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Recent Chrome browser update includes Chrome OS in Windows 8

In the most recent update to Google’s Chrome browser, the search giant has included a close replica of its own Chrome operating system.


The newest update for the Chrome browser on Windows 8 PCs includes more than just performance tweaks and interesting additions; the browser update also includes Chrome OS for PC. Google has updated the Chrome OS browser to use the Chrome OS interface for the modern UI version of Chrome on Windows 8.

The newest Chrome update includes a number of browser improvements, including visual cues for tabs that are autoplaying audio or visual files and streams, but the most notable feature is the inclusion of Chrome OS in Windows 8. According to Google, the new feature is actually called a "new look" for Windows Metro mode and completely side steps the obvious similarities between the Metro app and the Chrome OS.

Chrome OS for Windows 8

In order to activate the new Chrome interface for Windows 8, the Chrome browser must be your default, as only the default browser can be used in Windows 8's modern UI.

To launch the modern UI version of Chrome, you must first open up the Chrome browser on the desktop of Windows 8. Then, activate the Chrome settings menu by tapping or clicking on the stacked menu icon, also known as the “burger,” and then select Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode. This menu selection will activate the modern UI version of the Chrome browser that is a complete replica of ChromeOS.

The new modern UI interface for Chrome includes a number of features, including an app launcher and app icons that include Gmail, Drive, Docs, and YouTube. Users are also able to add other app icons to the interface shelf. The interface also includes a version of desktop Snap, just like the ChromeOS. Instead the normal options available to the minimize/maximize button in the upper right corner of any windows in the modern UI interface for the Chrome browser, you are given the option to snap the current window to the left or right side of the screen as well as the full maximize. The feature differs from the Windows version in that individual browser windows will overlap each other with the active window taking the active focus.

The last feature of the modern UI interface for the Chrome browser in Windows 8 is the ability to purchase ChromeOS apps from Google for use in the new interface. This may be the most interesting aspect of the update as it allows users who have different versions of the Chrome desktop OS to have their apps follow them from device to device.

The real reason for the new Chrome interface

Google is lowering the opportunity costs for users who have never considered switching device or OS providers.

Google has added their own trojan horse to Windows 8. By offering this new interface for their popular browser, Google hopes that Windows 8 users will become accustomed to the features and use of what is basically the ChromeOS and as users spend more time in the interface, the likelihood of ChromeOS product sales increases.

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