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Data Recovery Services from a Certified Green Business

Information technology service providers should utilize environmentally sustainable practices to avoid unnecessary waste, and at Secure Data Recovery Services, we have always taken pride in our ecologically friendly approach. We hold a Green Business Certification, which is independently assessed and verified through the Green Business Bureau.

Green Business Certified Data Recovery Company

As a certified Green Business, Secure Data Recovery Services provides a sustainable option for professional data services.

The Green Business Certification is a credential awarded to businesses that adhere to a relatively strict ecological program. Exact requirements vary according to industry. The credential is designed to serve both businesses and consumers; company benefit from placement in a national Green Business directory, while customers receive assurance that their service providers use appropriate practices to limit waste and to invest in environmentally responsible practices.

Secure Data Recovery Services has always acted as a leader in developing and implementing new technologies. We operate a research laboratory with a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to give our data recovery clients the best possible results, and our commitment carries through to our ecological approach. Read on for more information regarding Green Business certification or call our customer service team today to start a case.

The Importance of Green Business Certification

As a leading data recovery provider, we understand the importance of electronic waste and energy consumption. Secure Data Recovery Services is committed to following the Green Business Bureau's recommendations for the disposal of hard drives and other media, and by recycling and reusing materials at each of our facilities, we limit the size of our carbon footprint. We maintain our equipment and implement new technologies to create the most efficient laboratory possible. All of our procedures are completely secure, and we protect our customers' confidentiality while ensuring that our process stays environmentally responsible.

In order to earn and maintain our Green Business certification, we must also take the following steps:

  • Submit to an Assessment from the Green Business Bureau
  • Establish a Long-Term Sustainability Vision Statement
  • Establish a Staff Ecological Team (Green Team)
  • Display Environmental Responsibility Materials
  • Take Appropriate Steps to Implement Green Practices

The Green Business Bureau also provides members with up-to-date information regarding new environmentally friendly technologies and promotes sustainability among businesses and consumers. By providing independent guidance, professional assessment and other resources for the information technology sector, the Green Business Bureau acts as an essential partner our industry.

Choosing an Environmentally Responsible Data Recovery Provider

If you need professional data recovery services, you can limit your own footprint by choosing a certified Green Business. Secure Data Recovery Services provides easy access through an international network of more than 50 offices, and all of our locations hold Better Business Bureau accreditation. We use the same responsible practices at every facility. Whether you visit a drop-off location or send your device directly to our laboratory, you will always receive safe, secure treatment from a certified Green Business.

Some of the other advantages of working with our company:

  • Free Diagnostics for Standard Data Recovery Services
  • Sustainable Practices for Better Peace of Mind
  • Excellent Security with SSAE Type II SOC-1 Certification
  • All Credentials Online for Easy Access
  • 24/7 Options, RAID Services, Remote Data Recovery and More

We offer proof of our Green Business credential, and you can visit the Green Business Bureau's website to view a full directory of participating businesses. With free diagnostics, state-of-the-art technology and the industry's most ecologically friendly practices, Secure Data Recovery Services provides a truly sustainable resource for eco-conscious consumers. Call us today at 1-800-388-1266 for more information regarding Green Business certification or to speak with one of our customer service team members.