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Intellectual Property Cases

Intellectual Property theft is an unwelcome side effect of the digital age where IP in digital form may be easy to access and transfer externally. Even where a company’s IP is in physical, non-digital form such as tools, parts or medicines, culprits may attempt to conceal their trail by digital record tampering. In most cases, however, a top-notch forensics team can detect these incidents.

Forensics: Intellectual Property

Expert Digital Forensics Protects Your Company’s Invaluable Intellectual Property from Theft

Secure Data Recovery Services’ digital forensics team has innumerable years of experience in IP theft cases where they have provided the evidence to detect theft and also the likely perpetrators. Additionally, they can provide a technical audit of any organization’s IP protection measures and advise on improvements.

The efficiency and portability of electronically stored information also makes it ripe for appropriation. Tracing and preserving the digital trail of the act can prove intent and if the intellectual property has been accessed.

How Digital IP Theft Occurs

The transfer of digital IP outside of a company is termed “data extrusion.” It can take many forms but the most common is to directly transfer the information to an external hard drive or flash memory device such as a USB thumb drive. Other methods include transferring to an online or networked file sharing repository, sending files (often encrypted) via email or simply printing the information to a hard copy.

Secure Data Recovery’s digital forensics investigators are adept at uncovering evidence of such transfers including time and place and the account used for the transfer even where it has been obfuscated or hidden by other means. Calling them in as early as possible is critical so that the digital trail is not damaged by overwriting through continued device or equipment use.

The Skills and Tools to Uncover Evidence from Any Device

Secure Data Recovery’s computer forensic and mobile forensic engineers are equipped with specialized skills to detect, gather and analyze potential evidence from a wide array of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, networking equipment, servers, fax machines, telephone systems and voicemail systems.

They regularly uncover information that has been intentionally hidden in normally unused space on hard drives, memory cards or inside of files. Our mobile forensic specialists are certified in the most advanced techniques such as JTAG and chip-off information extraction. The data they uncover often leads to additional data sources including directories, cloud storage or remote servers.

Challenge-Proof Evidence Collection

Our teams’ training, certifications and experience ensure that all evidence collected is done on duplicate bitstream copies so as not to alter the original source. Evidence gathering and analysis is accomplished in accordance with strict rules for evidence authentication, integrity and chain-of-custody procedures. Reports are objective, concise and well-organized, which makes them invaluable when weeks, months or even years later our staff provides professional, in-court expert testimony.

Cutting-Edge Secure and Confidential Facilities

Secure Data Recovery’s digital forensic service is backed by the most advanced facilities in the industry including Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms. Our sites are secured by stringent logical and physical controls, which include SSAE 18 256-bit encrypted networks, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II SOC 2 Type I and SOC 3 security compliance and 24-hour surveillance.

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