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Why You Need a Cleanroom for Hard Drive Recovery

Why You Need a Cleanroom for Hard Drive Recovery

A cleanroom is a specialized environment that uses advanced air filtration and uni-directional airflow to remove airborne particulates. Cleanrooms have different classifications that correspond to how clean they can keep the air inside.

Many different industries use cleanrooms to maintain strict air quality regulations during the manufacture of consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other products whose components are sensitive enough to be affected by airborne particulates.

In data recovery, cleanrooms prevent particulates from accumulating inside hard drives during invasive diagnostic or recovery procedures. Even a small amount can cause severe damage to a hard drive.

White Room Hard Drive Data Recovery

Cleanroom data recovery, often called white room data recovery because of the protective suits that technicians where inside them, helps protect failed drives from additional damage. Even the smallest hair or dust particle inside a hard drive can lead to permanent data loss.

Hard drive devices contain platters that spin at rates as high as 15,000 rotations per minute. They store the data saved to your hard drive. Particulates can get trapped between read/write heads and the platter, and the friction created can score the platter.

Platter scoring, or media damage, is essentially where data has been scraped or gouged away. Data recovery from media-damaged drives is not impossible, but it is much harder and almost always leads to some permanent data loss.

Cleanroom Classifications

Cleanroom classifications are an important factor when choosing a data recovery provider. Different companies use different iso cleanroom standards. The differences between them can affect the integrity of your data during recovery operations.

Professional data recovery companies generally use one of three different cleanroom classifications. Each of these classifications uses cleanroom filters to maintain a particulate-free work environment based on specific standards for particulate size and parts per cubic foot.

ISO specifications run from 1 to 9, with 9 being considered the “dirtiest” cleanroom and 1 being the cleanest. The following are the most common iso cleanroom standards used by data recovery companies:

  • Class 1000 ISO 6: this cleanroom has a threshold of 1,000 particulates per cubic meter of air and is often used in medical device manufacturing, aerospace product development and the production of cosmetics, among other applications.
  • Class 100 ISO 5: this cleanroom has a threshold of 100 particles per cubic meter of air and is often used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors and in other industries.
  • Class 10 ISO 4: this cleanroom has a threshold of 10 particulates per cubic meter of air and is often used in industries that require ultra-clean environments such as nanotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, and advanced pharmaceutical applications.

Our Cleanrooms Make a Difference

Secure Data Recovery Services uses certified Class 10 cleanrooms in our data recovery labs. They feature uni-directional air flow, an Ultra-Low Particulate Air Filtration efficiency of 99.9995%, and 300-540 air changes per hour to maintain an ultra-clean environment.

Adopting a higher standard for our cleanrooms is part of a larger strategy. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the most trusted name in data recovery by maintaining the highest standards for safety and security in the industry.

Cleanroom Data Recovery from an Industry Leader

Whether your hard drive has suffered massive physical damage or you have a broken flash drive requiring chip-off data recovery, we have the expertise and the facilities to meet any cleanroom data recovery challenge.

Once we receive your failed media, we conduct a free and thorough diagnostic analysis to determine the scope of work required to successfully recover your lost data. We also provide a no-obligation price quote.

Our documented 96% success rate means that there aren’t many cases that we can’t resolve successfully. If for any reason we can’t recover your lost data, you pay nothing. That’s our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee.

Call us at 1-800-388-1266 for a free consultation or to open a new data recovery case. Our award-winning customer support team is available 24x7 to assist you.

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