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Why You Should Never Assume That Data is Unrecoverable

Why You Should Never Assume That Data is Unrecoverable

For many computer users, data loss is an unfortunate eventuality. The best backup systems cannot offer perfect protection from user error, catastrophic hardware failure, natural events and other potential dangers.

Fortunately, professional data recovery companies can retrieve files from damaged media in the vast majority of cases. Secure Data Recovery Services offers success rates of over 80 percent for most media formats, and in our experience, there are no scenarios that automatically render a device unrecoverable. Here are a few reasons to contact a professional data recovery provider the next time that you face a file loss disaster.

Data Recovery Technology is Powerful

Since 1997, we have developed dozens of techniques for treating different media, filesystems and file types. The industry has changed dramatically in that time.

At one point, anything overwritten was automatically declared unrecoverable, but engineers now have access to a number of tools that allow for full recoveries of many deleted and overwritten files. Likewise, our engineers can now rewrite firmware microcode and bypass the physically damaged areas on hard drive platters.

Our Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom allows our engineers to attempt extremely delicate procedures without risking damage from media contamination. We have recovered data from fire, smoke and water-damaged media, and our research department is always working on new technologies that will allow for higher recovery rates.

When you lose data, you should immediately shut down your device to improve your chances of a successful data recovery. The longer a device runs after a media failure, the lower the chances of a successful data recovery. However, our engineering teams are the most innovative and creative in the data recovery industry, and thanks to new tools and technologies, we can often treat severely damaged devices successfully.

A Single "Unrecoverable" Diagnosis is Not a Definite Answer

We regularly receive hard drives, flash drives and other devices that other data recovery companies have treated and declared unrecoverable. No two data recovery companies have identical tools and engineering teams, and because we invest heavily in new technologies, we can often recover files when other companies cannot.

For example, many data recovery providers overestimate the effect of hard drive platter damage. They cannot read past bad areas on a damaged hard disk without repeatedly fixing and replacing components, and their engineers might erroneously declare that the drive is unreadable without attempting firmware edits and other advanced procedures. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers can sometimes avoid the damaged areas on a hard drive, allowing for a full or partial recovery. We can also rebuild many unreadable files, providing you with access to your most important data.

Free Diagnostics are Always an Option

Many of our clients assume that data recovery is prohibitively expensive or that their drives have sustained too much damage to allow for a successful recovery. We offer free evaluation reports to give our clients no-risk price quotes and turnaround estimates.

If you need to decide whether data recovery is feasible for your budget, our diagnostics provide an excellent resource. Unlike other data recovery companies, our evaluation reports are completely free from obligations. If your data is unrecoverable or if the cost of recovery is outside of your price range, you do not have to pay for the diagnosis.

Before you decide that your data is gone forever, contact our customer service team for a free evaluation. Never make assumptions regarding your lost data, even if you have sent your media to another company. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams can help you quickly regain access to your critically important files while staying within a budget.

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With extensive experience and a passion for data recovery, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping others understand the intricacies of data recovery, encryption and loss prevention.

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