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Secure Data Recovery Services in Pittsburgh
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Secure Data Recovery Services Authorized Partner Location in North Side Pittsburgh, PA

Secure Data Recovery Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers professional hard drive data recovery, computer forensics and a variety of other media services. As the world's leading data repair specialists, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools to treat all types of digital devices. 

Unlike other providers, we offer true 24/7/365 emergency services, a no recovery, no charge guarantee and a strong set of professional security credentials.

Pittsburgh, PA - Office Location

Secure Data Recovery Services in Pittsburgh, PA
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
201 Penn Center Blvd. Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Walk-in Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

After Hours:
Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, and with a rich history in American manufacturing and finance, the city is one of the East Coast's most impressive economic hubs. We established our local office to deliver fast, secure services to Allegheny County's 2.3 million residents. Secure Data Recovery Services gives the region a dedicated resource for professional hard drive and RAID data recovery.

Featured Services

Regardless of your media type or the cause of data loss, our Pittsburgh location offers a range of services to quickly recover your files. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

All of our locations are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and our A+ rating reflects a commitment to exceptional customer interaction with every case.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of Pittsburgh, PA Accredited Business with an A+ Rating

The BBB issues company reviews to report accreditation levels and ratings. Our latest review details the standards that led to our top rating of A+.

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Effective Data Restoration for Any Media

Loss of data has many causes: accidental erasure or formatting, mechanical or electronic failure, corrupted firmware, file system damage, surges or a virus. Our recovery specialists have the knowledge and skills to tackle all of these situations plus others.

Whether your data loss involves a hard drive, flash drive, tape, DVR storage, RAID array, database, server, virtual server, SAN/DAS device, mobile device, etc., we are equipped to safely and securely recover its data. Select our emergency service and, on average, we restore your data within 48 hours.

Certified Trust and Technical Competence

Our certifications, both technical and business, are audited by independent third-parties:

  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • SOC 1® and SOC 2® Under the Guidance of SSAE 18 Certified
  • DoD-Standard 256-Bit Encrypted Data Networks
  • EU-US Privacy Shield and PCI-DSS Confidentiality Frameworks
  • GSA/ISSA Approved Contractor
  • TRUSTe Policy Verified
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited
  • Dun & Bradstreet Verified
  • #1 in Top Ten Reviews for Data Recovery

In addition to our compliance with industry-recognized security and confidentiality standards, Secure Data Recovery Services’ facilities are monitored 24 hours-a-day by video and protected by strong physical and logical controls. We employ Apple Mac Certified technicians and are approved by major hardware manufacturers and vendors.

Order a Free Media Evaluation Today

Never attempt to recover data on your own or with the help of unqualified technicians. That often makes matters worse. Instead, reduce the risk of total data loss with our free media evaluations. These report on media condition and list all recoverable data. From there, you can choose from a number of recommended service options to meet your specific time and cost requirements.

Once you tell us to proceed, all work is covered by our No-Recovery/No-Cost commitment to you.

North Side Residents, Call Now for Expeditious Data Restoration

Any time, any hour, 365 days a year our talented customer service representatives are ready to assist you at 1-800-388-1266. Consult them to learn more about our industry-best data recovery and set up a free evaluation at our Authorized Partner Location in North Side.

Media conversion, data migration, digital forensics, e-discovery, expert testimony and other professional data services are also available.

Advantages of our Pittsburgh office include:

  • No recovery, no charge guarantee
  • Free evaluations for standard data recovery cases
  • SSAE 16 Type II certified security controls
  • Full compliance with HIPAA, FERPA and PCI-DSS
  • Advanced data recovery tools and experienced engineers
  • Risk-free evaluations
  • 24/7/365 data recovery services for emergency scenarios
  • RAID repair and other specialized services

Our Pittsburgh engineering professionals uses a team-based approach, and we have an industry-leading success rate of 96 percent. By treating every case in a controlled environment, we dramatically reduce the risk of accidental media damage, and we draw upon decades of combined experience in the industry to deliver best-in-class results.

If you need to recover data from a damaged device, the Pittsburgh Secure Data Recovery office gives you a comprehensive set of data repair options. We offer RAID 5 data recovery, data tape repair, hard drive data recovery and many other advanced and specialized services, and our local office accepts local drop-offs for easy, fast evaluations. Regardless of your media failure scenario, our Secure Data Recovery team is ready to help. To start a case or to schedule a visit to our office, contact Secure Data Recovery Services today or use our online request form to the right.

Customer Reviews

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 21 review(s)

  • Excellent service for decent price

    Reviewed on Jul 28 2018

    While the original price was out of my price range, Rob Anderson did a great job of bringing the price down. The data is fully recovered and I know have all the files I wanted.

    Authenticated New Alexandria, PA
  • Good Customer Service

    Reviewed on Jun 28 2018

    The customer service provided by Rob Anderson at Secure Data Recovery was very good. The process was clearly articulated and each step was communicated timely. Emails were returned promptly and phone calls were made as needed at the beginning and end of the process.

    Authenticated Monroeville, PA
  • Hard Drive

    Reviewed on May 22 2018

    We thought we lost our pictures when the hard drive crashed. Thanks for recovering our precious memories!

