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Secure Data Recovery Services in Washington D.C.
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Certified Data Recovery & Computer Forensics Services in DC

Through our local office in Washington, D.C., Secure Data Recovery Services provides the District of Columbia with an effective recovery solution to data loss, as well as computer forensics.

Washington, D.C.'s corporations, including Quest Nutrition can rely on Secure Data Recovery Services' confidential computer forensics to assist with employee misconduct incidents. Whenever DC Metro Police are overwhelmed with criminal cases, our cutting-edge digital forensics offers backup. All of our forensics services are backed up by our many years of experience in providing expert testimony.

As the country's leading data repair specialists, we offer flexible options for hard drive data recovery, RAID repair, and other professional media services.

Enterprise services, besides data recovery, include small- and large-scale media conversion and data migration.

Washington DC - Office Location

Below you will find address, directions, and hours of operation for this location.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Washington, DC
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
Secure Data Recovery Services
1875 I St NW 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
Walk-in Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

After Hours:
Call for Emergency 24h Service
Available 24h, 7 Days a week

Washington, D.C., has one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, and the District's economy is largely based on government contracting, finance, and tourism. Secure Data Recovery Services opened an office in Washington to address the city's growing need for secure, GSA-certified data recovery. DC users can expect to receive consistent, reliable results when choosing our services.

Featured Services

Our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. See some of our featured data recovery services below.

Media failures can strike at any time, and if you do not have a recent backup, you might face serious consequences if you do not have a solution for data recovery. DC businesses cannot afford extensive down time for their systems: They need a company that specializes in data recovery. Washington, DC, users can trust Secure Data Recovery Services. With a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and numerous security credentials, we give you an easy way to recover important files from damaged or unreadable devices. Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only companies in Washington offering free data recovery evaluations, and our no-recovery, no-charge guarantee gives you peace of mind during the process. We also offer true 24/7/365 emergency data recovery services, and all of our services are available through the GSA schedules.

When you need an effective resource for RAID services, tape repair, hard drive data recovery, or any other professional media service, Secure Data Recovery Services is ready to help. Contact our customer service team today to start your case on the road to hard drive recovery. Washington businesses can count on our certified and professional experts to produce satisfactory results.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Technology

When choosing a professional data recovery company, you should look for high success rates and state-of-the-art laboratory technology from a company that specializes in data recovery. DC residents can rely on our ability to deliver consistent results, even when it seems nearly impossible to recover lost data. While some cases are unrecoverable due to excessive media damage, Secure Data Recovery Services offers an overall success rate of 96 percent, and we develop new data recovery technologies and techniques for the benefit of our clients. Data recovery companies need a certain set of tools and technology to recover and safeguard data. No other data recovery services in the District of Columbia come close to the services we offer.

Our facilities feature:

  • A certified class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • A large inventory of replacement parts and media components
  • Firmware repair equipment
  • Dozens of proprietary data repair tools
  • Experienced engineering teams
  • RAID simulation computer systems and more

In addition to our industry-leading technology, we invest in our security systems to ensure compliance with all federal laws and regulations, including HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI- DSS. Secure Data Recovery Services holds full certifications for SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II. We are also a certified green business.

What to Do When a Digital Device Loses Data

The steps that you take immediately after a system failure will affect the cost and turnaround of your data recovery case. Take special note of any symptoms that arise, and contact us immediately.

Watch for any symptoms of data loss, including:

  • Visible electronics damage or smell of burning solder
  • Surges and other major power events
  • Clicking, grinding, whirring, knocking, and other unusual noises
  • Error messages indicating corruption, bad sectors, and other data issues
  • Incorrect drive listing in BIOS
  • Disappearing files or folders
  • Excessively slow operation
  • Failures during RAID rebuilds

To keep your device from sustaining serious damage, you should shut it down as soon as you notice failure symptoms. Keep your media turned off until you can get a professional evaluation from a qualified company. Never attempt to use data recovery software or disk utilities, as some devices can sustain massive damage or data corruption in only a few seconds of operation.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we believe in providing our clients with fast, transparent media services that recover data. District of Columbia businesses can rest assured that their data is safe in the hands of our experts. Our facilities are extremely secure, and our engineering teams use creative solutions to deliver the best possible chances of a successful recovery in every case. We offer free media evaluations for our standard hard drive data recovery services, and you can bring your media directly to our D.C. facility to expedite your case. Businesses should further inquire about our RAID data recovery in D.C. It is the most popular storage option, and we treat hundreds of arrays each year.

