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Three More Tips To Get The Most Out Of iOS7

Recently Apple released iOS7, which included significant changes to existing apps and settings along with new options.


The most significant update to the Apple OS is finally here. iOS7 marks the first time Apple has made major design changes to the operating system that made Apple mobile device famous. Most articles and reports focus on the graphical adjustments away from skeuomorphism, but there are just as many enhancements and new features to learn about as well.

Most of the new features are easy to use once the shock of the graphic changes passes. However, with the new configurations, some of the locations for the new features can be confusing or difficult to find.

Here are the next three tips for getting the most out of iOS7.

Turn On Automatic App Updates

Apps are the lifeblood of any iOS7 device and, if you are like most consumer, you have more apps than you know what to do with. With so many apps, updating can be problematic without setting aside a specific time to get them all done. Now you have that ugly, red button with the number of update-needing apps staring at you, reminding you that you still have not updated anything.

Lucky for you, and everyone else with more apps than time, iOS7 allows users to automatically download and install app updates as they become available.

To start using the automatic app updating, open up the "Settings" app. Scroll down to the "Automatic Downloads" selection and look for the options to set your automatic updates. You will see multiple selections available for automatic updating, including Music, Apps, Books, and Updates. There may be more depending upon the installed options of an individual's iOS7 device.

Automatic updates will normally only activate during times that the iOS7 device is connected using Wi-Fi. You have the option of enabling updates over cellular networks in the same location as the toggles for activating automatic updates.

Keep in mind that there is no way of preventing a specific app from receiving an update once automatic updates has been enabled. The only way to keep older versions of apps is to disable automatic updates for as long as the specific app is located on the iOS7 device.

Customize Notifications Center's 'Today' View

One of the new features included with iOS7 is the "Today" view included within the Notification Center. This new feature will include highlights from installed options on your iOS7 device. By default, the "Today" view will include weather forecasts, your calendar, reminders, stock quotes, and any general activity included within your calendar.

The best part of the "Today" view is its configurability. Maybe you are not interested in the weather forecast or stock quotes. Just configure the "Today" view to only include the most important data you need to see.

To configure the "Today" view in the Notification Center, activate your "Settings" app. Scroll down to the "Notification Center" and then scroll to the "Today View" heading. Here you will be able to configure the items that will be included. Tap a corresponding toggle for any heading that is not needed in the "Today" view.

View Each Message's Timestamp In Messages

In iOS6, the Messages app contained information about conversation exchanges and it included occasional bits of information about times that the conversation occurred, but iOS6's Messages app would not show an individual timestamp for each message.

The iOS7 Messages app keeps track of all individual conversation timestamps. However, you have to know where to look to find them.

To locate a timestamp for a Messages conversation, activate the Messages app. Next, select a conversation and make it active on the screen. To see the timestamps for each message in this conversation, just swipe the screen from right to left. As you swipe the screen the timestamps will appear along the right border of the Messages app conversation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the Messages app to show timestamps in any other way than the right to left swipe.

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