266.

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Honest service and personal attention

Chris McMaken answered the phone when i needed him hard drive failed, and many financial and critical business documents were on the drive, but most importantly, my e-flight logbook, containing thousands of hours of flying history. As a professional pilot that is essential. Chris was realistic with me and honest as to what to expect, and more importantly communicated the process very cle... Read More

Genevieve Dellinger

Chris McCracken - Secure Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery was professional, communicative, and they recovered my data from a drive I thought I was lost. I am grateful for the experience, and especially thank you Chris for walking me through each step!

John Grimes

Exemplary Service

The HDD crashed on my wife''s laptop crashed, believe it or not, on Friday the 13th (I''m not superstitious, LOL) and she was in serious "panic mode". She has her own, home business and I was her onsite tech. I attempted to recover the data from the HDD but to no avail.
I, in turn, contacted Mitchell Moore with Secure Data Recovery and the process from the very beginning went very flu... Read More