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Tech Tools to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

I found that incorporating some tech gifts into the St. Patrick's Day theme not only got people's attention, but also it was a great way to open up a conversation.


I grew up in Soviet Russia, so you will have to excuse me when I say that St. Patrick’s Day hit me as a complete surprise when I first came to this country! Don’t get me wrong – we have plenty of fun holidays in Russia. But Americans go a little crazy when that special Irish holiday comes around.

As an Internet security expert, I am always looking for ways to incorporate tech tools into what I do. I found that incorporating some tech gifts into the St. Patrick’s Day theme not only got people’s attention, but it was a great way to open a conversation.

St Patrick’s Day Tech

  • BeerTender – It doesn’t take much to impress a techie like me, and this BeerTender device is proof. It is a beer cooler that is designed to keep beer fresh for a month. The thing I like about the BeerTender is that it can be programmed to keep your beer at the perfect temperature. When you are looking at which tech gifts to get budding Internet security experts, then this is perfect.

  • Irish Slang Dictionary – It was difficult enough for me to learn conversational English when I decided to come to the United States. So things got very complicated for me around St. Patrick’s Day when everyone would use Irish slang. As a techie, I solved this problem easily by installing the Irish Slang Dictionary on my smartphone. I’m still not sure exactly what everyone is saying, but at least things are a little clearer now.

  • Limericks Lite – I am still not sure about the purpose of limericks, but they always seem to be out in force during this time of the year. To help get in on the act, I downloaded the Limericks Lite app for my smartphone and started reading up on them. They are funny, and I really enjoy digging into the many meanings that each limerick has.

  • Beer Cloud – Beer seems to be the order of the day on this holiday, and that is why this smartphone app is so helpful. Over the years, I have developed a fondness for some of the local beers in California. This app tells me where I can buy some of my favorite beers, and it even recommends the kinds of foods that would go well with the beers that I like. It is one of those practical tech tools you can use to hunt down green beer from all over the country.

  • Discover Ireland – I am always an academic at heart, which means I love to learn things. The desire to learn is what gave me the opportunity to come to the United States and live out my dream as an Internet security expert. St. Patrick’s Day seemed like the perfect excuse to learn more about Ireland, so that is why I downloaded the Discover Ireland smartphone app a couple of years ago. It gets updated every year, and it is a convenient way to learn about the country this whole holiday is based on.

Tech can be fun

A techie is not always a boring person. When we have the right tech tools at our disposal, we can turn any holiday into an adventure. Whether you celebrate the feast of St. Patrick because of the green beer or the huge parades held all over the country, you can find the perfect technology companions to help you keep your beer cool, find out what foods go well with your favorite beer, and even learn a little about Ireland as well.


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