Our certified and professional experts will handle your case every step of the way.

Customer Reviews

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  • Fantastic!

    Reviewed on Jun 14 2018

    My LG G2 phone suddenly died and much of my information was not backed up (so I learned a big lesson). Luckily, after searching online, I found Secure Data Recovery Services. I was a little unsure if any company would be able to recover data off a cell phone. But, I decided to give them a try. Rob was assigned to my case and he kept in contact giving me updates on a regular basis. I was able to get back all the data on my phone on an external hard drive delivered to my home. An excellent service from an excellent company. I''m so glad they are around to help people. Thank you!

    Authenticated Greenbelt, MD
  • Very responsive

    Reviewed on Mar 7 2018

    Needed them to recover wedding video from an old camcorder that used a hard drive. Fred, my customer service representative, walked me through the entire process from start to finish. Answered all of my questions and got me what I needed. It wasn''t cheap, but it was worth it to recover all of the video. They also didn''t charge anything for shipping to them and for the assessment.

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Excellent Recovery and Customer Service

    Reviewed on Feb 26 2018

    I had a Samsung S5 from which I needed everything deleted/existing (texts, pics, whatsapp messages, etc).

    First off- Fred is amazing. I am a non-technical person, so I''m sure I annoyed him with questions the multiple time I talked with him before I actually decided to go with Secure Data Recovery. I was asking him about everything from what could be recovered, the process, whether the phone could be used again, etc. And I was very specific about what I wanted (which again, was everything), so I''m sure I was very high-maintenance.

    But throughout, Fred was friendly and patient. He answered by questions professionally and even told me multiple times to call him as opposed to emailing to get a quicker response. And he was honest about the likelihood of what data I could and could not get based on my particular situation.

    Second of all, I was pleased with the recovery. It seems that we got everything we could. Also, I was told that it would be done in a month, yet it was done in half the time.

    I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery.

    Authenticated Arlington, VA
  • 5.0
    Reviewed on Feb 20 2018

    I want to thank Secure Data for doing the impossible to save my videos.I had accidentally spilled water on my previous computer causing liquid damage to everything inside including my hard drive.My computer was beyond repair after having it shipped to manufacturer first the having a repair shop look at it to tell me all is but lost and only option left was to shop around for a data recovery service that would or could possibly save lots and lots and lots of videos I had downloaded from the previous computer.The repair shop mentioned Secure Data Recovery and when I looked it up online then talked to a representative about the issue with the liquid spill to my hard drive he said to just ship it to them for diagnostics.I was afraid if they couldn''t fix my problem then no data recovery service would be able to.But they came through for me and resolved my issue recovering all of my videos and I couldn''t be more grateful.It saved me a whole lot of time and headache to re-download all those videos again.It was expensive but worth it to recover all my videos.Secure Data is the go-to source for recovery of any sorts.I highly recommend it to anyone.

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Very satisfied!

    Reviewed on Dec 18 2017

    Alec Sakenes was an excellent customer service representative from the very beginning and throughout the entire process of working with Secure Data Recovery, and I am very satisfied with the company's work and most particularly with Alec’s part in the process. Alec was patient with me, but working with him required no patience on my part. He was always prompt, pleasant and accurate answering my questions, and he worked with me to find solutions based on my situation. He was extremely helpful and user-friendly for me as a first-time data recovery inquirer and then customer. Before making contact with Alec at Secure Data Recovery I felt lost and unsure of whom be to trust among the many data recovery services out there, not to mention worried about price, but my lost data (several years of family photos and videos) was very important to me, and I took a chance reaching out to SDR. Alec made me comfortable, earned my trust and helped me through the whole process, and although data recovery is expensive, Alec found ways to maximize value for me, and now I have my data back! If I were hiring customer service reps, I would want to build a team of guys just like Alec, and although I never interacted with SDR’s technical staff, I am very grateful for their work as well. Thank you!

