Analysis and Investigation

From investigations of suspected infidelity to liability lawsuits to cases of criminal misconduct, Secure Data Recovery Services’ digital forensics service is your best source of expertise in the recovery and analysis of potential evidence from any digital device or storage media.

Analisys & Investigation

Ensuring All the Evidence Is Discovered, Preserved and Analyzed to the Highest Legal Standards

Our deeply experienced forensic engineers, whose work is aided by cutting-edge tools and facilities, are certified in the most appropriate and current investigative methods pertaining to digital evidence examination and reporting.

Digital Evidence Integrity

Paramount to any computer forensics investigation is a complete understanding of the ethical, legal and technical boundaries surrounding a case. Failure to take these into consideration could easily result in a blown investigation because the evidence was misappropriated or managed in a manner such that its authenticity, chain-of-custody or integrity could be called into question.

Forensic Process

In forensic investigations of digital devices and media, analysis is a nearly continuous process. For instance, upon arrival at a crime scene, the forensic expert must take stock of the entire situation. They help identify potential sources of digital evidence and make sure they are correctly described and secured to prevent alteration.

"With a few exceptions, modern device storage exceeds any one individual’s actual need. We, as users, and the operating system and applications wind up generating and storing a great deal of information about our activities that may seem extraneous. Sifting through that information to find relevant bits can be daunting and time consuming without the proper training and experience."

Analyzing Powered-On Systems

If running systems are encountered, analysis procedures are applied to determine the content of the memory, the processes currently running and if any anti-forensic malware may be present. Once the machine is turned off, valuable evidence would otherwise be lost.

Preserving Content

Analysis of internal hard drives, external drives, memory cards, SIM cards, flash drives and so on that are associated with the secured system must be completely imaged, which is usually accomplished in Secure Data Recovery’s state-of-the-art forensics laboratories. This step is necessary so that subsequent analysis techniques do not risk altering the original evidence.

Analyzing Content

Our digital forensic experts apply search tools on the copies to detect anti-forensic measures, boot behavior, hidden or encrypted data and to recover data from unallocated disk space or slack space in files.

Timeline Construction

A key part of forensic analysis is detecting any alterations to files, folders, metadata, and assessing log files, which leads to building a detailed timeline showing when these items were created, modified or otherwise altered. The timeline is crucial to any investigation where ownership, responsibility or intent must be proved in the case at hand.

Professionalism and Objectivity

Secure Data Recovery Services only employs forensic engineers with the highest qualifications and certifications in their field. In their roles as crime scene first responders, system and device technical analysts, evidence recovery technicians and expert witnesses, they are always cognizant of the stringent protocols and procedures they must follow to preserve authenticated evidence that withstands legal challenges.

Furthermore, they must always remain objective and confirm their analysis and findings using sound scientific processes. These conditions result in detailed, unbiased reporting that becomes the evidential basis for any civil or criminal investigation and will be relied upon if, months or years later, their expert testimony is required in court.

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