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Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Digital Device When Working from Home

While more people work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, they have to protect their devices from physical and logical issues.


A recent survey of 550 U.S. employers taken during mid-March of this year found that more than half of employers were putting remote work practices in place who had not before. The survey, conducted by law firm Seyfarth, found that 67% of employers were taking steps to allow employees to work from home and 36% were actively encouraging all employees to work from home in some or all parts of the country as of March 2020.

While this is a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many believe that the surge in remote work will continue even after the virus has passed. To keep your digital devices secure during this trend, and perhaps into the future of corporate structure, here are seven tips on how to keep your media from experiencing both physical and logical damage while at home.

  • Keep the device away from liquids. If you are in a home with kids, chances are good that accidents will happen. Avoid working in the kitchen or other areas where a drink or other fluids can ruin your computer. Even if you trust that the cup of coffee you have on your desk won’t spill, take extra precautions so that you aren’t searching for a replacement device amidst a pandemic.


  • Update security features. Ensure your security software is up-to-date and your firewalls are intact. Hackers are searching for vulnerabilities on people’s devices while performing remote work and the number of cyberattacks have risen.


  • Don’t leave your device alone. If you are working in a park or another public place during the pandemic, do not leave your laptop or phone unattended. It is the moment you walk away to do a simple task when someone will undoubtedly steal your media.


  • Have a proper backup solution. In the case your device does fail due to regular wear and tear or another unforeseen circumstance, have a copy of your work documents to ensure you can still work from another device.


  • Encrypt your data. Storing your sensitive files both corporate and personal, will keep your personally identifiable information (PII) and inside business data safe in the case your device is lost or stolen.


  • Prevent Overheating. When using your computer or phone for extended periods of time, make sure they don’t overheat. Have the device sitting in a way that air can still get to the vents to prevent your hard drive from getting too warm.


  • Give your media a break! With people stuck in quarantine, there will be a surge in device use daily. Give your work computer a break at the end of the day and shut it off before you go to bed. This will keep a mechanical hard drive from experiencing further wear and tear and keep your device in better working condition.

Even with the proper care for your device, general wear and tear or accidental damage can occur and these will lead to data loss. During the time of the pandemic, Secure Data Recovery is still operating and is available to retrieve your critical business and personal files from a damaged device. We have a 96% success rate in recovering data from fire and water damaged media, accidental deletion, and even corrupted files. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 to start your case today. 

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