    Authenticated Laurel, MD
  • Awesome Service!!!

    Reviewed on Dec 18 2017

    A specialist, Nick Totarella, was just great in working with me in recovering my data from my Iphone. I had some valuable data that I was afraid of losing. He worked with me and I was able to recover everything and more!

    I hope I dont go through this experience again, but if I do...I'm using this company again and hopefully with Nick again!

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • What a great company!

    Reviewed on Dec 16 2017

    Due to the technical damage, my laptop computer shut down and never started again. When I brought it to different company, first time they said the damage was so severe and they were not sure how much they could get the data recovered. So I researched other company and found Secure Data Recovery.
    My rep. was Frederick Wright and I was so glad that he was taking care of me. He was always willing to communicate with me and got my most stressful time very easy. According to the first company, my hard drive damage was level 3, which was worst, but Secure Data Recovery was able to recovered 96%!! I thought I lost all pictures and documents so 96% was miracle. Even 4% of files were lost but I got everything I really needed, so I didn't even care. Thank you Secure Data Recovery, especially Fred for everything you've done for me:)

    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!

    Authenticated Fredericksburg, VA
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Dec 13 2017

    We had a hard drive that failed and need the data out of it. Frederick answered all of my questions and explained everything to me and guided me through all the steps. Even emailed and called to give me news and updates. Great and easy process!!

    Thank you Frederick!

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Incredible Customer Service

    Reviewed on Dec 11 2017

    My customer service officer Nick Totarella went above and beyond to help me get my data off of my water damaged device. He was responsive and worked with me on coming up with the best service options for my needs. Would highly recommend this team if you are looking for fast and friendly service.

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Satisfied Customer

    Reviewed on Dec 4 2017

    I worked with Rob Anderson to get a flash drive restored that my client's dog had chewed on. The damage to the drive was severe enough that it could not be inserted into any device and the information stored on it was very important to my client. From my very first contact with Secure Data, Rob was there through every step of the process. He explained how the process works, the timeframe expected for repairs and the anticipated cost, which I appreciated. More importantly, Ron communicated at a level that a "non-techie" like me could easily comprehend.

    The final product was delivered on time and on budget and Rob followed up twice to ensure we were pleased with the results. Rob's professionalism truly set customer service at a new level. If I have data recovery issues in the future, Secure Data will definitely be my go to source. Thank you Rob for a job well done!

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Highly Satisfied with Secure Data Recovery!

    Reviewed on Dec 4 2017

    Frederick Wright and the Secure Data Recovery, thank you so much for recovering my files from my hard drive! I am grateful I chose Secure Data over any other company.
    The technician, Frederick Wright, trustworthy, friendly, expedient, efficient, thorough, and in continuous communication throughout the process. He evaluated the problem quickly and informed me as to repair options and cost. They worked with me to find a way to reduce the cost and even offered a flexible payment plan. The recovery was done very quickly. They even provided a document with a list of recovered file names ahead of time so you can see what files were saved and what you can get back.
    I hope to never come across the same mistake but if I do, or know of others in a similar situation, then I will call on Secure Data Recovery again. I can honestly say that I have never worked with a more efficient and customer service driven technology company. Thank you, Frederick Wright, and the Secure Data Recovery team for your efforts and expertise in recovering my files. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent in ensuring that the drive could be recovered properly.

    Authenticated Chantilly, VA
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Nov 6 2017

    Service was timely and professional. The specialist walked me through the process from beginning to end and was very informative!

    Authenticated Hyattsville, MD

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