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Secure Data Recovery Services in Memphis, Tennessee
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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Memphis

Secure Data Recovery Services offers an assortment of advanced data recovery services in Memphis, Tennessee. With state-of-the-art technology and numerous security certifications, we offer the best resources for hard drive data recovery, computer forensics, and RAID data recovery in Memphis.

As Tennessee's largest city, Memphis has a diverse metropolitan population of more than 1.31 million.

Memphis, TN - Office Location

Secure Data Recovery Services in Memphis, TN
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
1661 International Drive Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38120
Walk-in Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

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Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

 Many local businesses depend on digital storage systems on a daily basis, and sudden data loss can have major ramifications for computer users in Memphis. Hard drive data recovery can be a daunting task, so choosing a trusted company is very important in this situation.

Featured Services

Our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

Our teams have experience with hundreds of different file types and can safely repair hard drives, solid-state drives, and other sensitive devices at our fully outfitted facilities. We were the first data recovery company in Tennessee to establish a fully certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and our flexible service options give our customers an easy way to create effective disaster recovery plans.

Advantages of our Memphis data recovery services:

  • Support for all types of digital storage devices
  • Advanced technology and high success rates
  • 24/7/365 emergency data recovery and media repair
  • A local Memphis data recovery office for faster service
  • No-data, no-fee guarantee for all data recovery cases

Secure Data Recovery Services offers free media diagnostics for all standard cases of data recovery. Memphis customers can contact us for an accurate price quote, a turnaround estimate, and an analysis of your media failure. There is no obligation to proceed with our services after receiving your quote. Call our expert customer service team today or go online to receive a free quote from a certified data recovery specialist.

What to Do When a Digital Storage Device Stops Responding

File loss affects thousands of computer users every year, but our data recovery services are performed by experienced professionals who have extensive experience with hundreds of common failure scenarios. As data recovery specialists offering hard drive repair services, we can safely treat physically damaged hard drives and virus damage, rebuild RAID arrays, and deal with hundreds of other types of data loss. By taking immediate actions to limit damage, you can greatly improve your chances to fully recover data. Prospective clients should contact us immediately for a risk-free estimate.

Some of the most common signs of data loss include unexpected error messages, unusual operating sounds, and power issues. As soon as you notice any symptoms that could indicate permanent media issues, you should turn your system completely off. Do not attempt to restore your files.

Never run data recovery software on a damaged device, as you might contribute to physical damage or logical overwrites. This will preserve your media in its original condition, limiting the damage. Write down a list of failure symptoms and contact a qualified data recovery provider for assistance.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides free price quotes for dozens of services and devices to our clients. RAID 5 data recovery, hard drive recovery, and data tape restoration are just a few of the services we offer. All of our professional services include our exclusive no-recovery, no-fee guarantee: If we do not recover your requested files, you will not pay any type of service charge.

Advanced Data Recovery Resources for Memphis

Secure Data Recovery Services has a staff of fully qualified data repair engineers, and we invest in new technologies to provide our clients with excellent results. We were the first provider to open a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which protects sensitive device components during repairs, and our experts can treat any type of device without voiding media warranties. We also maintain strong security systems with advanced SSAE 16 Type II certified controls.

We hold a number of credentials, including:

  • HIPAA compliance certification
  • FERPA compliance certification
  • SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 certification
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom certification

As an industry leader, Secure Data Recovery Services provides an exceptional set of solutions for Tennessee computer users in need of data recovery. Memphis customers will be happy to know that our local data recovery office has an exceptional overall success rate of 96 percent. We are also one of the only companies in the state with true 24/7/365 emergency services, and our teams can restore many systems in less than a day under this option. Contact our customer service team today to set up a new case or for more information.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 12 review(s)

  • 5.0
    Reviewed on Jun 19 2018

    I had a flash drive that was physically damaged containing valuable templates I used quite frequently. I contacted Secure Data Recovery to inquire about options to retrieve the data and had the pleasure of being assisted by Mr. Frederick Wright. The entire proposal and process was effortless on my end! The expense was a bit more than I expected, but again, I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone in a predicament needing data recovered. OUTSTANDING customer service and peace of mind that your information is handled in a safe and secure manner rates this team as top notch in my review!

