Top 5 Programming Languages in Use Today

Top 5 Programming Languages in Use Today

Computer coding is known as a universal language. Even people in other countries can break through the language barrier by communicating through computer applications. Each type of code is used for a different purpose including front-end or back-end development, game development, desktop applications, and more.

While each programmer has their own coding preference, there are a few languages that are more popular than others, here are the top 5:

#1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most user-friendly programming languages for beginning programmers. It is a front-end language that is run on an internet browser. Many sites like Google, Facebook, and WordPress use this to create interactive web pages. It is used by contributors from public and private organizations of various sizes worldwide. It is primarily used by developers, software engineers, marketers, and the healthcare industry. It enables scrolling abilities, time and date to be printed on the site, and other tasks that can’t be done with basic HTML.

#2. Python

This is another language that is easy to learn and is best suited for high-level programming like machine learning and data analysis. It is object-oriented and is a back-end development language. Sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and DropBox all use this code. It helps to quickly integrate systems like scripting or glue language. Many engineers and professional design groups use Python and NASA even uses it for their planning strategies. Overall it is ideal for scientific and engineering industries.

#3. C Language

One of the oldest programming languages, it was developed in the 1970s. It allows the programmer to get close to the computer’s inner workings, making it ideal for specialized high-performance applications. Software developers, business analysts, web content administrators, and people in the IT and healthcare fields rely on this type of language. This language is used for artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and image processing. Its main purpose is to create applications that integrate with operating systems and can be found in Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems.


#4. Swift

This is Apple’s latest code that was introduced in 2014. It is used for iOS and OS X apps. It was built to have optimized performance and be easier to debug as compared to the Objective-C code that came before it. It is used by Swift platform developers, iOS mobile application developers, design industries, and management and professional services. Aside from mobile apps, Dow Jones has used it to rewrite parts of its Wall Street Journal.

#5. PHP

While once criticized for its poor design, this code has made a 180 by improving speed and maintaining its reputation as easy-to-learn. It is considered the cornerstone of the web with 83% of websites using its scripting language. It is popular for Content Management Systems and with the need for PHP to create web pages, PHP file developers will continue to be a necessary occupation. The purpose of the language is to collect and verify data, create cookies, and display content and images. SlashData recently named it as the second most popular language for web development and the fifth most popular code overall.

Advantages to Learning to Code

Code is no longer reserved for people with a computer science degree. Companies are urging people to learn to code even if they are not engineers. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that coding is more important than learning English as a second language. He believes it should be taught in schools because it teaches children to communicate with a much broader audience.

Many companies have used coding to automate menial tasks in the office. Aside from a convenience aspect, people who learn to code gain a new perspective on problem-solving and come up with creative solutions both individually and collaboratively. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a computer programmer in 2018 was $84,280 per year. With coding becoming an ever-growing field, it can be a useful tool for any professional in the working world.

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