Social Media Analysis

The analysis of social media is frequently part of digital forensic examinations in many private, businesses, civil or criminal investigations. Evidence of wrongdoing or verification of a true claim may be inferred from social media postings of text, video or photos or the metadata surrounding social media activity. Sometimes, social media information points to additional sources of digital evidence.

Social Media Forensics

Our Forensics Staff Are Experts on the Complexities of Social Media Evidence Gathering

Social media has grown into the first source for breaking news and reactions to it. Posts, tweets, pictures, and videos can be used to identify individuals, demonstrate patterns, or pinpoint specific actions. In-depth analysis can also preserve such posts for future action.

Although social media has potential as a rich source of evidence, it comes with specific issues not attendant with other types of digital evidence such as that found in computers, mobile devices or various “hard” storage media such as flash drives, memory cards and so on.

Experts in Social Media Analysis

At Secure Data Recovery Services we pride ourselves on our investments in the latest tools, techniques and especially the high level of training that our digital forensics teams possess. We understand both how valuable social media analysis may be to an investigation and the potential drawbacks to its use as evidence.

Hard vs. "Virtual" Evidence

When our digital forensics experts collect evidence from physical systems and storage media, the rules of engagement are typically clear cut: we secure the item, image it, perform extraction, preservation, and analysis procedures and document the findings. All of this assumes physical possession of the item.

The data presented in social media accounts, however, resides on equipment not physically available to our investigators (in most cases). Thus, the examiner is placed in a new role as an eyewitness. The investigator may record observations with, say, a screenshot, which along with their testimony provides solid evidence. If a second person is a witness, the case is bolstered. Even better is the use of screen-recording software.

In all such cases, it is more likely that the examiner(s) will be called upon to provide expert, in-court testimony than if the evidence were extracted from a physical device under legally sound, reproducible procedures of evidence gathering and preservation.

Secure Data Recovery’s Use of Public Social Media Evidence

There are additional issues related to social media analysis such as user/site contracts, consent of the person posting information, privacy laws and the legal principle of proportionality among others.

Customers can be assured that Secure Data Recovery is well-aware of all such issues on a per-social-site basis and that their digital forensic investigators adhere to stringent rules when performing social media analysis that comply with all the legal and ethical boundaries involved.

Social Media Analysis Is a Growing Area of Investigation

Despite the ethical and legal limitations of social media investigations, they can be extremely valuable not only as evidence sources but as stepping stones in further investigation by other means. Besides what a person posts visibly on their account, our examiners are often able to extract metadata, IP addresses and timelines of activity that provide clues that are followed up via other channels.

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Secure Data Recovery s social media analysis capability is typically part of any digital forensic investigation we are called upon to perform. Despite its complexities relative to other investigative techniques, its high value is proven in an increasing variety of cases.

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