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Great Customer Service

    Reviewed on Jun 10 2018

    Fred Wright at Secure Data Recovery provided excellent customer service. They were able to recover many of the files I thought were lost on a damaged memory card. Fred was easy to get in touch with, returned calls and e-mails promptly, and the work was finished quickly. I would recommend using Secure Data Recovery Services and would use them again if needed.

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Alec Sakenes

    Reviewed on Apr 4 2018

    Alec, I am so BIG on customer service and I just wanted to give you a hearty THANK YOU for the outstanding professionalism, communication, and patience with me through out this process. Anyone who has ever experienced a failed hard drive and left feeling hopeless will understand and relate to the relief I felt because of your knowledge and expertise. Your service was worth more than the investment. I will definitely refer colleagues and friends to you!

    Authenticated MEMPHIS, TN
  • Very solid

    Reviewed on Sep 24 2017

    Used their services to help recover data for a client suffering a business loss on a insurance claim. Fred Wright was my service rep and he was always patient and quick to explain even when I was slow to understand. He was great from beginning to end.
    By the way from an apple to apples standpoint they were able to recover and deliver on a hard drive said to unrecoverable by two other local specialists. All in all I would definitely recommend their services.

    Authenticated Horn Lake, MS
  • A Real Life Saver

    Reviewed on Sep 22 2017

    Secure Data was a Godsend....Jeremy, who was my rep, really helped put me at ease about the process and was nice to talk to as well. Thanks for being a company with integrity and great customer service.

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Awesome job!!!

    Reviewed on Aug 1 2017

    I had an old external hard drive that had a short. Secure Data did an awesome job at recovering thousands of photos and videos of my children that I thought I had lost. Chris did and great job of keeping in touch with me throughout the whole process and made it so easy! I would definitely recommend their service to anyone trying to recover data from old or messed up devices.

    Authenticated Bryant , AR
  • Expert Help, Excellent Customer Service

    Reviewed on Apr 25 2017

    I'm an accountant, and a power surge knocked our server out literally a week before April 15th. Our hard drives were corrupted, and we were terrified that we'd lost a bunch of critical information. Chris and the team at Secure Data Recovery were able to get all of our over 700,000 files recovered. They worked around the clock to make sure they got the job done quickly. Working with them was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had!

    Authenticated Portageville, MO
  • Fantastic!

    Reviewed on Jul 26 2016

    Secure Data Recovery was so very reassuring. I had some qualms about dropping my hard drives off and shipping them elsewhere to be diagnosed and fixed, but Jeremy was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was both friendly and professional, which put me at ease. He also responded very quickly to my e-mails and phone calls, and was never bothered by my questions. My data was all recovered and returned to me very quickly - which was exactly what I needed! I recommend Secure Data Recovery because of the professionalism of the workers who recovered my data and because of Jeremy!

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Great service

    Reviewed on Apr 1 2016

    Can not say anything more to express how grateful when I got data back from Secure Data Recovery from failed hard drive. I was quite impressed with the quality of the services my technician, Alec had provided, knowledgeable and professional, dependable and quick response. It's worth every penny. I will definitely use their service again.

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Great Work

    Reviewed on Dec 10 2015

    Submitted a request for info on getting data restored from a failed drive. Alec responded quickly and professionally and the service was performed fast and to point. Data needed was retrieved. Will definitely use the service again for all business use.

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Thanks!

    Reviewed on Jun 22 2015

    Thanks for getting our data back :) I also really liked the how the status was posted in the customer portal. Thank you!

    Authenticated Memphis, TN
  • Perfect Service!

    Reviewed on Jun 2 2015

    I had the oldest, most worn down, beaten up Toshiba that you've ever seen. I told Secure Data Recovery that I wanted to recover my family photos from the hard drive of this computer, after having been turned down by Best Buy and Toshiba Customer Support, to name a few. Even though I'm completely incapable when it comes to all things technological, I was treated with respect and they solved my issue! My technician, Rob, was patient and understanding, as well as reliable and quick. I couldn't have asked for a better job!

    Authenticated Arlington, TN

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