    Authenticated Seneca, PA
  • Hard Drive. Full recovery with SDR

    Reviewed on May 2 2018

    Couldn''t be happier with the outcome while dealing with SDR. Ever part of the transaction went as promised. Worked with Jeremy who was very helpful in explaining the process and keeping me informed as to the status of my recovery. I would certainly recommend this group to anyone in need of data recovery in a timely, professional manner.

    Authenticated New Castle, PA

    Reviewed on Apr 30 2018

    I highly recommend the use of Secure Data’s services to anyone with issues regarding hard drives. Secure Data helped me out in a time of crisis. I am truly greatful for the effort put forth from rep Chris McMacken. He was readily available whenever I had questions, not to mention his willingness to understand my financial situation. Chris is more than a life saver in my eyes. I am a music producer and this recovery literally means the world because I previously did not have a portable hard drive. I cannot thank you enough! If I blow up I will not forget who saved my hard drive!!

    Authenticated Pittsburgh, PA
  • Quality Service

    Reviewed on Apr 11 2018

    Chris McMacken was my go to rep when it came to my hard drive recovery issue. I appreciated his kind attention to my particular situation and his availability and willingness to talk me through the entire process. He was patient and cordial as he talked me through the process of recovery and was a reliable contact in our follow ups (I work weird hours so am not always easy to catch on the phone but he worked at keeping me up to date on everything).

    The were able to do a full recovery for which I am grateful. Hopefully I won''t be needing them again but if I do need another hard drive recovery operation I will definitely be back to talk to Chris and SDR!

    Thanks Chris and the whole team!

    Authenticated Pittsburgh, PA
  • Great Job!

    Reviewed on Mar 8 2018

    Secure Data recovery did an awesome job of recovering my data. It took a while because the drive was very difficult to access, but the technicians kept working on it until they were able to get in and recover the data. The files recovered were invaluable. Frederick in customer service kept me up to date with the progress throughout the process. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results. I would recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone.

    Authenticated Venetia, PA
  • Exactly as promised

    Reviewed on Jan 1 2018

    Data recovery is obviously a service you hope to never need. That being said, if you get yourself into the same position that I did, I would certainly recommend Secure Data Recovery. Chris was able to work with me within my price and time requirements, and I ended up getting >99% data back and sooner than I expected.

    Authenticated Pittsburgh, PA
  • An amazing experience

    Reviewed on Aug 31 2017

    I was extremely pleased with the way my representative Frederick Wright handled my case. He did an excellent job of keeping me updated throughout the process and was very knowledgeable about any questions that I had. He was very patient with me and walked me through every step of the process. Having recently retired I was worried about the original price quote. However, Frederick worked with the lab manager to use their services during off-peak business hours which saved me almost 40% of the initial price quote. The lab was able to retrieve about 75% of the data I had on the hard drive which represents an exceptional result for me considering the state of my hard drive when I sent it in. The bottom line is that the entire process was handled very professionally and I was extremely happy with my representative Frederick as well as the result. I would use SDR again if I ever have another problem and would recommend them to anyone who might be in a similar situation.

    Authenticated Indiana, PA
  • Excellent Service

    Reviewed on Mar 21 2017

    Couldn't be happier with the outcome while dealing with SDR. Ever part of the transaction went as promised. Worked with Rob who was very helpful in explaining the process and keeping me informed as to the status of my recovery. I would certainly recommend this group to anyone in need of data recovery in a timely, professional manner.

    Authenticated Murrysville, PA
  • Professional service

    Reviewed on Mar 8 2017

    My external hard drive was accidentally dropped to floor and got damaged. It contains a lot of data including more than 15 year of academic, research, and industrial project data and also family photos and video. In a desperation, I contacted SDR upon a recommendation from my colleague in IT department… Alec Sakenes responded my requests in a timely manner and clarified my concerns with SDR’s proven history, lab setting, and data recovery process. After delivering the HD to designated local office, SDR conducted a free diagnosis and provided me a report along with a cost estimate within a week. The data recovery price is somewhat surprising. However, my colleague in IT industry said the cost estimate is actually very fair. Given amount of data (around 1 TB) to be recovered and importance of the data, I convinced myself of the expenses. It is a painful lesson to learn.

    Things turned out to be very positive and pleasant. All the paperwork were signed and processed electronically, and most importantly more than 75% of data could be recovered! SDR recovered the data within 2 weeks and transferred intact data along with damaged data into a new HD. After receiving the new HD, I browsed thru the recovered data. I am satisfied and I got most of data back!

    Great thanks went to Alec and SDR for their professional service. You guys did a great job!

    Authenticated Pittsburgh, PA
  • Best Outcome

    Reviewed on Nov 21 2016

    I had an external drive that quit on me during graduate school. My frustration was not about files I needed for school or research, but the past decade of files that I had completely backed up to this single drive.

    Jeremy talked me through the process and answered all questions I brought to the table. From best case to worst case, the money was going to be worth the recovery to me. If there was no recovery, there would be no charge. After using the secured site to authorize a work order for recovery, I got feedback on the diagnosis....high confidence of recovery, and a quote for the service. When I hesitated, Jeremy asked what he could do to help me out. There was an economy service rate that was available if there was no rush and if I could accept for my work order to be tasked across their recovery professionals. This modified the price point to a level I was more comfortable with.

    Now, I have all my files back from undergraduate years to PhD and my full time working years in between. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome....the best.

    Authenticated Pittsburgh, PA

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