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Secure Data Recovery Services in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery in East Brunswick, NJ

Secure Data Recovery Services provides New Jersey with a dependable source for hard drive data recovery, RAID recovery and repair, data tape repair, and other professional media services.

Secure Data Recovery Services in East Brunswick, NJ
SSAE 18 Type II Certified Authorized Drop-Off Location
Authorized Drop Off Location This is a convenient drop-off location staffed with professional and friendly receptionists trained in all aspects of the data recovery intake process as well as packaging and shipping services. The staff at this location will assist in answering questions, starting a new case, receiving, cataloguing and packaging the failed media to one of our certified data recovery LABs.
Secure Data Recovery Services
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Regardless of your type of media failure, we offer a service with reliable results. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

In keeping with our company standards of operation, our East Brunswick location is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of New Jersey - Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

The BBB is New Jersey’s leading voice in the promotion of good faith between consumers and businesses. In addition to accrediting qualifying firms, the BBB issues company reviews, and our latest report details the standards that led to our top rating.

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We opened our East Brunswick facility to give New Jersey's 8.86 million residents an efficient way to recover from sudden media issues. Many New Jersey computer users need a completely secure and reliable data recovery provider, and our local office uses the latest technology for a better overall return on your investment when you need to recover data. East Brunswick residents and those who live in the surrounding area can be sure that they are getting the best services when they choose us.

We hold a number of advanced security credentials to show our commitment to our clients and our dedication to the highest-quality data recovery services in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider to earn a SSAE 16 Type II certification, and we also hold up-to-date compliance certifications for FERPA, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. We operate New Jersey's only certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to safely perform hard drive data recovery procedures without risking accidental media damage. Hard drive data recovery has never been safer than with Secure Data Recovery Services.

Secure Data Recovery Services has a reputation as the East Coast's best data recovery provider, so if you have lost access to important files, our specialists can help. Contact us today to set up a risk-free evaluation or for more information about any of our services, including RAID data recovery.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Technology and Credentials

You need a data recovery provider that will keep your files confidential during hard drive recovery. Las Vegas clients can be assured that Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a full set of security credentials, and we invest in state-of-the-art technology to keep your media and your data safe during repair procedures.

We hold compliance certifications for all of the major federal laws that affect Nevada businesses, including HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI-DSS, to ensure privacy while we recover data. Las Vegas clients can be certain that our facilities have full SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II certifications. Like many service providers in the Las Vegas area, we are a member of the General Services Administration (GSA) contractor schedule, and we offer excellent rates on all of our services to government clients through this program.

Secure Data Recovery Services also owns and operates a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows for high recovery rates and fast case turnaround times. We regularly hire third-party firms to audit our facilities, and unlike our competitors, we offer full certification reports for all of our credentials online.

Because we invest in technology and ongoing training for our local engineers at our facility in Las Vegas, hard drive data recovery success rates are at 96 percent. Our specialists can treat any device regardless of operating system, file system, or other factors, and our local office accepts pick-ups and drop-offs for even faster service.

What to Do When a Digital Device Fails

Whether you lose data due to a mechanical malfunction, accidental deletion, or any other reason, you should immediately turn your media off to avoid accidental damage. Do not attempt to operate your device for any reason. Never run data recovery software or attempt physical repairs, as this could reduce your chances of successful data recovery. Las Vegas businesses and residents can take advantage of Secure Data Recovery's local drop-off service for a risk-free evaluation.

Common signs of data loss include:

  • Clicking, whirring, knocking, or grinding noises
  • Visible damage to electronics boards
  • Computer will not recognize or mount media
  • Incorrect hard drive size or model number in BIOS
  • Excessively slow operation
  • Error messages indicating missing files or corruption
  • Errors indicating damage from viruses or other malware
  • Accidental file deletion or overwrites

If you notice any of these symptoms, you need assistance from a professional data recovery provider in order to restore your device to its original condition. By turning your media off right away, you will preserve your data and limit the cost of your case.

Through our office in Las Vegas, data recovery clients can benefit from our numerous security credentials and the industry's best Cleanroom certification, while enjoying the convenience of local service. Secure Data Recovery Services delivers excellent results for hard drive data recovery, RAID repair, and other media services. To set up risk-free diagnostics with a free quote, or for detailed information about any our services, call our customer service team today.

