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Business Consumer Alliance Charter Certified Member

Data Recovery from a Business Consumer Alliance Member

Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a certification through the Business Consumer Alliance, and we are committed to following the BCA's standards of ethical practices at each of our facilities. With more than 50 locations worldwide, we offer consumers a reputable resource for professional data recovery.

Business Consumer Alliance Charter Member

The Business Consumer Alliance promotes ethical business practices and ensures an efficient, fair response for customer complaints.

The Business Consumer Alliance, Inc. was founded in 1936, making it one of the oldest non-profit organizations of its kind. It promotes better business regulation by acting as an intermediary between businesses and consumers, processing complaints and reviews to determine a grade for each member.

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Business Consumer Alliance Member

Business Consumer Alliance Member with an AAA Rating

This profile provides information about past complaints resolved through the Business Consumer Alliance and shows our commitment to ethical standards and practices. It also shows and explains our AAA rating.

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Businesses with BCA certification need to resolve disputes in a timely, fair manner, advertise accurately and take other essential steps to maintain a reputable presence.

Some of the advantages of working with a BCA certified data recovery provider include:

  • An Efficient, Independently Assessed Process for Disputes
  • An Established History of Providing Proper Consideration to Complaints
  • Verified Reviews Through an Independent Non-Profit Organization
  • A More Reliable and Secure Process Overall

Secure Data Recovery Services has grown substantially largely through positive word of mouth, and we understand the importance of ethical practices. View our certification information below or contact us today to set up a case.

An Ethical Resource for RAID Repair and Hard Drive Data Recovery

We believe that standardized practices for dispute resolution are absolutely essential in the data recovery industry. In addition to BCA certification, we maintain Better Business Bureau accreditation at each of our locations, and when disputes occur, we take efficient action to provide a satisfactory response by any means necessary.

While we maintain an overall success rate of 97 percent, we provide a no recovery, no service charge guarantee with every case to give our customers peace of mind. Every case receives the same dedicated treatment from a team of highly experienced technicians, and we never use procedures that could cause permanent damage to media. Secure Data Recovery Services is proud to offer warranty-safe services, and we provide diagnostics for every case before performing work in order to keep our clients informed throughout our process.

As a BCA-certified data recovery company, we follow the regulatory practices of the Business Consumer Alliance and post our letter grade ratings online. The BCA uses a complex algorithm to rate businesses on the basis of past complaints, dispute resolutions and reviews. Reputable companies are awarded higher letter grades, and our A rating demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Choosing a Reputable Data Recovery Company

In addition to our excellent procedures for dispute resolution and customer care, we protect every case with an advanced system of security controls. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider in the data recovery industry to earn a SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 security credential, and we can return recovered data on encrypted media upon request. We offer options for hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and other high-security clients, and as a certified member of the General Services Administration (GSA)'s contractor schedules, we perform services for hundreds of government clients each year.

Other advantages of our services include:

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • A Professional Team of Hardware, Software and Electronic Engineers
  • Support for All Devices and Operating Systems
  • Flexible Options for Controlled Data Recovery Expenses
  • Online Access to All Credentials and Certifications

When you choose a data recovery provider, you need assurance that your data loss scenario will be resolved in a secure, efficient manner. You also need a company that uses a standardized system for resolving disputes. Secure Data Recovery Services has a substantial list of reputable credentials from independent organizations, and our Business Consumer Alliance "A" rating gives you the confidence that you need to plan your disaster recovery strategy. We also offer free diagnostics, guaranteed results and best-in-class security. To speak with a customer service team member or to learn more about our credentials, call us today at 1-800-388-1266.