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Rated #1 RAID Data Recovery Company

Secure Data Recovery Services Earn Honors from Top Ten Reviews

We are proud to announce that Top Ten Reviews, a business research and ranking site, recently awarded our RAID data recovery services a Gold Award and an Excellence Award.

The two awards show our dedication to consistent, high-quality RAID services through our network of facilities across the United States. We earned a number one ranking and a side-by-side comparison of the site's top ten data recovery providers shows a clear difference between our certified laboratories and other available options.

Fast Turnaround Times, Higher Recovery Rates & Customer Support

With an overall score of 9.63 out of 10, we outscored a number of other major recovery providers. The site's reviewers formulated the score by looking at service options, lab capabilities, certifications and security standards.

Reliability was an especially important factor in determining scores. We logged more successful RAID recoveries than competitors; in 2011, we logged 3,767 cases and a 97 percent success rate. We recovered partial data from 119 of the 124 cases in which a full recovery was not possible. In other words, our engineers recovered some data from 99.99 percent of cases.

We also rated ahead of other companies for our Cleanroom which is necessary for providing safe physical recovery services. The website notes that Secure Data Recovery Services uses ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom rather than the simpler Class 100 Cleanroom used elsewhere in the industry.

Other high points from TopTenReviews analysis included:

  • Turnaround Time - We had the lowest average RAID recovery time at only two days. This is nearly half the time of the category average or 3.9 days. Our emergency services provide an even faster turnaround time of 24-48 hours. "Among the services we tested, this company is one of the fastest," TopTenReviews wrote.
  • A 10/10 Experience Rating - Citing our high success rates and our testimonials from top companies and government institutions, TopTenReviews awarded a perfect experience rating, noting that engineers can successfully recover data from every known RAID configuration.
  • A 10/10 Customer Service Rating - As TopTenReviews wrote, "with 24/7 customer service and the company's live online portal with updates about the status of your recovery project, Secure Data Recovery does a good job of providing you with the support you need."

Award-Winning RAID Data Recovery

TopTenReviews also mentioned our best-in-class security practices, specifically mentioning our SSAE 18 certification and the 512-bit encryption we use to protect customer information during the data recovery process.

We perform background checks and certification vetting on staff members, and TopTenReviews noted that these procedures add significance to our comprehensive list of security certifications. All employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements, and our long list of compliance certifications and security credentials sets us apart from other providers.

As one of the nation's RAID data recovery leaders, we are proud of the award-winning caliber of our services. For more information on TopTenReviews' Gold and Excellence certifications or to read our report, visit their website.