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Three Android-Only Apps That Every Android Owner Should Have

For years, loyal Android users have had to wait for the newest and most interesting apps to appear on the Google Play store long after their debut on iTunes. Times are quickly changing with more and more Android-only apps making their way into the Play Store.


Android users have come to expect most new and exciting apps to appear first on iOS before finally making the jump to the Google Play store. Instagram, Angrybirds, Flipboard... each have debuted inside the Apple iTunes DMZ. When an new app finally premiers in the Google Play store, chances are it won't be a game, but will make your Android device better in interesting ways.

Here are three Android apps that iOS user will have to wait their turn for.


SwiftKey is a third-party keyboard app that learns your habits and adjusts to your most common words and phrases. The idea is to reduce the amount of times that your most commonly used words are misinterpreted by the spellcheck while also making the messaging process faster and more intuitive. Ultimately, Swiftkey will be able to predict your most commonly used phrases and punctuation.

SwiftKey includes a feature called Flow that allows users to glide their fingertips across letters to form words and entire sentences. SwiftKey also supports multiple simultaneous languages with no need to repeatedly adjust settings in order to change from English to Spanish.

Nova Launcher

Personalization is a cornerstone of today's mobile devices. However, in the case of some Android devices personalization choices are limited. That is where Nova Launcher comes in. The app allows you to customize your Android home screen by making it simple to adjust app icons, the app drawer, and home-screen animations. With Nova Launcher you have the ability to make individual changes or chose from the many premade themes located in the Play Store.

Nova Launcher has an excellent community of users who post about their Android personalizations. With a quick search, you can find websites and forum posts that detail how certain style changes were made and include step-by-step instructions for replicating the same looks.


AirDroid is a free Play Store app that allows remote access on your Android device. The app allows you to access your Android device by visiting the AirDroid website and scanning the QR code on your page.

There are two versions of AirDroid available, free and paid. The free version allows for access to text messaging, playing music, and photo organization. The paid version includes all the free services and includes the ability to access the camera remotely and device location services.

Another helpful feature of the AirDroid app is the ability to transfer content to and from your device without a cable, as long as your computer and the Android device are connected to Wi-Fi.

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