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Innovative Recovery Techniques for Mobile Phones

Secure Data Recovery has a dedicated Research and Development team that creates new recovery methods.


The data recovery process involves more than simply opening a device and retrieving the files inside. It is a meticulous process that requires engineers with a unique skill set. While the day to day recovery methods are challenging enough, engineers must keep up with the latest mobile devices on the market. Our engineers have a dedicated research and development team to discover and implement the latest recovery methods for all types of phones.

Current Methods

Our staff of recovery engineers have decades of experience working with all media types and operating systems. When a new device comes into our certified lab, we treat it with care and work on it using the most technologically advanced tools. After examining a device and determining the type of failure or damage it experienced, engineers can then determine a plan of action.

We begin by replacing any broken or damaged parts within the device so that it may function long enough for us to create an image of the data. Secure Data Recovery has its own stock of replacement components making it easy to match up parts with your device. Once repaired, our engineers will use the imaged data to work from to ensure no further damage is inflicted on the device.

Creating New Methods

Staying current with the latest product releases takes hard work and dedication. Our engineers follow any news related to mobile devices and take part in forums related to repair and recovery. 

The majority of physically damaged phones are recovered by repairing the logic board, even with new models. When a phone fails logically, our engineers use trusted industry research to create recovery techniques for new models of mobile phones. We have developed impressive techniques that surpass average recovery methods on both Android and iOS phones.


Secure Data Recovery has developed an innovative recovery technique for iPhones. The flash memory chip on the phone acts as the main storage and a separate crypto processor houses the processor and the encryption key. This means the flash memory chip cannot be read individually due to the encryption.

Our engineers remove the flash memory and crypto chip and connect them to a compatible phone circuit board. The board is inserted into a functioning phone and the data is downloaded and recovered. This process extracts the user’s data from any iPhone failure that doesn’t take out either chip.


Most Android phones have an eMMC chip with the NAND memory and controller embedded in the same chip. Our engineers can effectively bypass the controller on the chip to read the NAND memory directly, despite the controller and NAND memory presenting as a single device. We reverse engineer the controller to create the logical image and analyze that image to recover the data.

Industry Leaders in More Ways than One

Secure Data Recovery is one of the few companies who has a dedicated Research and Development team to create the most effective recovery methods. Our R&D departments are currently working on a solution which will allow us to perform a CPU + NAND transplant for the times when a logic board is beyond repair.

These innovative methods help to support our 96% success rate in recovering data from mobile phones. Recoveries are performed in a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which is an environment that limits dust particles in the air, giving your device the best chance at a full recovery. Our multiple security certifications and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Data handling practices enhance our unique traits as a data recovery leader. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 to find out more about how we can help you with your failed media.

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