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Safe Services from a PCI Compliant Data Recovery Provider

Security is an important factor to consider when choosing a data recovery provider, and Secure Data Recovery Services maintains strict standards when handling client information. We treat all recovered data in a manner consistent with PCI security standards in order to protect our clients from the consequences of data misuse.

Network Security Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services treats all recovered files in accordance with the standards set by the PCI Data Security Standards Council.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a set of requirements for all businesses that handle, store and process credit card information. It provides guidelines that service businesses must follow to protect their customers and to prevent fraudulent charges. PCI-DSS also provides guidelines for IT companies that handle stored credit card information on hard drives and other electronic media.

Verify our PCI Compliance Network Audit Scan below:

PCI Compliance Network Audit Scan

Secure Data Recovery Services PCI Compliance Network Audit Scan

This network audit scan verifies our compliance with PCI standards. Our audits are performed by a reliable third-party provider, ControlScan.

» Verify our PCI Compliance Network Audit Scan

Any company that handles credit card information needs to comply with PCI security standards to minimize the risk of credit card fraud. PCI compliance is important in every industry, but it is especially important for IT contractors that regularly handle large amounts of data, including credit card info that might be stored on hard drives or servers.

Whether your recovered data contains billing information or not, a PCI-compliance offers the following advantages:

  • Up-to-Date Security Controls and Audit Protection
  • Compliance with Established Guidelines and IT Security Laws
  • Protection During and After the Data Recovery Process
  • Security During Online Data Transfers
  • Proper Controls for Protecting Sensitive Payment Information

Your business can be held liable for lost credit card info under certain circumstances, so choosing a PCI-compliant recovery vendor protects your company and prevents mishandling or misuse of your data. PCI compliance is compulsory, and data recovery companies that do not provide proof of compliance may be in violation.

PCI-DSS Compliance and the Data Recovery Process

To comply with PCI security standards, hard drive data recovery providers need to provide information about the controls that protect customer credit card information and keep careful documentation that shows that their controls are in place.

PCI-DSS compliance certification can be difficult to attain for data recovery companies due to the amount of information that is processed, transferred and recovered on a daily basis. Recovery providers must document the entire process, as recovered data can often contain sensitive information and access needs to be carefully controlled.

In addition to documentation requirements, PCI guidelines require businesses to regularly monitor the networks that they use to store or use credit card information and test these networks at regular intervals. Tests are often carried out during audits and attestations.

Choosing a Secure Data Recovery Provider

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we engage regular audits in order to prove compliance with PCI-DSS compliance standards. We use advanced, up-to-date encryption to protect payment data, and our network controls ensure that our employees do not directly access recovered data without prior approval. After the data recovery process is complete, we safely destroy on-site copies of your data using Department of Defense (DoD) standards.

Through the course of our PCI-DSS compliance audits, we also carefully detail strong access control measures, which are the steps taken to limit access to data. This includes physical and electronic security controls. Our teams also demonstrate a trustworthy process for finding and managing potential security vulnerabilities.

PCI-DSS compliance demonstrates a significant commitment to strong security, and we hold a number of other credentials for the benefit of our clients:

  • SSAE 18 Type II SOC 1 / SAS 70 Certification
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom Certification

The teams at Secure Data Recovery Services take exceptional care when handling recovered data. As an industry leader, we take pride in our security controls and constantly research new technologies to maintain our position as the world's most secure data recovery provider. We also offer risk-free diagnostics, fast turnaround times and a no recovery, no fee guarantee. To get started or for more information regarding any of our credentials, call us today at 1-800-388-1266.