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Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Mac Certification

In order to safely restore files from Apple computers and consumer electronics, you need to work with certified data recovery engineers.

Apple Mac Certified Technician FAQ

Secure Data Recovery employees certified technicians with specialized training for Apple Mac products

Secure Data Recovery Services staffs trained Apple Mac technicians, and we successfully treat thousands of Apple devices each year. This FAQ provides answers to some of the most common questions regarding our Apple Mac certified technicians.

To use this FAQ, click on any of the questions below for a detailed answer. If your question is not addressed in this FAQ, call our customer service team at 1-800-388-1266 to speak with an Apple data recovery expert.

  • Q:What is Apple Mac Certification?

    An Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) can safely perform repairs on Mac devices. Apple offers the ACMT program in order to identify technicians who have a superb working knowledge of Mac OS X and its file structures. ACMT-certified technicians also understand the architecture of Apple systems and can effectively troubleshoot problems affecting individual files or the operating system as a whole.

    When you send damaged storage media to Secure Data Recovery Services, you always receive attention from a certified ACMT technician with relevant data recovery experience.

  • Q:What skills do technicians need in order to earn ACMT certification?

    Individuals must demonstrate "technician-level skill" with Mac OS X 10.8 Lion and subsequent releases of Mac OS X. Each ACMT is also familiar with Mac file systems such as HFS+ and HFS, and this familiarity is especially important during the data recovery process. Apple is solely responsible for awarding ACMT certifications.

  • Q:Why should I look for a certified data recovery provider for my Mac?

    Data recovery engineers often work directly with damaged data in order to return files to a working condition. Regardless of your computer's failure scenario, you need help from an ACMT-certified data recovery engineer in order to ensure the best possible chances of a full recovery.

    Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in Mac OS X, and our teams post high success rates for all versions of the operating system. We offer an overall recovery rate of over 96 percent.

  • Q:Can Secure Data Recovery Services treat my iOS device?

    Yes. We offer an extensive set of data recovery options, and we can treat any digital device safely.

    Secure Data Recovery Services invests heavily in new technologies. We were one of the first companies with iPhone and iPad data recovery services, and we have a number of specialized tools to read data from these devices.

    We also offer a flexible set of service options, including 24/7 emergency services, and we provide free evaluations for all Apple devices. Contact our customer service team for more information.

  • Q:Besides ACMT certification, what should I look for when choosing a data recovery provider?

    Professional data recovery providers should have a fully certified Cleanroom, which allows for safe media repairs. The company should also have an established reputation as a data recovery provider, and engineers should have significant experience with Apple devices.

    You should consider turnaround time and pricing options when choosing your data recovery provider. Secure Data Recovery Services offers a flexible set of data recovery options, and we proudly provide a full no recovery, no charge guarantee for all of our Apple data recovery clients.