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How to recover data from a disabled iDevice

How to recover data from a disabled iDevice


There are few feelings that compare to the dread and frustration when you are absolutely certain you are entering your password but the device locks because it claims the password is incorrect. In most cases, you can reset the password or sometimes it even works to reset the device. For iDevices, however, there’s the added fear that your data could be lost or forever locked within the device. Don’t look to Apple for help with your lost data. Not even the FBI can get Apple to crack their cybersecure code. Fear not though-we’re sharing some important tips about the iOS device disable function and how to recover data locked in a disabled device.

The purpose of the disable feature on iPhones and iPads

Apple takes the security of their user data very seriously. As a result, their software has built-in measures to help lock your data when a breach is suspected with the goal to prevent unauthorized access by other people. The access control system is set up in such a way that the more you get the passcode wrong, the longer you have to wait before you can try to access the system again. The advantage is data security; the disadvantage is that if you forget the passcode and you have not backed up your data, you will have to wipe the device to access it again.

Turning off the disable feature

If the advantages of the disable feature don’t outweigh the risks for you, it’s possible to disable this feature entirely. Go to the Settings menu on the phone and select Passcode. The device will prompt you to enter your passcode. When you do, the option to turn off the passcode will appear, and you can click on it. When the feature is disabled, it will not be possible to lock your phone which means anyone can access the data. Most cybersecurity experts agree that this is highly risky to leave your device unprotected but many people don’t follow best practice guidelines.

What to do when disabling the device doesn’t help with data recovery

Apple states that the only way that you can recover data which has been locked in your machine is erasing the device. This works very easily when you have backed up your data on iTunes. However, if the data was not backed up, there is an application known as Find My iPhone that you can use to recover the data. Lifewire suggests that you download the app on another iOS device. Locate your machine and select the remote wipe option after installing the App. When you delete all the data from your device, you will be ready to access it again, but remember: You need to have the data backed up on iTunes if you want to keep it.

The primary thing that you need to understand about iDevices is that the security of your data is critical and removing your passcode to avoid the possibility of losing the information is unwise. The only sensible thing you can do to secure your data is making sure that it is backed up in the cloud at all times. Our team is here to help with recovery, including data wipes in an effort to get back into your device. Backing up your data, however, remains the best way to prevent loss.

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