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Resurrecting an Old CNC Industrial Drive

Resurrecting an Old CNC Industrial Drive

Sometimes referred to as the father of the second industrial revolution, John T. Parsons of Parson Corporation was an early pioneer of the computer technology that would eventually become computer numerical control machines, or CNC machines for short. Parsons originally used the technology for mass producing helicopter propeller blades in the 1940s. Today, these computer-driven machines manufacture hard materials for nearly every industrial sector.

Earlier this year a machine tool manufacturer in California contacted Secure Data Recovery They wanted to clone an old CONTEC 4 MB SSD drive pulled from a Brown & Sharpe CNC machine used to create precision tooling. The drive had stopped working, and the new drive needed to contain all the original data so that it could continue to direct the machine’s operations once it was reinserted.

Some Background

CNC machines developed in tandem with computer technology. As computers became more advanced, so too did the CNC machines controlled by them. CNC machines use computers to automate the creation of manufacturing parts with much greater precision than is possible by manual methods. However, the underlying technology was in use long before the advent of modern computer systems.

The CONTEC drive that needed professional data recovery services had originally been part of a Brown & Sharpe CNC machine. Founded in 1833, Brown & Sharpe was the best-known machine tool builder well into the 20th century, specializing in precision instruments for their fellow machinists. They also helped create wire gauge standards in the U.S. and developed patented technology for spindle tapers and worm gears.

Finding the Right Solution

Innovations in drive technology require professional data recovery services to keep pace with rapid change. But often, we also have to keep up with legacy drives and specialized industrial systems. For more than a decade, Secure Data Recovery has earned a reputation as the most innovative and trusted name in the industry. We invest heavily in the development of new data extraction utilities for every major manufacturing brand and any legacy systems still in operation.

Our cutting-edge tools, laboratory facilities, certified data recovery engineers, and a documented 96% recovery rate make us your best chance for successful data recovery. We also provide all of our customers with a free and full diagnostic analysis of their media, a no-obligation report and price estimate for professional data recovery services, and a “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. You pay nothing until we successfully restore your data.

Timing is everything when a storage drive fails. If you experience data loss, call us immediately at 800-388-1266 to speak to one of our recovery experts or to open a case.

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