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MySQL Data Recovery

MySQL Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the world's best option for MySQL database repair and recovery through more than 40 offices throughout the United States. With risk-free diagnostics and an excellent set of security credentials, we give your business a simple way to avoid downtime after any data loss disaster.

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MySQL is the most popular relational database management system in the world. Major websites like Facebook and Wikipedia use MySQL for the open system's full feature set and scalability. It is one of the most common systems for data storage in web-based applications and an important component of the LAMP software stack used by hundreds of businesses worldwide.

However, while most businesses store MySQL data on highly redundant data storage devices, file corruption and other unexpected issues can suddenly prevent access to MySQL databases. When this occurs, businesses need to restore from a backup or use a professional data recovery service to repair damaged MySQL files and get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

Common failure scenarios for MySQL systems include:

  • Hardware Failures
  • RAID Rebuild Failures and Parity Loss
  • File Corruption and Software Issues
  • Accidental File Deletion

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers specialize in MySQL data recovery and regularly deal with corrupted .FRM, .MYD, .MYI, OPT, S3DB and DBS file formats. When you need fast access to a MySQL database, call our expert customer service team to set up a risk-free evaluation.

An Established Resource for MySQL Database Recovery

In order to successfully treat MySQL systems, data recovery companies need experience with various types of hardware architectures, file systems and operating systems.

Many businesses use MySQL through cloud computing platforms. Secure Data Recovery Services was one of the first companies in the world to introduce file recovery options for individual cloud databases, and our familiarity with various platforms makes us uniquely qualified to recover data from corrupted MySQL files in the cloud.

We are also RAID data recovery specialists and can recover physically damaged data from web servers, large network storage devices and other systems that store MySQL data. We have onsite RAID hardware for dozens of popular systems and can treat most arrays in a matter of days. Secure Data Recovery Services was one of the first providers to establish a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our teams to safely treat damaged hard drives and solid-state drives.

Our engineers can recover lost or corrupted data from any MySQL system regardless of failure scenario, RAID configuration or other factors. Because we offer 24/7 access, our engineers are always available to repair corrupted or damaged .S3DB, .FRM, .MYD and other MySQL file formats. We can recover most standard file repair cases within a few days and post industry-leading same-day turnaround times for our emergency MySQL data recovery services.

What to Do When Your MySQL Database Fails

As soon as you notice signs of data loss, you should turn your MySQL server off or isolate the affected partition (in the case of minor logical issues). Never attempt to repair individual databases or rebuild damaged RAID arrays.

In particular, you should avoid commercial data recovery programs and disk health utilities, as these tools can contribute to corruption, overwrites and physical media damage. Contact a certified data recovery company as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Hundreds of businesses work with Secure Data Recovery Services for MySQL data recovery for the following reasons:

  • Advanced Tools and Proprietary MySQL Database Repair Utilities
  • Safe Treatment with a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • A 96 Percent Data Recovery Success Rate
  • RAID Repair, RAID Data Recovery and Other Media Services
  • Flexible Turnaround Options and 24/7 Emergency Data Recovery

When you need to restore access to mission-critical MySQL databases, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our engineers have decades of combined experience with MySQL and SQL, and we maintain higher MySQL file recovery success rates than any other data recovery company. We also offer free evaluation services and affordable pricing options to help your business regain critical databases in a simple, straightforward way.