Customer Reviews (25)

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 25 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Aug 7 2018  |  Norwood, NJ

    Rob Anderson = Superman

    My hard drive was power surged and I reached out to Secure Data Recovery, Rob Anderson helped me out with the process, and these guys recovered my data in no time, Rob was so professorial and explained what had happened. Their portal that they use it very nice and it lets me know what stage the drive is at. The price did seems to be a little high, but I had no other option as I needed my data ASAP and Rob delivered.

  • Reviewed on Apr 17 2018  |  Wayne, NJ

    Excellent service and response time

    Chris McMacken was very thorough in his explanation of the process as well as the details needed to complete my request. Easy to follow instructions and very timely in responses. I will definitely refer Chris and Secure Data recovery to anyone who should need the services.

  • Reviewed on Apr 3 2018  |  Weehawken, NJ

    Saved a life’s worth of memories

    You know how they say if you don’t have three copies of data, then you have none? Well, we had a back-up hard drive fail and when we were backing up the primary drive to a new back-up, the worst happened - the primary drive crashed to the ground, causing serious physical damage to the internal components. In that split second, all of the memories from my husband and my whole life together were put at risk: 15+ years of photos, graphic design projects and research papers, all of our music and movies, our wedding photography... We were devastated. Then I spoke to Chris McMaken, who was so kind and explained what Secure Data could do for us. If anything, he undersold their service - in less than two weeks, I had a new hard drive in my hand and they had recovered all but three files out of literally hundreds of thousands!! The service was pricey, but Secure Data performed actual magic to save a hard drive everyone else said was far beyond repair. Even better, Chris followed me through the whole process, checked in with me every step of the way, and was incredibly responsive and professional. It was wonderful to have one rep who was familiar with my tale of woe and could provide accurate and timely updates in real time. He was very reassuring, and made this ordeal so much easier for us. I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t found Chris and Secure Data. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING 15 YEARS OF MEMORIES!!!

  • Reviewed on Mar 30 2018  |  Port Reading, NJ

    Excellent Service, Disaster averted

    I called Secure Data Recovery after my hard drive crashed and found out my (now former) back-up service provider had inadvertently canceled my service! As a tax preparer, this was NOT the news I wanted to hear!!

    My service rep, Chris McCracken, was very professional in walking me through their procedures and getting my broken hard drive to them to review. Their review was done right away and, once I gave my approval, was done within one week. They were able to recover 99% of my data and allow me to continue with my work.

    I kept up-to-date at every step on how the recovery was proceeding, when I would receive my data, and assistance in restoring it to my new computer.

    I would recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone in my predicament.

  • Reviewed on Dec 31 2017  |  Bellemead, NJ

    Excellent Service, Saved Me from Disaster

    I had a broken (physically) USB drive that essentially had all the most important files of my life on it; to say I was upset would be a huge understatement. From the first contact I had with Nick at SDR he was very professional, explained everything that would need to happen and provided me with a mailing label to send my drive to them. With the confidential info on this drive I was of course concerned and he assured me that their practices keep the information confidential and also that they are audited regarding same. Service was quick. I received the damage assessment, cost to recover and timeframe. Once I authorized it, the schedule was kept. Along the way Nick kept me informed and also followed up with me once I received my recovered data. I would certainly recommend SDR's services to anyone who needs it and would use them again if my situation required same.

  • Reviewed on Dec 29 2017  |  Jersey City, NJ


    Secure Data Recovery has to be the TOP OF THE LINE GO TO team to get files from your damaged hard drive recovered !! Back in June my 2TB hard drive dropped and corrupted. One website told me they weren't sure they would be able to get my files back because of the type of damage, God sent I found through google search SECURE DATA. Their reps which are also the TECHS themselves very kind , provided literally best customer service I have received in a loooong time especially via phone call. Specifically Alec the very awesome, patient and understanding Data Recovery Specialist there! He allowed me to constantly follow through and even though because of business and work purposes I wasnt home much. Going through many obstacles on my side with bank issues and other problems along the way he definitely was very lenient with me and when I was able to personally speak and provide the correct information at last and THAT ISN'T ALL! I had taken long, but they literally shipped my drive ASAP. I figured hey I took a while maybe I'm in a long line , nope they treated me and I'm sure as they treat all their customers and well frantic and worried hard drive owners AMAZING!!



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